DSS Professions? What are they even?

Having trouble deciding what a shipchandler does? Curious what a courtesan really does? Bored and willing to wade through a long list to find the jokes I made along the way? This list of professions and descriptions is for you!

  • Alchemist An alchemist is a sort of chemist, who specializes in catalyzing reactions that change a series of ingredients into a new solution, salve, or material, using distillation, catalyzation, and other methods.
  • Alcohol Merchant An alcohol merchant sells beer, ale, lager, wine, mead, spirits, and other alcoholic solutions for consumption or industrial purposes. Or "industrial purposes" if the wrong people are around when you're trying to buy a cask for the office party.
  • Animal Handler Animal Handlers care for animals - animal handlers can be shepherds, or ranchers, or breeders.
  • Animal Trainer Animal trainers train animals to perform particular behaviors. This could include training mounts to be ridden in war, training smaller animals to perform tasks such as tracking, fetching, or attacking on command.
  • Archer A soldier specializing in the use of the bow or crossbow.
  • Artillerist A siege engine crew member, but one specialized in siege engines that toss or otherwise propel projectiles across great distances. In other words, the fun kind of siege engine.
  • Artist Actually, as a game designer I have no idea what artists do. They seem to deny all my whimsical and petty requests for easter eggs. ;) Nah, not really: produce works that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Astronomer Astronomers chart the stars, track their motions, and use the positions of the stars to predict events or read omens in the sky. (synonymous with astrologer in Elyria)
  • Attendant Attendants are either servants to lords or high class gentry, or are low-labor servants for the same. Greeters, barmaids, butlers, maids, seneschals, and stewards are all examples of attendants.
  • Author Authors write manuscripts which book binders turn into books. Authors are essentially scribes who write prose (fiction, histories, combat codices, recipe books, etc.) instead of contracts.
  • Bailiff Usually an agent of the sheriff and/or the court, bailiffs are responsible for collecting fines and rents, managing evictions, ensuring order in court proceedings & making sure witnesses, juries, defendants, and other required attendants are in court when summoned.
  • Baker A baker is a specialized cook who creates breads, cakes, pastries, and pies. Mmm… pies.
  • Bandit A wealth reallocation specialist with a focus on income inequality.
  • Barber Barbers cut hair, shave beards, and are generally considered a good source of info about the current tournament season.
  • Barker A barker is a salesmann, specializing in word of mouth marketing. Whether a town crier, or the mann outside the amphitheater schilling the current entertainment at the venue, a barker can attract clientelle, distribute news, and otherwise make a piece of knowledge well known to passersby.
  • Basketmaker Bastetmakers are, in some sense, weavers, who specialize in weaving stalks, leaves, or other flexible wood rather than thread, into useful forms such as baskets or bags.
  • Beekeeper A bee keeper is a specialized form of animal handler that is focused on the cultivation of a hive of bees for the purpose of gathering honey and encouraging pollination of nearby crops.
  • Beggar An income reallocation specialist focused on social safety nets, beggars are mostly involved in seeing to it that the money of those most fortunate is given to charitable causes such as feeding beggars. Also great sources of information since no one really notices a beggar.
  • Blacksmith Blacksmiths are metalworkers focusing on iron and steel and other "black metals" that may be found in Elyria
  • Boatmann A boatmann is typically the master of a small craft such as a barge or rowboat. Boatmenn can also be skilled pilots (helmsmenn) who well-know local waters that are hired to guide a ship into a difficult port.
  • Bookbinder A bookbinder takes manuscripts created by authors and reproduces them in strong bindings to create books for sale, trade, or archival purposes.
  • Bounty Hunter A bounty hunter is a mann-hunter; they focus on retrieving contract breakers and other fugitives and returning them to face justice.
  • Brewer A brewer converts yeast, grain, water, and/or other additives into alcoholic solutions such as mead, ale, or lager.
  • Brightsmith A metalworker that specializes in tin, pewter, and other "white metals."
  • Builder A construction worker, a builder helps to build architectural components at a construction site to create finished structures.
  • Butcher A butcher takes a hunted animal and renders into cuts of meat, organs, and other usable components.
  • Cartographer Cartographers make maps, hopefully of places they've actually seen and been, but you never know. It's like mom said, never trust a map maker.
  • Carver Carvers carve wood, stone, bone, and other hard materials to impart artistic detail, shape structural elements, or otherwise whittle away the hours.
  • Cavalry Soldiers, on horses or other (often more terrifying) mounts.
  • Chandler A chandler makes candles.
  • Clerk Clerks see to the accounting and administration of businesses or other similar ongoing concerns such as universities, governments, or guilds.
  • Constable A constable is charged with the duty of keeping the peace.
