The Rangers

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Ranger Lore

The Ranger Corps was founded 70 years prior to the emergence of the calamity known as the Searing Plague. This shadowy group seemingly appearing out of nowhere during border disputes started traveling inward to combat banditry and all manner of ills that befell the common folk of Elyria. It is said they originally came from the East, adventurers and explorers, from far across the Seas; though the truth of their origin remains shrouded in mystery. The histories ascribe to them near mystical powers, blending shadow and light to appear out of nowhere, emerging from heartwood to loosen broadheads. As the Plague ravaged their lands so too did the Rangers suffer casualties, their numbers decreasing as one after another succumbed to the vagaries of pestilence. This calamity served only to strengthen their bonds to each other, forging ties closer than ever before as they sought the origin of the malady, the roots of the Blood Mark Wedding, that plagued them and all of Elyria. This was their attempt at honoring their fallen. It took them many years and the truth of their quest remains unknown but they emerged from the plague ravaged lands still strong of heart but weakened in numbers; their organization clinging to survival.

Yet there was still hope to be found among them. Their blood remained strong and from among them a leader emerged to restore the ancient ways of branch and brook, to forge and mold them. They had been through the crucible and he would be the smith to shape them. The rangers still serve to this day, led by the descendants of that leader. They seek out those strong of limb and heart, courageous and virtuous. They fight, to this day, swearing vows to protect the innocent from the darkness that ever encroaches on the people of Elyria and shroud themselves in cloaks of misinformation and mystery to protect those they hold dear. They stand between the darkness and the people of Elyria, protecting them with their lives if they must. Loyal to the Cause, to Eastcliff, to the Light. ~ Special thanks to Scylurus the Bear for casting his magic on our existing lore <3 Read more of Scy’s work

On the coast of Al’Khezam you can find the Rangers as they have proudly set up their Al'Khezam Headquarters (HQ) in county Eastcliff. Every department of the Rangers has their own Nock/base from where they operate and get their contracts. These departments or branches can be set up anywhere in the kingdom of Al'Khezam. The Rangers will provide a backbone for any branche and will assist in setting these up, however we do expect a certain level of independency from our (Head) Rangers.

The Arrow’s Home.

At the Nocks we can restock, resupply, rest, and find a light for our souls after dark roads. Small and often hidden outside of towns to prevent prying eyes they come and go without being seen. Where ever a Ranger in Al'K might go, the Nocks are their home.

Contract boards will be filled with bounties, escorts, cartography and a lot of different other jobs. As we not only roam but also serve to protect and hunt a Rangers life is never dull as


Rangers are not bound to one place, unless they choose to do so. However we will protect our home with fire. We are the wanderers and scouts of the lands of Al'K and will also explore the new continents to come. Our feet and mounts guiding us through Elyria, following our hearts desire for adventure.

Some of the Corps secrets will be withheld from the public and will only be revealed to members of the Corps or those who should receive said information like Dukes/Duchesses and our King Usifan. Some information will only be accessible for higher ranked Rangers.

We do not limit our rangers to a certain tribe or place as we are the folk of the land. What we do require of every Ranger, is long range skills as you have to be able to be part of a long range scouting group in case of war to defend our home and ambush, scout and possibly assasinate enemies.

❈ Corps Commander

In times of war the Corps Commander will lead the Rangers. Surrounded by the council of the head rangers they will will listen to eachother and lead in the best way possible. In times of peace the Corps Commander assists all Ranger, providing contracts and making sure their freedom to explore remains.

❈ Head Ranger

Working closely together with the Duke/Duchess of their assigned Duchy, the Head Rangers make sure the lands are scouted and trouble is reported to the Duke/Duchess so that proper action can be taken.

❈ Rangers

This is where our strength lies, our rangers.Those who proved themself and earned their rank.Our proudest moment.

❈ Apprentice

Hand picked by our rangers and assessed by our Head Rangers. This is where your journey starts!

The Rangers are an elite paramilitary organization, tasked amongst other things with foreign and domestic intelligence gathering within Al’Khezam’s borders. This includes cartography, regional animal control, bounty hunting and border patrol. This means their inventory has to be versatile.

Basic Inventory

  • Longbow / Recurve bow + Arrows
  • Saxe Knife
  • Sword (optional)
  • Compass / Northseeker
  • Cloak
  • Medical Supplies
  • Camping (Wilderness) Supplies

The rangers wear dull colours that are a resemblance of their environment. One of their most distinct features is their Longbow and long knife, sometimes a sword. As they are best in their element without standing out a ranger will not polish adornments.

General Skills

  • Stealth
  • Archery
  • Mount Riding
  • Tactical Thinking
  • Tracking
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Wilderness Survival

Some things might be subject to change due to the development of Chronicles of Elyria.


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