Tribal Armor Concept: To'resk Heavy Armor

Happy Shiny Day Elyrians!

Last week we had a peek at the light and medium incarnations of a basic To'reshian armor form, so let's wrap up the set and have a look at a heavy incarnation of the same "platform."

Here you can see a version of the armor that has been built to address perceived strengths from the armors of other cultures, specifically the Neran and the Hrothi: the base platform of this armor set has been augmented with laminated plates in a way that mimics the steel platemail forms of the northern tribes. Of course, To'reshian aesthetics still hold sway, no one tells a To'resk how to look good but another To'resk.

Enjoy and shine on my friends!

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12/20/2018 11:00:09 PM #1

That is almost scary

Very nice

12/20/2018 11:01:04 PM #2

oh yes

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12/20/2018 11:01:10 PM #3

Looks Sexy

12/20/2018 11:01:30 PM #4

So metal!



12/20/2018 11:01:33 PM #5

THE SAMURAI VIBES... i expect samurai techniques and fighting styles SBS. This is honestly making me re think my starting race!

alt text

12/20/2018 11:01:39 PM #6

the helmet looks like a welding helmet other then that good job

12/20/2018 11:01:39 PM #7

Very cool!

12/20/2018 11:01:53 PM #8


12/20/2018 11:02:01 PM #9

Very intimidating look! It appears to have been inspired by Samurai armor!


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12/20/2018 11:02:07 PM #10

Looks Awesome!

12/20/2018 11:02:18 PM #11

wauw, yes! thet looks very nice!

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12/20/2018 11:02:43 PM #12

This is amazing. I love their armour

12/20/2018 11:02:43 PM #13

Looks like Shredder armor. Those who grew up in the 80’s and watched Ninja Turtles feel me. Looks awesome!

12/20/2018 11:03:07 PM #14


12/20/2018 11:03:36 PM #15

OMG To'resk armor is amazing looking!!!!

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