  • Cook Cooks take raw edible ingredients and with the application of heat, catalysts and other elements converts them into meals. They're like chemists for stuff you eat.
  • Cooper A cooper makes barrels and other water-tight wooden and metal containers.
  • Courtesan A courtesan is a companion. They are typically renown entertainers, conversationalists, and/or performers when they are courtesans for hire, but can also be hangers-on in a royal court, the entourage of nobles, or others who accompany people in positions of power and respect, when they are not for hire. While a courtesan may know a thing or two about inking a quill, such knowledge has far less to do with their job than folks might think or expect, given scurrilous rumor.
  • Dairy Farmer A dairy farmer raises cows and other milk producing creatures for the purpose of selling their milk.
  • Dancer A dancer is a type of performer who specializes in rhythmic body motion set to music
  • Diplomat A well-spoken individual, well-versed in matters of law and court etiquette who acts as an agent of a government with the express purpose of communicating and negotiating with other governments.
  • Diviner One who casts auguries and attempts to gain insight into future events. Diviners are often used to determine if a match is viable in marriage, whether someone will have luck in battle, or to discern the answer to pressing questions like "So, were they all dead the whole time, or was that like an alternate universe, or did this story just make no sense?"
  • Driver A driver pilots a cart, carriage, wagon or other land vehicle, typically a skilled horsemann in their own right, as well.
  • Dungeoneer A dungeoneer is a specialized architect focusing on underground structures, traps, and other devices used in the creation of delvings, vaults, and underground prisons. In some circles, the term dungeoneer is also used to describe one who raids delvings, vaults, and underground prisons in search of treasure. In either case, understanding subterranean construction and the use of concealed traps is a must.
  • Engineer A creator of mechanisms, engines, and public works. Engineers are valued in the construction of tunnels, bridges, defenses, siege engines, and the "upscaling" of the more intricate work of tinkerers.
  • Executioner Executioners end the life of other folk at the behest of a government. Typically a job done in secret - it's not common for an executioner to admit they hold the position.
  • Farmer A cultivator of produce for sale or consumption
  • Fence A fence will purchase items you no longer need or that you, ahem, found, and sell them to the community at a profit. No questions asked.
  • Fishermann Fishermenn catch fish and other seafood for consumption or sale.
  • Fishmonger A fishmonger sells fish.
  • Fool A fool can be a jester of a court, or a comedian, or some other form of performer that aims to make you laugh
  • Founder The operator of a foundry, a refiner of ores into metal and similar work. Founders are recognizable by the constant stains of soot, the sweat, and the near deafness caused by fires of their foundries.
  • Furrier Despite what some devs might tell you, a furrier is actually a seller of furs and pelts, not to be confused with a FARRIER who makes shoes for horses.
  • Grocer A grocer sells grains and other dry goods to the community
  • Glass Maker Glass makers convert silica sand and other ingredients into glass, both blowing their own glass objects and creating glass rods for use by other glass makers
  • Groundskeeper A groundskeeper is charged with maintaining the quality and upkeep of parcels of land, such as an estate, manor grounds, or game reserve
  • Guard A guard is charged with preserving the security of people and places. A guard is not an agent of the law, like a constable, but a private security officer.
  • Herder A specialized animal handler that deals with flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, and other large collections of animals, often to drive them to sale or slaughter.
  • Hermit A hermit lives alone and would very much prefer that you leave them alone. Also, that's their lawn, and you're stepping on it. Hermits are usually retirees and may possess interesting skills at high levels or proficiency, but their days of working for others are done.
  • Hunter A hunter seeks out and kills game for the purposes of consumption or sale.
  • Innkeeper An innkeeper maintains rooms for rent on a nightly or weekly basis.
  • Interpreter An interpreter knows multiple languages and uses that knowledge to act as a translator for two or more parties that speak differing languages.
  • Investigator An investigator can be a public agent, such as a specialized constable, or a private agent, such as an investigator for hire, who is charged with determining the truth of reports or claims. Often works with bounty hunters and other trackers, or in competition with bounty hunters and other trackers, depending on circumstances.
  • Jeweler Jewelers take gemstones, gold, silver, and other precious stones and metals to create jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
  • Judge A Judge hears the testimony of witnesses and the presentation of both prosecution and defense to determine guilt or innocence in civil and criminal matters. Judges also see to the sentencing of crimes once guilt is determined.
  • Landlord Landlords hold land that they lease or rent to others for use. Usually this is in the form of rooms or homes for rent or lease, but farming and other land use rights can be leased or rented by landlords as well.
