The Settlement of Innominatam

The Settlement of Innominatam

Baron - Rhys#8967

County Ostingale

Duchy: Drakeolm

Kingdom Blackheart

As you travel through along the road seeking the hamlet hills rise up on either side of you. You can see the smoke and smell the forge long before you ever see the hamlet until you crest a hill and there, on the edge of the hill before you, a fence, you’ve reached the edge of one of the farms of Innominatan, and yet, you’ve only just arrived and feel like you’re being watched. As you start to walk up the road, a Waerd man covered in dirt and grime comes running down the hill at you suddenly stopping some distance before you and tells you to stop. He then slowly begins walking and you can see him counting under his breath until reaching you and grabbing your hand guides you back the way he came and then squats down. Picking up a stone he tosses it back along the road and suddenly the dirt and loose grass snaps upward and suddenly you see the trap in its entirety. A spring trap, but on the main road? Why. The Waerd begins leading you up towards the rest of the buildings further along the road and he begins telling you of the monster they’d been dealing with along the road lately.

Hello and welcome. My name is Rhys. I am at times lacking seriousness. But given a goal I drive onward without ceasing. Here you have found at last the first of my goals. I will at launch have my own hamlet. At which I've Dubbed Innominatam. This will be my home, and home to a Guild of hunters I aim to call Lupus Innominatam. We will be a mining heavy settlement. Most people are welcome. It should be noted that Innominatan will be a mix of Waerd and Neran populace, so that will come with all the pros and cons of both.

We will be as I've said. In Blackheart. So all who join will be Blood. We aid each other in all things, Innominatam will be no different. I may rule with an iron fist, but I am a Set of the Two-Fold Queen. There are two sides to all things. You have a grievance against me? Bring it forth and we shall settle things. You have a complaint against another of my Hamlet? Bring it forth and I shall hear both sides and the matter will be settled. As for what we will do? We will have a standing army of Wolves. The Lupus Innominatam. We will have a mine. For what are Wolves without fangs and claws of the sharpest form? Smithy's will reign as our source of income for we will need to sharpen those claws and fangs upon the grindstones of our Smiths. If I can swing it, we too shall have a Port of Trade upon the river to the east.. With that setting, we shall be able to set the Wolves forth that much faster, as well as bring trade much more conveniently to our merchants.

If you seek more information or just fancy a chat. Hamlet of Innominatam Discord Or a further fancy description here

3/18/2019 1:38:10 PM #1

Very Good, May The Drakes Reign Supreme.

3/20/2019 5:12:03 PM #2

Goodluck Rhys

4/5/2019 5:53:15 AM #3

Nice job! Looking forward to hearing more about the Lupus Innominatam

4/20/2019 3:36:25 PM #4

Over the past year I have gotten to know Rhys quite well. He has a strong personality but no one can deny he is loyal and dedicated. He brings a unique focus on pve combat threats to a duchy otherwise focused on pvp aspects, if this too is your focus I recommend dropping a DM.

5/3/2019 2:10:38 AM #5

Rhys is a really great guy who has a great sense of humor but an even bigger heart for loyalty and caring for a community, as well as a great head on his shoulders for leadership. Anything he does is sure to be a success. Im proud to work with him and everyone in Drakeolm!

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5/11/2019 3:33:13 AM #6

Okay so this thing well be updated by the end of June. Hoping I get to finally pick my lands.

5/19/2019 1:45:11 AM #7

This is actually quite the unique post, can't wait for the update come a fully successful DSS.

6/9/2019 9:25:30 AM #8

Straight to the top!

7/17/2019 5:03:10 PM #9

Brother Rhys, I've seen you continue to grow and establish yourself as a focused/committed member of the community. May our settlement continue to grow as you find new friends to complete great accomplishments.

9/8/2019 10:11:20 PM #10

Blood for Blood!

9/8/2019 10:14:37 PM #11

Good to see you're steady advancement friend. Well done.

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9/8/2019 11:15:02 PM #12

Cant wait to get this show on the road! Woot

9/21/2019 6:50:44 AM #13

Stop changing your and your settlement name, its confusing!

9/22/2019 4:36:12 PM #14

Cannot wait to play Chronicles of Elyria! An amazing team to work with in Drakeolm!

9/29/2019 4:54:15 AM #15

And as I had said once in the past. It would and has now been updated.

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