County of Titan's Steppe NA-W

Grand County of Titan's Steppe

Greetings Elyrians! I am Xeryn Thex, Count of the legendary Titan's Steppe from the Kingdom of Ashland (Double County). I am openly recruiting any persons looking for a land to take pride in and call their home!

Currently seeking 2 dedicated barons and 4 mayors motivated to help create a rich and powerful county!

The county will maintain a strong economy based upon crafting, trading and adventuring with a heavy focus on military strength to not only protect what is ours but to serve the kingdom when we are called.

This doesn't mean you need to be interested in combat, in fact, everyone from farmers to merchants to innkeepers and craftsmen of all kinds will have a crucial role to play in our shared success and prosperity with the added peace of mind of knowing that your security is assured.

I personally will work very hard to ensure that everyone in the county has the opportunity to play the game however they wish, within the laws of the county. It is very important to me that everyone enjoys their time playing and has fun! That said, I expect the county's citizens to put in just as much effort to fulfilling the needs and working towards the goals of the county.

Guilds are also very welcome and I will work alongside their leaders to create a mutually beneficial partnership for the betterment of the County.

I am also seeking a few select individuals to assist in the management of the county. If you are interested in joining the community or filling one of the positions below please message me through the forums or join us on discord at and you can find me directly as xeryn #9334 or on steam as DaemosZythaer

County Appointed Offices

Seneschal - This person will be responsible for the administrative management of the county. This includes collecting taxes and assisting with land, trade and military development. (May appoint sub-officers as approved by the Count) Held by Echo of Darkmoon Citadel

Ranger Captain - This person will be in charge of recruiting, training and commanding a regiment of soldiers for the defense of the county at large (May appoint sub-officers as approved by the Count) Held by Vaylin Sainclair

Stable Master - This person will be responsible for maintaining and breeding the county's mounts for the purposes of war and law enforcement and beasts of the count. Will also act as guide to other Trison and Horse breeders within the county. Held by Midgaar of Solusek

Master of Equipment and Supply - This person will be responsible for the creation of weapons and armor for the county's soldiers and law enforcement including the personal equipment of the Count. Will also act as guide to other craftsmen within the county. They will also ensure that the county utilizes its resources in an efficient and productive manner. They will work to locate and work with the citizenry to keep raw materials, food and other resources flowing to where they are needed within the county and the Count's personal domain. Held by Glas Plandai

Master of Ships - This person will be responsible for the construction and requisition of ships for use in county riverways and along the coast. They will maintain a fleet of ships as well as the associated sailors and marines. Other duties include ensuring that the ships are supplied, maintained and ready for action.

If you are looking for a place in Elyria to truly call home, Titan's Steppe is waiting for you!

Titan's Steppe Walkthrough

9/13/2019 7:13:37 PM #1

Pretty nice place you have there neighbor. Looking forward to working with you

9/13/2019 8:17:20 PM #2

Glad you kept the name!

9/13/2019 10:17:19 PM #3

This will be the Titan's Steppe that all others are compared to!

9/13/2019 11:12:27 PM #4

I'm really stoked you are keeping the name. That aside, I have no doubt you will lead a splendid county. ^^

9/16/2019 5:45:40 AM #5

2 Barons and 6 mayor slots open!

9/20/2019 4:53:26 PM #6

2 Baron and 5 mayor slots open! 2 Towns, 2 garrisons and more!

9/26/2019 1:43:44 AM #7

Seeking the Mayor who claimed Illnamoor in Titan's Steppe. I would very much like to welcome you if you would contact me.

10/9/2019 8:07:44 AM #8

2 Garrisons, 4 hamlets left to choose from.

10/20/2019 10:37:40 PM #9

Well howdy neighbor!