Tribe migration

Will there be any specific limitation to migrate a tribe in KoE after Domain Selection ?

For example : Would it be possible when a Mayor pick a domain in a Hrothi land, that he then start as a Dras in KoE to migrate it back into his domain in Hrothi land ?

Same question for nobility.

Eolwyn Lunicorne

12/1/2018 12:24:52 PM #1

I know this doesn't answer your question completely, but hopefully it helps you grow some confidence about KoE.

You could select a Hrothi family and domain, and then have an alternate character move their family up to your area or even your own settlement. Dras will be quite difficult, as there won't be many families up there. But I could imagine some families would exist in the Neran and even Kypiq lands which are close by. Its definitely a possibility, it would just require careful planning.

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I managed to find this. It answers my questions :

Tribe migration


Mayor migration

Eolwyn Lunicorne

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First plant your first character on your desired spot/town in Elyria, make sure he/she has the desired rank/dynasty you pledged for. Than make a new character as the desired tribe, preferable one without a family (Warden of the State), walk that character to the character you created first and marry him/her.

You can arrange to give the land and rank/dynasty to you second created character.

Your second character may have a bit harder time to stay alive, but I am sure it will not be deadly, if you play it sensible.

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Posted By LaLicorne at 8:52 PM - Sun Dec 02 2018

I managed to find this. It answers my questions

RE the Caspian quotes:

This is the reason I brought up families. Because to run your title as a uncommon tribe in that area you will need at least some families (population) with your desired tribe in the county.

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Thanks for your answers Ilyria and Sagan !

Another discussion about tribes (in general forum, maybe need to be relocated) where Snipehunter gives more clarifications.

This might also help to understand.

Eolwyn Lunicorne