Apparently im a Kypiq

So I supported the game from a very long time ago and haven't come back in a while. The work that was done is amazing and I'm very much looking forward to it. However, I don't wanna play as Kypiq. I don't know how that decision was made and I'm wondering if there is any way I can change that. ( Hoping to be a Neran hunter or dungeoneer)

Also, I read on the website that ppl will be invited for beta and alpha access is that happening through emails or messages on the forum. I have a bloodline package if that helps


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I'm not sure who is messing with you my friend, but you aren't a kypiq xD

If you have a mayor title or something higher you will be forced to play the majority tribe in your domain, but as a bloodline pledge package holder it will be entirely up to you :D

You want Neran, just find somewhere with a Neran population to play.

Ah, and with regard to the alpha beta portion of your question, it will likely happen across multiple forms of communication when we reach those phases. Testers should expect to receive an email And to see a notice posted here on the forums.

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Sounds like your friends are pulling your leg. Made me chuckle. thanks!

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I don't know this seems like the kind of post a Kypiq would make.

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With the cannibalism this will be a great pairing.


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Just saying, there isn't anything wrong with being a Kypiq, we are intelligent, technology advanced, sneaky tinkerers.

However, you are not kypiq, people are having fun at your expense it seems.

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Had to love this post.

Your not a kypiq as everyone else is saying. Also I believe the alpha and beta will go out via emails when it's time

10/16/2019 3:40:38 PM #7

Can you tell us why you think you are a Kypiq? I can only think of a couple of very unlikely avenues where you would end up accidentally being of a specific tribe, both of which would require you to be a title holder that had already claimed a settlement or county.

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Thanks to all your answers this seems like an awesome comunity im superglad i joined and to answer Scorus i have this screenshot i didnt know what else to make of it i was looking under my inventory


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Ok i basically found an item that says kypiq party pack


10/17/2019 3:16:57 AM #10

Then you are not a kypiq. You got gifted an item that is used traditionally by Kypiq during longest night. You don't have to be Kypiq to use the item

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Posted By Serpentius at 4:12 PM - Mon Sep 16 2019

But wait, there's more!

During our previous Kickstarter-versaries, backers were eligible to receive a veritable cornucopia of prizes and awards.

Everyone who was a backer by the end of last year's celebration will receive these items in their inventory:

  • Kypiq Party Pack - Everything you need to join the Kypiq as they entice the sun back into the sky during the Sunsight festival: three packets of glowing Kypiq Star Powder, a slingshot to launch them into the sky, and a Kypiq noisemaker to really bring the party home.
  • Purebread Horse & Pattern - No one really knows when the first Purebread horse came prancing out of an Elyrian oven but, ever since, the purebread horse has been a delicacy across all of the known world. Adorably tasty and great for sandwiches!
  • Pack bonuses - Each currently owned
  • Adventurer's Pack gets a Basic Camping Kit (Bedroll, Traveler's Mess Kit, Flint, Tarp, 10 meters of rope)
  • Founder's Pack gets a portable Astrolabe, a star map, and a codex of basic navigation (Pathfinding & Wayfinding Handbook)
  • Merchant's Pack gets an Uncommon Writing Set (crystal ink phial and silver nibbed quill), local market report, and codex of basic Appraisal (The Savvy Merchant's Guide to Appraisal)
  • Special Title - Title: "the Venerable" Description: There's just something about you that seems to go way back. Maybe you've got wisdom beyond your years or your lineage goes way back but, either way, you're unmistakable! Effect: All your fame gained is increased by 10% for the character this title is used on.
  • Mystery Gift - The label says "Do not open until launch" in Pyqsi, the language of the Kypiq. It's heavy, which begs the question of what's inside, but we don't suggest opening it early. And for your own good, don't try to shake it to hear what's inside!
  • Extra Soul Pack with an Old Soul - The soul pack contains three random souls, ready to enter the world Elyria with the power of your spark of life. Activating a character requires both a soul and a spark of life, but the soul will develop and learn skills when used each lifetime. One of the souls in this pack has lived more than one lifetime in Elyria and comes to you with the experience and skill ramps to prove it.

We'll be awarding these items throughout the event, so expect these things to hit your inventory by the conclusion of this year's Kickstarter-versary. >

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Ahh, this was hilarious.

Yeah as others have already said, that's just an item you were given for being a backer during a previous kickstarterversary.

10/17/2019 3:59:03 AM #13

That's great guys thanks for the info, I do feel silly now but I'm glad that its all-clear. looking forward to seeing u guys in Elyria


10/17/2019 8:23:08 PM #14

I am... speechless.

12/15/2019 12:22:22 PM #15

Bah .. easy mistake to make ... I made same. Got a Versary monkey and thought since it was a Janoa pet it meant I decided on Janoa as my tribe. Though I do think I chose surname based on tribe ... I just cannot remember which tribe has surnames like the one I have .... oops. At least would be a good party topic ... How a Janoa ended up with a Kypiq surname (or whatever surname type it is).

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