Tribal Armor Concepts: To'resk Set (Light & Medium)

Hail Elyrians!

Apologies, I know I've been posting our shinies earlier in the day lately, but today has to be an exception. I was working closely with Souzou on some combat AI, and in the way that that sort of work can, it ate up the entire day! That said, it is indeed the shiniest of times, so without letting the moment pass, let us share the shiny! In fact, let us share two shinies! Have a look at light and medium incarnations of some basic To'resk armor:

Now, To'resk armor is actually very different from most of the armor created by other tribes. Alchemical preparations are used to treat paper of varying qualities to create different layers of material that can withstand both cutting and piercing while distributing the force of an incoming blow.

Through the creative use of the few metals they have at their disposal in their home biomes, and these resilient paper components they create, they are able to create armors that offer similar performance characteristics, and in some cases better performance, than their Hrothi or Neran counterparts.

However, this performance often comes with the price of increased maintenance requirements; paper armor is a lot stronger than you might think, but cuts that get through the various chemical layers can cause internal problems that degrade the integrity of the overall armor. On the other hand, if you know how, it's a lot less costly to replace a broken paper armor tile than it is a steel one.

Oh, one more interesting note: To'resk are one of the few tribes that aren't keen on sharing their armorsmithing techniques. The secrets of paper treatment are, they believe, both of critical military value and something uniquely To'reshian... to the point where seeing someone else wearing their armor is likely to have an immediate negative impact on their opinion of that person.

Enjoy, and stay shiny my friends!

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Now I like that!!

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Interesting mechanics with this one. Plus I love the look.

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I like these armor !

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very nice thank you Snipe

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Good stuff. Best until now :)

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Awesome, just awesome!!


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sturdy yet elegant , very Hun-like! wonder what counters it? or weakens the Armour and by the look of it you can kind of see what kind of techniques the to'resk will use, the Medium Armour covers the front thighs of both legs perhaps creases speed ? not enough leg movement

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This just in, To'Resk armor is savage! Looks like some real gladiatorial armor. Now for someone to paper mache themselves some cosplay armor...

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To'resk are not warriors! But apparently samurai! The best armor of all. 😍🤗🤤

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Yes! Thank you!

Close what I had hoped!

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"and in the way that that sort of work can" haha anyone else get caught up reading that line. BTW Snipe, ILY also great armor

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This is my favourite armour concept to date! I can't wait to see the "Heavy" version!!!

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All I want to know is how mush protection I get and special skills that come with it and can I dye it?

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