Eulogy to Draigh

It is with a heavy heart that I must convey tidings of a profoundly devastating nature: one of our own has passed from this life into the one beyond, leaving those of us who knew and cherished him both at a loss and heartbroken. Though it was not a sudden passing, it was still a shock to hear of it--as all such tidings are received. For though one we know and hold in affection may be elderly, or ill, or in a dangerous occupation, the rational mind becomes subservient to the heart and we are never truly ready to say a final farewell and wrenching agony that accompanies such news never truly fades-- no matter how many times we say farewell to those we cherish. And thus it was with our friend, Al'Khezam co-founder and prominent community member, Draigh.

Draigh was more than an Arbiter, an advisor and any role he undertook-- he embodied the principles of our kingdom in a way few others could, no matter his position at any given time in our kingdom. Always selfless, he strove to make our kingdom the strongest it could be, oftentimes without receiving thanks for his efforts. He was always ready to lend a listening ear or a helping hand and would do what he could to support those who were struggling, sometimes without their knowledge. If there was a man who could be called a guardian angel in the mortal form, it would be Draigh. His sensitivity to both the plight of others and to the political and diplomatic needs of our realm made him brought us through many a time of danger and he will be sorely missed.

Far from being subservient, he possessed a strength of character and mind that allowed him to bequeath a helping hand to others, while also offering advice that could be brutally honest, if the situation called for it. His principled nature and empathy would not allow himself, Al'Khezam or others to be taken advantage of, and he in no way suffered fools, bullies or those who would try to bring us into disrepute. Our enemies had need of fear once his anger, though slow to rise, had been ignited.

In honour of this soul who brought peace and prosperity to this world and this Kingdom, in honour of this man who was a giant in spirit and fortitude, if not in size, I Usifan, do declare that from this day forth our Royal Duchy shall be known as the Duchy of Draigh. For it is not within me to forget such a true friend and I wish for all the nations to know of him and all that he accomplished within his lifetime in this mortal realm. His place in my heart and memory will never be replaced and though for now these memories are overcome with grief, I look with hope in my heart for the day when I will be able to smile through my tears. When a word, a scene or an object that reminds me of him brings a smile to my face rather than tears. When there is a pain of remembrance rather than the pain of feeling as though my heart has been cleaved in two.

To honour our fallen hero for all eternity, and so that his face and name are never forgotten, we shall not only be Naming the Royal Duchy, we shall also naming a constellation to Draigh. The constellation of Draigh shall be beside our beloved constellation of Tulip forever more for all to learn of the two, locked in a cosmic embrace until the end of time.

And finally, I shall commission a statue of our friend, Draigh, to be raised in the heart of our Kingdom Capital square. Made of the most precious of items our kingdom can offer, he will look down on us in triumph and despair, in peacetime and in war. We will derive comfort from his presence and know that he is watching over us in spirit and will always be with us.

Those who pass on, but are named never truly die, for they live on in our hearts, minds and souls.

Yours truly, Usifan

I will communicate with SBS to design a respectful statue for Draigh, beholding a gleaming black diamond, cut in the shape of a tulip--the heart of our treasury. This will be the heart of Draigh’s statue--his heart will be the kingdom’s heart. His statue will be cast in the strongest of metals, and overlaid with preciouses gems. I shall communicate with SBS myself to ensure this. But if any of you wish to honour him, then please give of your own.

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3/16/2018 8:58:42 AM #1

Thanks Usi, for that.

For those who knew him, remember him, and don't forget to also smile.

Strength to you in the days to come.

3/16/2018 9:04:51 AM #2

Deepest condolences from all of us in Tryggr to you and your community members. Words fail at times like these. Your gestures are beautiful and will stand proud.


3/16/2018 9:28:45 AM #3

I spoke with him briefly before and he always seemed like a good person. My condolences to yourselves and his family, we have lost a good man today.