  • Lawyer A lawyer presents a case, either for the prosecution or defense at a trial. Lawyers also use their knowledge of the law to analyze or author contracts at their clients' behests.
  • Leatherworker A leatherworker takes tanned hides and turns them into clothing, bags, and other useful & aesthetically pleasing items.
  • Librarian A librarian manages and organizes a library, a repository of books. Libraries can be public or private, and may have multiple librarians working together within.
  • Livestock Keeper A livestock keeper is a specialized herder/animal handler who keeps animals specifically for sale for slaughter.
  • Marine A soldier specializing in boat-to-boat melee combat, and boat-to-shore melee combat
  • Marine Officer A marine in command of other marines
  • Martialsmith A martialsmith is a specialized blacksmith that focuses on the instruments of war, such as weapons and armor.
  • Mason A mason is a stoneworker, a specialized form of builder that constructs architectural components out of stone, mortar, and plaster.
  • Mercer A mercer sells cloth and other textiles
  • Mercenary A mercenary is a soldier for hire. Different from a guard in that a mercenary is expected to fight, rather than secure a structure or person.
  • Merchant A merchant sells goods, typically from a fixed location such as a market stall or storefront.
  • Miller A miller creates flour and other ground ingredients from grain and other crops
  • Miner A miner extracts clay, minerals, or ore from the terrain.
  • Moneylender A moneylender is a wealth reallocation specialists who focuses on providing you money, so you will pay them more money later… or else.
  • Monk A monk is a devotee to a particular faith who has dedicated themselves to a life of religious worship, meditation, or study, to the exclusion of nearly all else.
  • Mummer A mummer is an actor. Now, traditionally it's said that mummers are actors in silent theater in particular, but silent theater isn't as popular these days and now the term is used to describe any actor who performs in plays or other stage works.
  • Musician A musician makes music, be that in the form of playing an instrument or singing a song.
  • Mortician A mortician prepares the dead for burial
  • Navigator A navigator uses their knowledge of the stars, landmarks and other points of reference, and their keen skills at map reading to help chart the courses of ships and expeditions
  • Nurse A nurse assists a physician in the care of the ill or injured.
  • Officer A soldier in command of other soldiers.
  • Page A page is a bound attendant of a knight or other noble. Pages are typically youngsters who expect a life of service to, or as, a member of a royal court, or the knighthood. Many pages becomes squires and then knights, while others become attendants and eventually stewards.
  • Parchmenter A parchmenter makes paper and parchment
  • Performer An entertainer of some form
  • Philosopher A scholar who considers the deeper meanings of life and ponders the fundamental questions of existence.
  • Physician A healer who cures the sick and mends the wounds of the injured
  • Politician I have no idea what they do. Must be important though; they sure do act like they matter at least. ;) Jokes aside, a politician is a member of the court, a noble, or more often an elected member of the gentry that helps to see to the civic needs of a populace
  • Post Messenger One who acts as a courier, bonded messenger, or other transporter of messages and small goods
  • Potter A potter uses clay to produce ceramic earthenware such as bowls, amphora, and pots
  • Priest A priest is dedicated to a particular faith and takes part in the dissemination of the lore, rules, and philosophy of said faith to the people.
  • Quarrier One who cuts stone for sale to masons and other stone workers.
  • Quartermaster A quartermaster manages a warehouse or other storehouse and the dispensation of its goods. Quartermasters can be found dockside in warehouses, in forts and garrisons managing armories, and anywhere that a big collection of stuff that needs to be inventoried and managed.
  • Ranger Rangers roam forested areas looking for trouble such as forest fires or other threats to the health of the forest. They work in conjunction with forestry minded woodcutters to ensure forests stay healthy and thrive.
  • Sailor Sailors crew ships that ply the coastal waters and deep waterways of Elyria.
  • Scholar Scholars devote themselves to research and study.
  • Scout A scout is a type of soldier who specializes in the gathering of intelligence without alert enemies to their presence. Scouts typically ride ahead of a main force in order to give their commanders a sense of what is coming.
  • Servant Servants are mostly low-level laborers for indoor activities. Think dishwashers, busboys, mopers, and other similar jobs.
  • Shipchandler A shipchandler is a type of merchant that specializes in the supplies or equipment for ships, known ans ship's stores.
  • Silk Maker A silk maker doesn't make silk. That would be amazing. They actually farm silk from various silk producing creatures and plants and turn that into silken thread or cloth to sell.
