[EU/Al-Khezam] County Cenaria

Cenaria is a beautiful, fantastic land in the vast lush grasslands, covered in fertile farmland, ripe for planting great orchards, and being relatively flat, promises easy trade routes. The inhabitants of this land are a reliable, hearty folk known for their friendly nature, willingness to trade, tending bountiful crops, and for being quite industrious. Though they are an open, friendly folk, they do not suffer attacks or oppression well and will defend themselves and their land with a passion.


On the massive Northeastern coast of Al-Khezam lies the duchy Lemuria, The counties blossoming in its sun, and in it's heartland sits Cenaria, it is a beautiful coast with sprawling fields.


Our council consists of our barons and mayors, voicing their wishes and needs to our Nine. The Nine are responsible for the county, to make it prosper and keep it safe for any living being.

The Nine:

  • Keeper of Coin (Financial adviser, taxes)
  • Keeper of Peace (Overview of military needs)
  • Keeper of Union (Associations / Guilds / Craft masters)
  • Keeper of Knowledge (Education)
  • Keeper of Light (Entertainment and Fun)
  • Keeper of Agriculture (Farming + Natural Resources)
  • Guardian of the People and Health (Voice of the people and their Well-being)
  • Guardian of the Animals (Animal population, wild and domesticated, animal welfare).
  • Guardian of Law (Courthouse / Justice)


The goals of Cenaria are valuable crafts, thriving trade, a strong military and supported by the busy markets and verdant farmland. Our military will be a strong backbone for the Duchy

Associations & Guilds:


"Life and Honour, Steel and Glory." A knight should be like their sword, tempered, keen, and dependable. The Sa'Ceurai (meaning Sword Lords in the old tongue) bind their soul and their sword, striving to use both for just and good deeds. The Ceurans are the protectors of the realm, peacekeepers involved with regular patrols and always there, waiting to strike in defense of the people. Known for skill and honour, they show humility and know that they do what must be done for their people. Glory comes knowing they act justly and with decency.

These are not showoffs and swashbucklers out to make a name for themselves and line their pockets, but noble men and women willing to act decisively to defend the lands against those that would harass, demean or enslave its peoples.

They are like their blades, strong, flexible and reliable. Woe unto those that test their resolve or commitment.

The Rangers

Lurking in the shadows, the eyes and ears of the duchy and kingdom, The Rangers wander the land, unseen and ready to act. They are adventurers of great skill, specializing in stealth and archery with duties relating to cartography, animal control, bounty hunting and security, they patrol the wilderness, living by their oath, "We fight in the dark, to keep the light."

Read more about The Rangers

Forge & Fabricate

More info tba about this crafting (Tailor, leatherworker, smithing) guild.

Rose Bows

"Every gold spent is an investment to your survival on the road, friend!" Rose Bows will be taking Commissions prior to release. Please contact Nexusshade#4381 to know more about Rose Bows! More info TBA.

More TBA


Cenaria Discord Server

Lemuria Discord Server

Al'Khezam Discord Server

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You never disappoint me rellik <3

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Cap Town best Town
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