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Red Lion Order:


  • Introduction
  • Our Mission and Goal
  • Arms and Associates
  • Ranks and Army Formations
  • Benefits
  • Why Join us?


The sword and the shield of the Duchy of Myrkland. We defend our homeland from any threat, external or internal. Brave and courageous on the battlefield, we leave behind blood soaked lands filled with our enemy’s corpses. Striking fear in the hearts of coastal villages, we plunder and raid the riches hidden away and return home to a feast of mead and meat. We explore the vast world in the goal of spreading our influence and power for our kingdom.

Bloodthirsty warriors? Adventuring explorers? Heroic sailors? Artistic craftsmen? We have a spot for all of you! Join the Red Lion Order and secure yourself a future filled with adrenaline and excitement! A future where we strive to have our names sung in ballads to the far reaches of the known world!

It’s better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.


Our Mission and Goal

We will be in charge of all military matters within the Duchy with the full support of our lieges. Our first major mission will be to help our allied counts and countesses claim a duchy. We will also be in charge of various missions and jobs within the Duchy.

Raiding: We will have a navy with the task of harassing our enemies, raiding and pillaging their cities and stealing their wealth. This will be one of the main tasks open for our soldiers.

Defending: We will also have the responsibility of defending the counties and soon after the duchy. This includes, among others, patrolling the lands, chasing out criminals and bandits, going after ferocious beasts, defending the county seat from enemy invasions and kicking adverse possession land owners from our lands. We also escort the citizens and materials of our county.

Attacking: Our first great mission will be to crown allied counts and countesses as duke and duchess. We will need to fight many bloody battles to reach our goal. You can expect there to be a battle every week or so. We will also move to our kingdom borders and participate in skirmish attacks on our enemies. We will be raiding, participating in kingdom wars and ducal wars. If you are an avid fighter you will always find somewhere to polish your skills with us.


Arms and Associates

Army Branches

The RLO will have various arms in its Army.

The Marines Regiments: Will be composed of soldiers who are able sailors and perfect infantry men. They will be the bulk of our naval force, in charge of raiding the coastlines and defending our waters from enemy vessels. They will be the elites of the sea and strike the fear of god into our enemies.

The Infantry Regiments: The main bulk of the army, they will be composed of melee and ranged soldiers. They will be the backbone of the army and the force which will sweep away all our enemy soldiers from the battlefields.

The Cavalry Regiments: Our mobile unit, they will be our shock troops and the force which will break our enemies will.

The Siege Platoons: In charge of all siege weaponry for defensive or offensive purposes.


The Ironbreakers of Helhein : A small elite and disciplined force of soldiers who are partly soldier, partly artisans. They make everything they own and are one of the elites within Runafold.

The Unbound: The scouting organisation of Runafold, in charge of scouting out our enemies on the battlefield, chasing after bounties and having eyes everywhere.

W-Anchors: The organisation in charge of providing warships to the Red Lion Order.

Ranks and Army Formation


Here below is the ranking system of the Red Lion Order from the highest to lowest with a small description to go with them.

General: The General is the overall commander of the Red Lion Order. He/she is in charge of all military matters and in command of the Brigades. His duties consist of resource allocation; Promotions of special personnel; Operations Applications; salary and internal military affairs.

Colonel: The CO of the Regiments, they are in charge of making the Generals plan a reality. they are in charge of putting forward Regiment goals, assisting in creating a battle plan, taking care of the Regiment and in charge of various strategic areas.

Major: The XO (Executive Officer) of the Regiment, they are in charge of all the day to day running of the Regiment. The 2IC of the Colonel, they also assists the Colonel with their various duties while making sure that army regulation and rules are being respected and that the Regiments are running properly.

Captain: They are in charge of their respective Companies and are duty bound to forward the duchy goals to the best of their capacities. Their duties consist of improving the companies, handling internal affairs, suggesting promotions within their companies; Operations Applications; resource allocations and a slew of other duties.

Officer: In charge of a Platoon. Assists the Captain with his various duties and also takes care of reviewing sergeant resource demand list and sending them up the chain of command. Applying raid orders; planning drills and training for his platoon.