  • Skirmisher A Waerd who has dedicated themselves to the defense of Waerdom. They range Waerd territory training Waerd in settlements to defend themselves, and looking out for potential threats. When a threat is found, they coalesce into a force to ambush and harass the enemy, whittling their numbers away without engaging in open field battles, until the idea of taking Waerd territory is simply too expensive to consider.
  • Soldier Professional combatants, soldiers are government employees charged with the protection of the realm and when necessary the projection of their lord's will as force.
  • Spicer A spicer sells exotic spices
  • Spy Most people think spies are sneaky liars and con artists who use their skills to ply secrets from the enemies of guilds, businesses, and governments. They're right.
  • Stationer A stationer sells the goods necessary to write contracts or manuscripts. They sell ink, paper, and similar materials.
  • Surveyor A surveyor measures the lay of the land in order to better understand its topology. Their services are almost exclusively used by architects and engineers to plan their constructions
  • Tailor A tailor makes objects from textiles and other similar materials.
  • Tanner Tanners process raw hides into leather
  • Tavern Keep A tavern keep manages a bar or similar location where alcohol is sold. If, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and people are always glad you came, there's a good chance you're going to a tavern keep's place of business.
  • Tax Collector A tax collector is sort of the opposite of a tavern keep. Usually you're glad to see a tavern keep and you like giving them your money, for example, while you're typically sad to see the tax collector and hate giving them your money. On the other hand it does keep the local lord off your back for another year.
  • Teacher Teachers dedicate themselves to the instruction of others, be that conveying knowledge or instructing people in the cultivation of skills and techniques.
  • Textile Maker Textile makers creates decorative items from textiles. Their work can range from fashion items, to silk paintings, draperies, and other cloth items that are not clothing.
  • Tinkerer A tinkerer can mend a broken pot, sure, but their real passion is in the creation of small mechanisms and machines out of materials such as brass. Engineers may make siege engines, but tinkerers make the trigger mechanisms and the device the artillerist uses to aim their massive machines of war.
  • Trader A trader is a specialized from of merchant who purchases goods in one location and conveys them for sale in another area where they have higher value.
  • Trickster A trickster can be a thief or a pick pocket, or a con man, or an artful liar. A trickster can also be a street magician or similar performer for whom sleight of hand is a bread-winning skill.
  • Vagabond A vagabond has no home of their own, but instead moves from place to place as a wanderer. Vagabonds are often used as itinerant labor, especially come harvest time.
  • Veterinarian A Physician, but for animals: They see to the health and well being of animals, attempting to cure the sick and mend the wounded.
  • Vintner A vintner grows grapes and other fruits or berries that grow on vines to produce wines and other fermented drinks from them.
  • Warrior A Brudvir. Really pretty much all Brudvir, but Brudvir are called warriors when they have specifically devoted themselves to combat, be that as needed to defend their homes, or as raiders ranging into others territory to collect much needed supplies to see their brethren through the winter.
  • Weaver A weaver takes raw fibers or thread and turns them into bolts of cloth and similar materials for the use of tailors and textile makers.
  • Woodcutter A woodcutter typically harvests wood by felling trees. However, some woodcutters use their skills to cut back underbrush, remove blighted limbs from trees, and perform other forestry work as needed to see to the well-being of a forest
  • Woodworker Wood workers make objects, components, and sub-assemblies from wood. Woodworkers can range from simple sawyers up to shipwrights and cartwrights.

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This is wonderful! Couple of typos, but overall very welcome!


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This is wonderful! Couple of typos, but overall very welcome!

It's not a snipehunter post without a typo or too. ;)

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Love the list, thanks Snipe!

One thing did jump out though. I’m not sure if you used the wrong term but the right definition or vice-versa, but:

Furrier: One who deals in furs

Farrier: One who shoes horses.

You’ve got furriers shoeing horses. ;)

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So, by Furrier you actually mean Farrier?

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One thing did jump out though. I’m not sure if you used the wrong term but the right definition or vice-versa, but:

Furrier: One who deals in furs

Farrier: One who shoes horses.

You’ve got furriers shoeing horses. ;)

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So, by Furrier you actually mean Farrier?

Doh! No I meant a seller of furs, but just read the entry in the table wrong. Let me fix that.

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Only snipehunter can make a boring list of jobs fun and exciting to read. Amazing job!

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So does a martialsmith only use metals? Or is the martialsmith a weapons/armor maker disregarding the used material?

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