[NA-E][Solaris] County of Isenstar

County Of Isenstar

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  1. Goal:
  2. Leadership:
  3. County Structure:
  4. Positions Needed:
  5. Rank Structure:
  6. Exports:
  7. Why should you join and who are we looking for?
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    • County Seat of Power - Town of Nahadoth
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The main goal of Isenstar is to produce legendary arms, armor and other equipment.We will promote the development of the greatest crafters the world has ever known, and wish to attract crafters of all skill-levels and specialties to our town.

Our secondary goal is quality horse exports. We intend to train war horses for The Duchy of Cremoria, and The Dread Legion. We will also offer the superior steeds for nobles and commoners alike.

In order to be successful, we will need people from all professions. Everyone is free to put down roots here and work together.

There is also a focus on a military force that would be equipped with this same gear for protection and showcasing the quality goods. The plan is to have an academy focused on the training of warriors in all forms of combat.

The County also plans to host its own tournaments and war games that would offer many rewards ranging from items and gold to complete parcels of land.Those that perform well in these test of arms will also be eligible for the title of Knight within the county.


Leadership starts with the Count, Ser Ullsaard Askor, known to all as “The Terror of Death”. Ser Ullsaard will be happy to assist with any issues in order to allow fair and honest production and trade. He will also head all military affairs with direct authority over the County Knights.

Following that will be a collaborative effort to effectively manage the county of Mayors and those of substantial renown that reside within the county to speak on behalf of the people.

Each class of crafters/breeders should have an organization or leadership as well to help represent them and their interests.

County Structure:

The main structure would be to have each city, town or hamlet be focused on certain aspects that would work together to provide supplies and goods for the county. Such that a single town would be the hub for farming the majority of food for the other towns to supplement their own production in exchange for the goods that the next town focuses on, for example smithing farming equipment.

This would allow for an economy based of services and goods rather then the trading of coin itself. This allows a more open trading for all those who are productive and active will be able to thrive even if they don’t have the sales skills to always market and gather wealth.

For the exchange of coin there would be an expectation of exporting surplus goods to the surrounding areas in order to generate revenue.

This form of economy is experimental and may require reversion with actual enactment.

Positions Needed:

Guilds of all types. Land will be offered for construction of a Guild Hall for guilds, based on size and focus. All are welcome to have a site here; however, they are all expected to adhere to the county laws, or be exiled.

Captain of the Knights


Crafters and leaders in each field to recruit fellow crafters and represent them. Rank Structure:

Ranks within the county will be headed by the Count, and his ruling/word is final in all matters.

The Captain of the Knights would have ruling say over any member of the Knights or Town guards in the counts absence.

County Council members would be second in authority, and all equal in rank.

A special rank will be given to members of exceptional skill in desired fields, and land/wealth will be offered in exchange for their presence in the County.


All crafted goods will be exported to promote our skill and draw attention to our crafts. Special priority will be given to orders coming from the sponsoring lords of the County and Duchy as well as all Dread Legion members.

Exports also include all warhorses and other steeds. Other animals tamed and trained will be available for export as well.

Why should you join and who are we looking for?

You should join if you want a safe and friendly group to work with.

Want a group of like-minded professionals

Desire to find a location to house your groups

We are looking for anyone and everyone willing to come thrive in a bustling County. Recruitment is simple - you only need to make your intentions to join the County known to the Count or corresponding leader, and to pledge to uphold the peace within the town, and follow the laws of the land.

Getting Connected: Kingdom of Solaris Confederation: Forums Discord

Duchy of Cremoria: Forums Discord

County of Isenstar: Discord

County Seat of Power - Town of Nahadoth


The stories for the Askor family were well known to the members of the house, though the tales themselves were never grand or filled with tales of massive accomplishments or heroic deeds, they held true honor, bravery and unwavering loyalty. The family had always known their place and cared not to reach out beyond their station to risk crumbling or facing corruption within the house. Better to always stay within the means and role of which they had always played. At least that had been the general feeling of the house.

The Askor house had been one of humble origins, but always involved in the military. There wasn’t a soul in the household that couldn’t wield a blade with surprising skill. They were simply a talented family though not talented enough to enough truly impress upon the battlefield or be raised in station, nor did they ever have a mind for strategy or tactics. They were just warriors through and through.

