The Kickstarter-Versary is heading home in week 4!

Hail Elyrians!

Well, this is it Elyrians, we've hit the final stretch! The last week of the 2019 Kickstarter-versary stands before us. As storytellers, we would love to say it's been an emotional rollercoaster, but that would be a lie. The entire Kickstarter-versary so far has had a singular keynote of emotion, Gratitude, seasoned liberally with awe. It's been more of an emotional rocket than a rollercoaster, in that you aimed for the stars and, so far, you haven't come back down. To call this Kickstarter-versary a success is to call the sun "warm," or Hrothi architecture "nice." It's an understatement that does the very concept of understatement a disservice.

How could anyone suspect you would accomplish every goal we put before you and more. There's literally only goal left -- even after adding a second set of goals! -- and as we type this message, you have less than 25% of that goal's target left to reach... with an entire week left to accomplish it.

Along the way you picked up the following awards:

  • The Clock
  • The Rock Lantern
  • The Travel Stone
  • The EP Store Voucher
  • Marked Accounts
  • Ao's Coin
  • Glider Technology
  • Cannibalism
  • Astral Dreaming
  • Hunter's Cloak
  • Double Rare
  • Hot House
  • Seed Your Destiny
  • Subterranean Volcanic Ecotope

Well, not that you need to help to hit that final goal, but in the hopes that it might help, we have even more promotional items available this week for your perusal!

This Week's Limited Items

This week, five new items will be available in the store and the glider remains.



See the world from a different perspective!

*Note: Soulbound Studios are not responsible for harm to life or limb, or affronts to various gods, virtues, or spirits that may be caused by the use of this device.



A chariot may look like a simple, open, armored cart drawn behind a suitable beast but, in reality, is a well-designed piece of battlefield equipment that makes its users a dangerous weapon of war in their own right. Plus, everyone looks cool riding a chariot into town, let's be honest!

Steppe Farming Kit

Steppe Farming Kit

This kit contains everything you need to plant a field with grain and other vegetables that can survive and thrive in the relatively dry warmth of the Shrublands, the Shrub Steppe, and the Grassland Steppes.!



If you've got the team of artillerists and the will to build an engine of war that can do more than smash a castle wall down, then look no further than the ballista. Using horse-hair torsion springs, each ballista can fire a massive wooden bolt across the field with incredible speed and power. Not only that, a ballista can be quickly reloaded and turned on a swivel to aim at a new target without having to be redeployed. Perhaps even better? Those bolts a ballista fires don't usually stop when they hit a single target; they keep going, potentially sweeping multiple soldiers from the field with each shot.!

Temperate Sedecim Wear

Temperate Sedecim Wear

Every 16 years a new Sedecim is held and the monarchs of each kingdom gather in a new location to discuss the politics of the continent. On some Sedecim years, the meeting is held in the temperate band found in the middle and near-northern sections of the continent. Many royals and other nobles choose these events to show off their finest textiles and most interesting clothing designs because the need to account for environmental challenges, such as extreme heat or cold, just don't exist.

A Map to Adventure

A Map to Adventure

The map to adventure is a unique category of item, representing not just a specific object, but an opportunity -- a literal map to an adventure. Each Map to Adventure is unique, representing its own mystery and leading to its own individual treasure or piece of lost knowledge to be discovered. Only if, of course, you are clever enough to decipher the map's clues and understand the meaning of the locations it references.

Good luck!

Note: Max buy = 1, Max own = 1. This cannot be transferred via the website once purchased.

Remember, these items will only be available this week in our store! Likewise, while we will continue to bring out new items from the vault to purchase every day of this week, when Kickstarter-versary ends, all promotional items currently for sale will return to the vault!

And finally, please remember: This is the last week to submit Lore or Artwork for the Show Us Your Domain contest and to purchase Tournament of Champion Tokens.

Stunned and awed by your support,

The Soulbound Studios Staff

Addendum on Map (and Invitation) to Adventure:

The invitation is a "push" mechanic - it comes to you and it's hard to ignore, it invites you to come do the thing that will start the adventure, drawing you along. On the other hand, the map is more of a "pull" mechanic, you have time to ruminate on the puzzle, as you must decipher it to start the adventure. The adventure waits for you to pick it up and reveal its mysteries."

The invitation is not a physical object until the invitation actually arrives. That invitation when it does arrive will usually be a physical object that can be passed on, or a literal invitation that you can send someone to in your place. The map is always a physical object, on the other hand.

In either case once you have the physical object in hand, it's subject to the same potential to be stolen as anything else - it has no special protections.

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Dat Sedecim Wear tho

10/8/2019 2:34:56 AM #4

Boo yeah! I love that temperate Sedecim wear!! <3 Very curious about the barrel in the plan in the Steppe Farming kit.


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10/8/2019 2:36:30 AM #5

As I promised Caspian goes in my wallet in between Jesus and Rihanna. Thanks for my favorite weapon of destruction, The Ballista

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10/8/2019 2:41:47 AM #7

A "Map" to Adventure. Oh.

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Posted By dada at 10:41 PM - Mon Oct 07 2019

A "Map" to Adventure. Oh.

Yup! So going to get m a couple! Love all of this weeks items and plan to get a few of each. Those clothes though, nice! Major prop to whomever the designer(s) of all of them!

10/8/2019 2:47:59 AM #9

so if i was to have the ballista at my settlement i'm guessing i would need have artillerists to use the ballista then? Based on it's description?

10/8/2019 2:55:51 AM #10

Would the seeds from the Steppe Farming Kit be able to survive in the Mixed Leaf Forest?

10/8/2019 2:58:40 AM #11

Would the seeds from the steppe farming kit be able to grow in the Semi-Arid Desert?

10/8/2019 2:58:54 AM #12

Woo tournament of champions! I've got so many tokens. Q_Q

10/8/2019 3:04:20 AM #13

Will there be new goals?

10/8/2019 3:05:18 AM #14

Posted By Tilarium at 04:43 AM - Tue Oct 08 2019

... Those clothes though, nice! Major prop to whomever the designer(s) of all of them!

Looks like 'Heat' done it. ;)

10/8/2019 3:11:07 AM #15

Great !