3/16/2018 9:30:11 AM #4

i'm sry to know that, condolences to his friends and family

3/16/2018 9:47:17 AM #5

Such an unfortunate and sad thing to read, my deepest condolences to draigh's friends, his family and his kingdom brothers and sisters. I shall without a doubt hope to pay my respects by visiting the statue, it sounds like it will be a wonder to behold and no doubt it should be, a sad day for all of selene's community and the COE community as a whole. R.I.P


3/16/2018 10:00:16 AM #6

I was reluctant to read thoroughly for many reasons, and lament losses in our communities like these. Utterly heartwrenching moments like these are becoming more and more common as time goes on and more of this world's population comes together and stays bound in some way throughout the years and these hard hits end up going from a dismissible sting to a flooring punch in the chest. I believe I've seen the name a few times despite our distance. Incredibly sorry to see the news, and my sympathy for those closer hit even harder.

3/16/2018 10:07:11 AM #7

He will be missed.

“It can't take a joke, find a star, make a bridge. It knows nothing about weaving, mining, farming, building ships, or baking cakes.

In our planning for tomorrow, it has the final word, which is always beside the point.

It can't even get the things done that are part of its trade: dig a grave, make a coffin, clean up after itself.

Preoccupied with killing, it does the job awkwardly, without system or skill. As though each of us were its first kill.

Oh, it has its triumphs, but look at its countless defeats, missed blows, and repeat attempts!

Sometimes it isn't strong enough to swat a fly from the air. Many are the caterpillars that have outcrawled it.

All those bulbs, pods, tentacles, fins, tracheae, nuptial plumage, and winter fur show that it has fallen behind with its halfhearted work.

Ill will won't help and even our lending a hand with wars and coups d'etat is so far not enough.

Hearts beat inside eggs. Babies' skeletons grow. Seeds, hard at work, sprout their first tiny pair of leaves and sometimes even tall trees fall away.

Whoever claims that it's omnipotent is himself living proof that it's not.

There's no life that couldn't be immortal if only for a moment.

Death always arrives by that very moment too late.

In vain it tugs at the knob of the invisible door. As far as you've come can't be undone”. (By Wislawa Szymborska)

3/16/2018 10:08:17 AM #8

At such times our virtual kindoms etc. just don't matter. R.I.P. Draigh - my condolences to his friends and family.

3/16/2018 10:53:25 AM #9

My condolences aswell i Cant say I knew him but it's sad that he could not enjoy the lunch of Coe so I am glad to here he will leave a permanent mark in the game to be remembered

3/16/2018 11:00:11 AM #10

My deepest condolences to his friends and family. You honour him with your beautiful words. I will make sure to visit the statue one day to pay my respects. May he rest in peace...

3/16/2018 11:01:46 AM #11

My deepest condolences. He may be gone in physical but he will always be with us in heart.

3/16/2018 11:23:03 AM #12

Draigh was my colleague, and a friend as well. He was the one that initially introduced me to CoE and the very reason I'm here. Just that alone already causes me to be thankful to him, he has truly shaped some peoples lives with his actions and will never be forgotten.

My sincerest condolences to everyone who knew him, he truly left a mark on a lot of us.

3/16/2018 11:24:51 AM #13

Haven't spoken to him myself, though I've seen him around on discord. My condolences to his friends and family, it's sad to hear we lost a member of the community like this.

3/16/2018 11:43:25 AM #14

Beautiful. I didn't know him on a personal level, but in the channels we shared he was always friendly and helpful to all. An all around great guy who will be missed by many.

"But the Duchess had no common sense, probably because it was, well, too common." - Terry Pratchett
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3/16/2018 12:00:48 PM #15

He was a person I knew instantly that I wanted to know better. I will forever regret that I did not make that opportunity.

When he told us of his illness, I sent a request to Caspian regarding the construction of a monument in his honor. Instead of this, I have decided it would be better to honor his request. The county seat of Bhon Luaithre shall be named 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖔𝖓 𝕱à𝖎𝖑𝖙𝖊 (Draigh's Welcome). It shall be a place built on the principle of unity and cooperation.

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