2nd Kickstarterversary: Thank you!

All hail our glorious community!

Now that our 2nd Kickstarterversary has come to a close, we wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone!

Thank you to everyone who participated by purchasing items in our store and helping spread the word and excitement of the milestone rewards!

Leading up to the last day, you had achieved these rewards:

  • Kypiq Party Pack
  • Purebread Horse
  • Pack Bonuses
  • Special Title
  • Otter Bear Cub (remains in the store after event ends)
  • Otter Bear Mount (remains in the store after event ends)
  • Upgraded Housing
  • Mystery Box

Then, in the last 30 hours or so, the community kicked into high gear to really push towards the Old Soul milestone (a personal favorite of Caspian's), and you made it!

So kudos to all of you for also achieving these milestones:

  • Soul Packs
  • Old Soul

The Otterbears you achieved are in the store for good, and the other items you earned will be deposited into your accounts very soon.

Note: To receive the above awards, you must have had an eligible pledge package claimed on your account on or before June 1st, 2018 at 12:00pm PDT.

Without all of you, this event would not have been the success it was, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much for helping ensure we #keepusindie

More to come...

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6/4/2018 8:06:14 PM #1

Old soul <3 thought we wouldn't make it

Also; First.

alt text

6/4/2018 8:06:33 PM #2

Congratulations y'all :)

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6/4/2018 8:07:45 PM #3

And thank you, and the Soulbound team for running the promotion. :)

6/4/2018 8:09:25 PM #4

Awesome event SBS. It had a real "end of a KS" feeling. Loved seeing the interaction and energy that last few hours. Here's to many more awesome years.

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6/4/2018 8:10:01 PM #5


I was a little wary of Oceania when there were no ships ... now I am excited to see how these wonderful ships play! Keep up the amazing great work, and cheers to #keepusindie !

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6/4/2018 8:12:35 PM #6

Congratulations everyone! This was a great Kickstarterversary :) I am glad to see how the community pulled through to get the Old Soul in the last day or so.

6/4/2018 8:12:43 PM #7

Wonderful work everyone! And Thank you to the Devs as well! We really came together as a community and made what felt like the impossible happen. Getting those last two rewards in less than 30 hours or less was a feat to be sure! Watching it happen was really crazy to see.

6/4/2018 8:13:02 PM #8

Big thanks to everyone for helping out.

Seeing the "Old Soul" acquired 15 or so minutes before the end was awesome!

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6/4/2018 8:13:04 PM #9

Oh snap! I didnt think we had a chance to make it to the old soul but it's super cool we did! I was looking forward to that as well, the original backers def deserve that signifying mark in game.

6/4/2018 8:15:48 PM #10

keepusindie for as long as we can!

6/4/2018 9:25:59 PM #11

Pleasantly surprised that we managed to pull out a win when it came to those Old Souls. Great job everyone!

6/4/2018 9:45:41 PM #12

Feels good to #keepusindie. Don't ever compromise on Caspian's vision, you have this community's support all the way!

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6/4/2018 10:57:56 PM #13

Well worth the count pledge ,and cutters.

All hail Serpentius!

6/5/2018 6:08:57 AM #14

Well done, excellent work pushing through to hit that last goal before the end :)

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6/5/2018 2:24:12 PM #15

Tis a shame we didn't reach Adam's stretch goal. No public beard shaving on TTC. Oh well. We got pretty close though.

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