Everything changed for the Askor family regardless of their constant attempts to remain stagnant in their role. All starting with Nardar Askor, by all accounts one of the most accomplished of the family as far as skill with arms were concerned and had been honoured many times by the commander of his unit for his ability, still never enough to draw too much attention or praise from those above a troop commander. Oddly enough his loyalties had never been to the crown as he always felt the crown had become exceedingly corrupt and was instead solely loyal to Vesir Torrin the leader and general of their band. He idolized him and admired their family line of always being honourable to strength and decency.So in the year 535 when Vesir decided to leave the kingdom, there was no hesitation for Nardar to force the whole family to leave behind their modest belongings and follow whom Nadar believed to be the greatest of men.

The path was not an easy journey more for the Askors as they were fighters not wanderers or explorers, still they travelled on forced into the march by their head fo house. Along the way Vesir was gifted with a son whom he named Vlajid, whom he named immediately to be the future and raising star of their house in the new land they were aimed to settle. They soon arrived in the land occupied by the Oakenroot, these were a strange people, believing in knowledge and peace rather than warfare and it made Nardar feel out of place. Still he desired to follow Vesir Torrin wherever his path may lead them.

It wasn’t long though before their original home had come for conquest as they were bound to do, being a warrior nation. Nardar understood that call to battle even if the wars themselves were bloodthirsty. Still they planned to invade a region that had now become more of a home to the Askor family so Nardar was quick to pick up his blade to join the fight when Vesir desired to join in the battle to protect this peaceful land. Much to his dismay though there was no true battle or warfare and it remained in deadlock, stalemates always just staring out across to their enemies, neither wishing to truly fight former comrades.Peace was soon established though when Aelshore turned it’s armies away to expand in other directions not lined with former soldiers of their nation.

Vesir wed after three years in this region, to a woman of the Oakenroot, Nardar paid little attention to these givings and only wished to settle in a new home so they might return to their rights of true battle. So after the wedding Nadar got his wish, the company packed up their troop gaining additional followers from the Oakenroot following this former seeress that Vesir had married. The band travelled for two years until they finally settled in a new land they called Lysoria, where they all settled. The town grew in such size and eager for battle Nardar had been one of the first to sign up for the expeditions to subdue the surrounding region. As those of high position moved on to settle their own smaller regions and towns and turning Lysoria from a bustling town into a County of its own right. That is when the Askor first gained it’s higher position. Nardar had been recognized by Vesir and offered a place with his family to become an important role in the County of Lysoria. Given that many had left for greater titles and honours, there was now a vacuum of power. Nardar became one of the main guard for Vesir and served that post for the remainder of his life. Raising his family and his son Vlajid to be a great warrior to one day take his place.

In the year 582, famine struck the land and given his old age Nardar was one of the first to fall, he was given every honour for his long life and dedicated service to Vesir. Vlajid was given the head of house title and asked to serve as the new guard for the Count. Sadly the famine claimed the Count’s life all the same a year later and much to the horror of Vlajid the count’s wife, Fyrsiryn, claimed her own life on his watched and felt disgraced in the failing of his duties even though he was not blamed at all for the event. That weight carried with him the remainder of his life and led to the eventual ruin of favor for the family in the years to come.

The line of the Askor still continued to serve the Torrin line though in a diminished capacity after the former royal guard Vlajid became a drunk crushed by the weight of his guilt. The family still continued to serve in the military regardless determined to rise back to their former station.

It wasn’t long until they believed they had found their chance to rise again in the ranks when their former homeland came once more in war. In the year 669 the Xeilias kingdom razed the records for the Oakenroot including that of Lysoria. So war broke out with the Torrins rallying their troops on the kingdom. The Askor line fought bravely losing scores of members of the household in the battle and leaving it with numbers close to being no more. Those that remained travelled to Bloodoak to live there and attempt to rebuild their line once more.

In the near 22 year war that raged with Xeilias, the family of Askor had much removed themselves from the battlefield and looked to secure their numbers, training and traditions once more and so the remaining members spread their seed wide to gather numbers back into the fold. At the end of these 22 years they had been able to muster their own company of warriors at a ripe and young age. It was then that they heard tales of a new force rising in the midst of the war, The Dread Legion. This was led by yet another Torrin and remembering the family pledge to the line many of the young ventured off to join this company of warriors to bring the end of the Xeilias rule.

In this fight they had regained much of their former glory and in the year 696 when the war ended and the Kingdom of Arthos accepted the Torrin county of Lokkairn into it’s realm of which they served as household guard to the Torrin line once more.