Sergeant: The Sergeant is the leader of a Squad. He is in charge of everything regarding a squad and in charge of requesting for the gear, food and resources and alerting the CO’s of any injuries or sicknesses of their soldiers (soldiers healthcare).

Corporal: The first rank in the army, they are the 2IC (in command) of their Sergeants. They help lead the Squads and also take charge if the squad needs to be split in half.

Private 1st class: This rank is given to veteran soldiers and experts

Private 2nd class: The rank given to a recruit after he passes basic training

Each soldier will also have the possibility of having a specific role, like being the cook, blacksmith, medic, tracker or trainer of his respective unit.

Army Formations

The Army currently has a structure in place to support three Brigades with a total number of around 1000 soldiers.

We will have 1 Brigade in charge of the duchies protection and another in charge of attacking our enemies. So if you are more defense orientated or more offense orientated then don’t worry, there will be a place for you. We also have one Brigade exclusively for Naval Units.

Here is the basic graph:


Insurance Policy:

Each soldier will receive an insurance policy which will make sure that the soldier has a sum of money and help in place should anything happen to him or her.

There are two ways for a soldier to be discharged from the army while receiving the benefits of the Insurance. One is old age, the other is battle wounds. However should a soldier be disobedient, disloyal or cause problems then he/she will be discharged from the army without any benefits or help.

Should a soldier receive battle wounds which would prevent him from further service or become too old for combat, then the soldier will receive an honorable discharge and a sum of money from the Army. We will also set up a system in which the soldier will be able to find work that suits him/her so that he/she may find a way to live their life without too much hardship. The benefits given to the soldier rise up according to the rank of the soldier.

A few jobs as examples for a soldier after being honorably discharged are; Army trainer, administration and civil work, logistics department, joining the town garrison, school teacher, advisers to the army or the nobles. These are but a few examples of jobs which would be available to ex-soldiers of the Red Lion Order.

Death on the battlefield and what happens to you:

Death is a common occurrence in war, and while players have a higher chance of surviving it, they may die earlier than planned. So what happens to a dead player and his rank?

Should a player have good commanding skills, we will ensure that the player climbs up the hierarchy quickly to receive his previous rank, should a player have minimal commanding skills or a black mark in his profile document, he will be asked to start from the bottom and restart.

In either case, the soldier will have to restart at zero, but just like skills, it will be much easier to rank up. This is to make sure that no favouritism is given to a soldier and that NPC soldiers don’t revolt due to players receiving these benefits. However this system may be changed if SBS release more information on NPC behaviour and other topics.

Why join Us?

Why join us? We aim to deliver plenty of combat and PvP action, supported by our count (future duke) and kingdom. Members of the Red Lion Order will receive standard weapons and armour, a place to stay in the barracks and food rations. We will provide training and training equipment along with an arena for sparring and tournaments. In addition to all of this there will be extra pay and rewards for various tasks and duties plus unique benefits which aren’t found in other organisations.

We also have over 285 ranked soldiers spots in our army, so there will be many promotions opportunities. The Red Lion Order also has several other assets and affiliations it benefits from. We have a great group of players already, who like to help each other and have a laugh. We are interested in all combat styles and many non-combat skills so if you are interested in joining us we look forward to seeing you in Runafold.

How to find us

Duchy Myrkland

County Runafold

Kingdom Tryggr Discord

Kingdom Tryygr Discord

Kingdom Tryygr Thread

Kingdom Tryggr Thread

Red Lion Order

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Great post, Even better Generals - happy to be along for the ride!

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And this is the final product. Just added a few images and changed a few around to make it look nice and pretty.

Credit for the images goes to Recurve who did an amazing job!

Red Lion Order

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After much discussion we have decided to change around the Army Formations and add in new ranks. This now means we are more flexible for open warfare and campaigns and also have more ranking opportunities for our players.

We also now have a framework in place which gives the opportunity for Barons to enter the Army with the rank of Captain (Of course they must first be accepted as barons by the Duke and show us commanding capabilities and common sense)

Red Lion Order

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Red Lion Order

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We're still around and recruiting. If you are interested in PVP, raiding and anything military related don't hesitate to send me a message or joining the discord group :)

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