Destiny Engine and Player Preferences?

Is there going to be any effort to allow players to have some say in the general direction of the destiny given them by the destiny engine?

I keep thinking what a shame it would be for someone who wants to be an animal tamer gets assigned some destiny from the destiny engine that is related to politics, or conversely, for someone who knows they want to be a tailor to be assigned a destiny of being some kind of explorer when they have no interest in exploring.

I love the idea of unique tasks being given based on a character’s birthdate, and everyone’s experience being different, but am feeling concerned that I might get stuck with destiny tasks I really hate.

Has anyone heard anything about this? Is my only option going to be playing a new soul?

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3/29/2018 3:16:40 AM #1

i believe your destiny adjusts to the way you play, so if your pushing your character in one direction, your destiny will change to follow suit.

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I think you will find that the system is supposed to adjust to a degree the direction you go with your character. However, I have seen nothing about allowing pregame player input on their place in the wheel of fate. What fate wishes of you is not forced on you but the system is not likely to fully change direction based on what you want the world to give you. You can however nudge it closer to your wish with a lot of work.

Doing so is less fate and more of a personal player bonus. Doing that for a few hundred thousand might be a little hard to manage. Fate might wish you to be a great warrior and you never want to leave town. Or you want to explore the world and fate thinks you are the best possible leader for your guild, town, or province. We never know the ordained path til we choose to walk it. Else its left unfulfilled.

I hope you find a future and fate that pleases you.

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If you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend checking out Dev Journal #2. It answers quite a bit.

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