In the year 713 divide through corruption of the crown came once more and so the new face of the Torrin line Resyor, having been banished left once more to reclaim the lands once lost to his ancestors. The Askor family decided to follow and in doing so called out to the remaining line that had growth in Bloodoak to join them in the settling of their former home. Almost the entire family came to join in the effort and made up a large portion of the military force manning the newly reclaimed fort. It was only four short years until they had heard about the fall of the corrupted kingdom of Arthos that they had fled.

In the years to follow after the death of Resyor the Torrin line passed on command of The Dread Legion to the Evendusk’s and so many of the Askor line left to follow in this war band. But a number of them remained behind to continue their following of the Torrin’s and soon became known as the main branch of the family still serving as household guards. Still the family desired to raise itself once more and word soon spread of a secret fight soon to come. It was in this battle that Ullsaard Askor made a name for himself.

With the help of King Richfort and the Kingdom of Kairos, the armies swept in to rout out a corrupt duchess. Much to the dismay of Ullsaard, though being fresh out of training with his kin, they had been placed in group of troops with a commander of little in his mind, he had been given orders for his troops and saw little reason to alter those plans regardless of the flow of battle. Ullsaard being much more developed than those previously of the Askor line had studied much with the Oakenroot while in his combat training his family required of him. So he saw a large chance for strategy that the commander refused to heed.

In the battle the force he was in was quickly swept up in a flanking maneuver from the enemy and the commander of the troop broke rank and fled the field to save his own noble arse. This was the moment that Ullsaard jumped to action. He called together his kin and they drew in other warriors that were battling the horde of enemy troops. They formed themselves in a group of shield circled to protect themselves from all sides.They battled back against the crushing wave of troops hoping against all hope the reserves would make it in time to save them. Though his strategy was sound and strong, killing many of the enemy. The battle was long and tiring and soon members of the group began to fall.

Ullsaard saw his kin fall one after another until he was the last man standing, with no sign of the reserves in sight he thought it might be the end for him as well. Clearly the enemy thought so as well and became lax in their attempts, but that was where they made their mistake. They thought they were taunting him, breaking his will to fight further, they pulled his kin out from the bodies and began mutilating the dead in front of his eyes. The years of battle training with the Askor family teachings steeped in war rushed through him. Rage swelled until he was no longer a man but a beast of death. He suddenly moved with deft precision sweeping across the field of battle, slaughtering the enemy one by one. The screams of their men filled the arm so loud to this day many claim they can still hear the ringing in their ears of that day. That is how the reserves began their march out to the field to look into the matter.

Upon arriving on the battle scene it was just death all over, the field scattered with limbs and blood, it truly looked like no one was left alive here so the reserves whose task it was to take up position in this space now walked through the eerie scene. They soon happened on Ullsaard covered head to toe in the blood of his foes, victims more like. Just asleep on his feet, dead to the world after the battle, the weariness had taken over him and he slept where he stood. The men of the reserves had him taken back for treatment then as the continued the fight in his place.

Ullsaard awoke in the following days, the battle over and the Duchess defeated, he was in a daze not knowing where he was or what had happened just knowing his wounds had been treated and he was in a tent he did not know. Still half naked and bandaged, tired and dehydrated he stumbled out of the tent into the arms of the guards that awaited him. They helped him and told him he was wanted once he awoke in the tent of the new Duke Kurisio Torrin. In that tent he was first questioned though he could remember little, then transitioned into a moment of praise. Kurisio told him that they had found his cowardly commander fleeing from the field of battle and noble or no he was beheaded for desertion. That noble just so happened to be the last of his line and the head of a house that had much in the way of land. Given his bravery on the field Kurisio personally offered Ullsaard his title and made him Ser Ullsaard Askor, though he was later informed the men referred to him as “The Terror of Death” after the bloody scene they had found him in, the screams they had heard and the fear of the enemy troops that refused to enter any portion of battle that flew a flag of the Askor family.

It was from here that Ullsaard took these lands and at the young age of 20 had decided he had plenty of his fair share of war, battle and killing and settled the lands given to him as Count. All his family had ever known was war and so Ullsaard found it fitting that his territory should be one that strove for the peace he so longed for. Knowing that permanent peace would never be possible, he made a vow that with his family, they would start an academy in the County to train the people in the arts of war to have a force that could withstand future wars, while he took his County’s seat of power and city Nahadoth to make it a peaceful place. A city focused on crafting the tools that would be needed for war, focused on making the best gear possible for the people in his forces to save lives. While also raising mounts that would be the best for providing a mounted force. True war horses like the world has never seen, all in the hope and desire that with his reputation and the strength of the forces in his realm that peace could be something to achieve.