[NA-E] [Vornair] The Citadel

Details regarding the Citadel and it’s operation are subject to change surrounding the further continuation and development of Chronicles of Elyria

Located in : Kingdom of Vornair, The Rhynelands Duchy, Penrith County

The Citadel is a subsidiary of the Vaetfang Army, owned and operated by both the Army and the Rhynelands.

Motto: “Strength and Honor”

What is the Citadel?

The Citadel is a powerful and dominant Military Academy. It serves as the central instruction and education center for the Vaetfang Army. This Academy will be forged from discipline, strength, loyalty and honor. Here we will figuratively “breed” soldiers of war, walking through the halls after graduation will be fearsome but educated soldiers. However not only will we train our own, but the Duchy Guard Force, and aspiring warriors as well. We will teach, and show the world of Elyria, just how brutal, fearsome, educated and disciplined this Academy will become.

Military classes range from:

*Basic Combatives

*Basic Survival

*General Education

*Personal Education

*Advanced Combatives

*Advanced Survival

*Unit Education

*World Education

*Individual Training

*Guard Training

*Advanced Guard Training

What is our goal?

Our goal at the Citadel is to become the pinnacle of Military Discipline and Education, setting the bar very high for the other militaries located both in, and out of the Kingdom. We plan to assert our dominance as THE Military Academy, using our assets, combined efforts and community to form something that will produce warriors and an army to fear.

How will this work?

This will all be done with the combined effort of our community, as well as the experience and training of our soldiers. Upon launch we will begin mass training, the new generation of Vaetfang soldiers, as well as educate and train our local Guard Forces, here they will learn cooperation and joint effort in the case of mutual defense. After which, will come the civilian entry where applicants may come to participate in training and take part in the Academy’s benefits. The instructors will consist of war-hardened soldiers, growing too old to actively fight on the front lines they will find their use there, in the forefront of military education.


The structure of the Citadel will be formed directly from the Military, however altered to have its own efficient operation within its walls. This will consist of Master instructors, Senior Instructors and Instructors. They in their own rights, will still hold rank within the Military, however will be stripped of their Field Command and in turn, be given command at the Academy.


Our standards are set high, however very much achievable. The soldiers who graduate and walk through those gates, leaving the Academy behind for their life on the field must be ready. They must be prepared, disciplined and willing to execute all orders that are asked of them, with precision and exemplary skill. For those soldiers are the future of our military, and the future of the Citadel.


The Citadel is currently under the command of Highlord Karesh Rhyne and assisted by Warlord Alor. Their combined expertise and instruction will directly impact the first wave of Soldiers and Guards, instilling values of discipline and respect. While also seeing to all soldiers, and their respective levels of combat expertise.


Should you have any questions, you are advised to reach out to both Highlord Karesh and Warlord Alor. This Academy is a first of its kind, reaching to the depths of what we consider, elite. We will without a doubt, impress and achieve levels of expertise most could not. We are strong together, and this Academy solidifies that. Strength and honor.

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9/15/2018 9:23:53 PM #1

Looking for Men and Women to join the Vaetfang Army and serve under General Alor in the Instruction & Education Command as Master, Senior and entry-level Instructors. The Citadel needs manpower, and our men need instruction, your role will be crucial and the opportunity for you to become renown in the military community is wide open.

8/30/2019 6:06:10 AM #2

we are still looking for Education and Military minded individuals to join us.