Kickstarterversary: War on a Boat for Week 3!

All hail our Elyrian community!

Our 2nd Kickstarterversary promotion is heating up! You are all making amazing progress towards the event milestones. Check out the store tracker to see what bonus rewards have already been unlocked! Will the Mydarri be added as a launch tribe? Only you can decide and make it happen!

Milestones Achieved So Far:

  • Kypiq Party Pack
  • Purebread Horse
  • Pack Bonuses
  • Special Title
  • Otter Bear Cub
  • Otter Bear Mount

Awesome progress, you've achieved half of the milestones so far, 6 out of 12 of the goals have been met. Keep going to unlock as many as you can!

If you want to see what was added last week, click here.

To assist you in your voyage towards the Mydarri milestone, we berthed a new surprise.

Otter Bear Mount

You can find this fantastic beast under Pets and Mounts in the store.

With the proper saddle or yoke, this otter bear can ridden or teamed to pull a vehicle.

If properly trained from birth, an otter bear can be taught to not only befriend the children of Mann, but to work for them as well. Otter bears make fearsome mounts for warriors and even better work animals for traders plying Elyria's water ways. (includes size-appropriate saddle).

Note: This item is giftable

The Waters Are Full Of Danger!

It wouldn't be a good Kickstarterversary if there weren't a few surprises. Speeding into port for sale until the end of May are these 2 new beauties:

Coastal Raider

Your very own ship of war, perfect for safely carrying your army to the next battlefield. (Army not included)

Built for speed, with tall gunwales to protect your warband from arrows, the coastal raider is the perfect embodiment of its name. Nimble, but hardened against damage, the Raider can ride the waves into a beach and disgorge your warband before your targets even realize what's happening.

Note: Not a deep water vessel. This item is giftable.


Arrr you ready to take the fight to sea?! Raziel, I'm looking at you sir!

The romance of the water and the temptation of successful trade may lure some to the waves, but Oceanus has no love for the children of Mann, and the sea is a dangerous place with you upon it. Embrace your slaughter-nature and raid the coast with your warband. The riches you deserve are there waiting for you, you need simply wrest them from the hands of those foolish enough to look to the sea with hope in their eyes.


  • Coastal Raider
  • 1 Keg of Mead - Made with sweet honey and aged, this keg of mead is like liquid gold.
  • 1 Lockable Sea Chest - This lockable chest is rugged to resist the sea, but not waterproof.
  • Raiding Equipment Kit - Outfit a 10-mann raiding party with a leather helm & chest armor, shields and axes.
  • Flippy-Floppies not included

Note: Each item below is giftable.

(Description above under Coastal Raider)

Only the sweetest honeys made from northern summer flowers are used in this mead, which is then aged all year and only opened once the flowers of the north are in bloom again. It's sweet warmth will sustain you even in the worst weather.

The lockable sea chest can be locked to prevent casual swiping and its iron bands and heavy hinges help to discourage less casual thieves, as well. Perfect for storing a ship's valuables while on the sail.

Raiding Equipment Kit:

The kit includes everything you need to stay protected, lethal and nimble as you raid the seas: Includes a leather helm & chest armor, a wooden shield and a steel raiding axe for each of the 10 raiders in a typical raiding party.

  • 10 Leather Helms
  • 10 Shields
  • 10 Leather Chest Armor
  • 10 Raiding Axes

The contents of the Raiding Equipment Kit is not able to be opened until Expo.

A Plethora of Choices

With our Kickstarterversary in its 3rd week, there's plenty of different items for you to choose from. We hope you've enjoyed these new items so far, and there's still 1 week left!

To assist the community in keeping track of the Community Rewards backers can earn throughout the month, we added this milestone progress bar!

To view details of which awards are given out after the end of the event versus those available in the store, please review the FAQ here.

Our 2nd Kickstarterversary continues for 11 more days. Once we reach the end of the month these promotional items will be gone, so don't miss out!

Next week is the final week of this event, so be sure to check back to see what's in store.

As always, more to come...

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Oooo. Armor and shinies

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Guess I'll go get my wallet.. about time we started getting some naval items!

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Love the additions. Hopefully they sell like hotcakes.

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Wow. Thats an amazing week 3 😁👍🏼

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By the Qin, it's beautiful!

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I like this :)

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Some pretty great options this week

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Nice The raiders will love this.

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My monies!

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That thars a slippery slope…

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So, when are the loot creates coming out?

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I like it. Can we have Greek Fire in the game too?

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