Crafters: You have the option to always be part of the free market and do as you please of course, you can at the same time choose to be a sponsored member and be given the space to do your work, the tools needed, safety and goods needed to survive.In exchange the town would request you to use your chosen discipline to create anything the town needs. To create these items you will be provided all the materials you would need to complete the order. In this way you are fully provided for and are offered constant work to build your skill at no cost to you. You then can additionally use your talents to do side work for yourself to make goods to be sold for your personal wealth.You can at the end of any agreed contract choose to become completely solo from the town sponsorship and continue to work in the town, then depending on skill be offered jobs by various people as normal.

Farmers/Breeders: Would be offered land to farm on, tools, animals needed, seed all of it. In exchange you would have the choice of simply paying rent for the land you are using or you could provide the town with crop from your yields in exchange to feed the town.Of course you would be allowed to keep a portion of said crop as well for whatever desire you have so long as the town is provided it’s share.If at any point you would like to end your sponsorship you would either need to purchase your own land to continue, or choose to continue to rent. I would also offer to anyone leaving this program to purchase land of equal value and would offer a direct trade so you could own the land you have worked on the entire time and developed to match your play style. Then the town can use the new land to offer new jobs and sponsors to those in need.

Guards/Knights: This one is important, as you will be given everything you need entirely to survive and protect yourself. In exchange you will be needed to protect the town from any manner of threat. Also will be sent out on job to retrieve materials or protect gatherers for anything needed for the town. This one is fully sponsored and has no real option to suddenly become independent other than quitting the guard but you always have the option of accepting side tasks to complete while out on patrol or material gathering. Could even choose to move along with the Mayor’s recommendation to fight on the border provinces and would happily sponsor you for such a task.

This would continue for any other job or skill needed for the town growth. I expect this is something people will take as a high value option at the start of the game and something important to get yourself started and even trained. Later will probably be used far less short of people who need a fresh start or fall on hard times. Regardless the option will always remain within the town.