[NA-E] Town of Thaum - The Solaris Confederation

Town of Thaum

The Solaris Confederation

Duchy: Cremoria

###County: Rastlös Odjur


A Town focusing on Alchemy, Science (specifically mad), and if at all possible magic. While our relentless pursuit of knowledge may cause accidents of the explosive variety. If we are able to discover and mix magic into our science, we will totally not use it to take over the world... totally. The citizens I am looking for should always be wanting to advance their field, whatever that may be. Smith? How can I make a new light weight and sturdy alloy. Tinkerer? How can I use that alloy to fly. Horticulturalist? How can I breed these 2 plants together. Alchemist? How can I use that plant to make this boom a bigger boom etc.


As I have said above this Town will focus on Alchemy and Science. So while I make sure that all of the standard facilities are available (smithy, carpenter, weaver, farm, etc.) there will only be average investments into them on my part. Beyond that there will be above average investment in horticulture and herbology as well as a significant investment into alchemy facilities. That is not to say I am not flexible, as long as someone can prove a certain field will benefit the town or provide significant contributions to the town additional investments can be made.

In Summary

Our goal in Thaum is to invent combustible lemons to burn life's house down.

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Rastlös Odjur: