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In Elyria when you get married does your surname change like it does in real life? Are there different customs for different tribes? Will the females take the males, males take the females? Or even hyphen it (Smith-Jones). Or does a player keep their surname? Or does it all come down to what is written up in the marriage contract whether one is to keep or change their name?

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It is all set out in the marriage contract.

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In real life usually the name of the highest-ranked partner was commonly chosen. In the case of (nearly) equal ranks, both names can be used.
But it's basically up to you.

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Write it out in your contract, You should have options to do that.

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Will marrying someone of greater rank increase your rank?

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Posted By Felsing at 3:40 PM - Wed Jul 11 2018

Will marrying someone of greater rank increase your rank?

Not unless specified in the marriage contract. You can grant them certain powers but the actual title remains with the original holder. Though I think NPCs would refer to you by the title of the spouse. As for increasing fame rank...

Spouses of characters with high levels of notoriety and fame will not not incur the same amount of spirit loss as their partner upon death, unless they themselves are of the same level of fame. However, having a spouse with a high level of fame also increases your own level of fame (just not to the same degree.[4]


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