County of Trouvaire

Trouvaire is a county located within the Duchy of Prismatia. The county's focuses are on culture, crafting, and commerce. It is planned on being the cultural heart of the duchy and one of the cultural centers of the kingdom. The capital of Autreme is planned on being a trading hub for goods travelling to and from the kingdom.


While D&S Selection has yet to be done we are planning to be a coastal county with a river running through it. Citizens will help plan for the location as will the Duchess' Court of Glass.


The Azure Council is the Countess' council. It is filled with three positions: the Master of Seas, the Master of Lands, and the Master of Arms. If you wish to apply join our discord

Master of Seas is in charge of the upkeep and security of the various waterways and works with naval merchants and guilds

Master of Lands is in charge of the upkeep of trading routes and outskirts of cities and works to connect local businesses and guilds

Master of Arms - is in charge of security of the county and judicial enforcement


Culture is the main focus of Trouvaire. We believe that culture is one of the most important aspect in worldbuilding and immersion.

We plan on combining our desired cultural vision with that of the culture of our tribe and area selected during Domain Selection. The planned cultural vision and aesthetic of our duchy is Alpine-Mediterranean and we plan our vision and aesthetic is a French style of that.

Trouvaire celebrates culture by the use of festivals and music and the advancement of the arts. Trouvaire is home to the Solaire Academy of Art which researches and educates on the arts and houses its own festivals and events.

Commerce and Trade is essential to the economic focus to the county. The county plans to have large ports that has agreements with the other ports within the duchy and the planned neighboring duchies. The Azure Council are required to ensure safe and efficient ports and trade routes.

The planned geography of the county is vital for its plans for commerce. Trouvaire is planned to be a coastal duchy with access to a major river. The ports will bring in money and material from outside of the county. The river will not only help these materials be transported to the interior of the county it also brings the resources from within the county to ports.

Despite being culture based with an art academy that doesn't mean we don't care about more "practical" skills. In fact certain skills like silversmithing are taught at the Solaire Academy while other skills like the musical arts will require crafters for instruments. The natural resources of the county also makes it ideal for crafters not having to rely heavily on traders for supplies. For example a mason will be glad to near the mountains and that architects from the academy may use his materials.

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