[NA] Great City of Svellaros


Made up of about 120+ NA-W members at conception we are a conglomerate of groups following the same call to improve the world of Elyria. We are the Golden Rose of Blackheart. We pride ourselves on our focus in industry and production. We are based within the Kingdom of Blackheart. Our ideal is to be a neutral haven where a unique history and cultural identity can develop, but we understand the tides of politics and are not beholden to this neutrality if necessary to our survival. We are malleable, we shall flow with the tides and through hard work we shall rise above them as the Golden Rose of legend. We do not seek image and pedigree for vanity, we seek such concepts as stepping stones on our way to penetrating the deepest ideal, success.

Our Place in Elyria

Moniker: Svellarosi

Kingdom: Blackheart

Duchy: Duskforge

Focus: Luxury Good Production (All Tiers of Production)

  • Initial Focus: Dyes and Dye Production (Alchemy and Agriculture)

  • End Focus: Vertically Integrated Production Engine for the Textile Industry

We are keenly interested in larger pre-existing communities from other realms and games. Whether these be communities built around love of strategy, love of culture and atmosphere, or communities who simply want the right place to spread their roots and have the taste to see our worth. While our list grows longer each passing cycle we always can create a home for those who are organized, who have lasted, and who have become rooted together. We pride ourselves on communication, even in the darkest of pre-alphas we stay on the same page. We do not seek to remove your identity, we seek to combine our identities in order to create a more diverse and powerful entity.

Joining the game alone? Don't feel left out, we are taking everyone. If you need a flag to fight for, invest in, and trust...we can be there for you. Come on our Discord and talk about where you'd like to be in Elyria and what you'd like to do. There are more out there with the same ideals and coming together under that banner creates strength.

What We Offer You and Your Organization

Safety is a guarantee, but what other cities lack is the understanding of economics and the market. We are a city of industry and as such we have place, and still are placing, the greatest effort into the foundation and fabric that this city will grow from. Things like: adaptive tax policy and taxation to balance growth vs benefits and necessities, establishing a built in and government backed communication network for industry so that competition and market equilibrium can be maintained and maximum gains can continue for our vendors, a regional strategy to maximize through specialization and reduce redundancy and increase the benefits for those who put in the work.

We are doing something different by treating this as if it were real, and not fantasy.

Register at the bottom of our website homepage if you'd like to join us early on!

Website - Add yourself to the city registry here.

Discord Chat - The chat where everyone is.

The city of Svellaros is not just a place to live, it's a beacon. Everything, from the culture to the layout and people we allow in, feeds into a greater design goal. We seek to establish the most innovative city model to ever be developed in Elyria. This won't be an easy task but those who devote to the city and help create the foundation will reap the greatest reward as the city blossoms into the vision of the Golden Rose we see in our minds.

This is why we focus on luxury. We don't simply ask for luxury because of pedigree and self image. Luxury good production requires the highest tier of infrastructure to pull off at any meaningful scale. We, as Svellarosi, reach for the highest rung. In order to pull this off we will need a diverse network for trade, ample population for all tiers of production, and understanding of what infrastructure we can support and what we can develop in our niche. We will establish an awareness and timeline for goods to maximize the benefits of producing a good at a certain time and help establish trends that can be predicted. This will be done through culture, events, fantastical displays that bring in the right people at the right time.

The Svellaros Alliance

Members of the Svellaros Alliance were once all members of the city of Svellaros. As those who gain power leave for new horizons, they leave knowing they were always once Svellarosi. The Alliance was formed to remember that bond and to foster and promote the wealth of all who grew from the city and its streets. As a member of the Alliance you gain one of the greatest economic policy networks in the game, a community of vibrant and interesting neighbors who understand how to win and stay current without falling to the pitfalls of the average leader.

We cannot do this alone, join us. Join us and we shall grow stronger and lead the charge in a new era. We shall not lead by conquering lands and seas, but by conquering the hearts and minds of mann and having the strength and tact to do so.

The Colleges are the pedals of our great city on which we stand tall. They function as official unions for professions and laborers within and around the city. These colleges vote for Councilors whose council acts as a check against the Magistrate and the Mayor. The Magistrate is the lease holder of the land and is in charge of taxation, while the Mayor is the organizer and the one who is tasked with putting forth the greater vision of the city. The Council is a group of representatives from each College who help the communication line from citizen to government and also are in charge of duties linked to their college depending on the necessity at the time.

Colleges are a way to organize the general populace, to focus and specialize our work force, and ensure research and infrastructure can benefit the groups who take part in the colleges and the government of our society. By linking government involvement and economic prosperity we hope to have a more citizen-oriented government that works for the people within our lands and ensures prosperity for our city for generations to come.


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We, at Val’Praem, are looking to make our Capital the main social hub of Elyria and build the foundation of a prosperous economy. We want to stay away from political nonsense as it is bad for business. Val’Praem will be the place that everyone wants to visit once in their life no matter what their affiliation is. Every member of our Duchy is looking to put their resources together to create a bigger and better world.

We already are in talks with multiple guilds looking to set up their HQ in our Capital and would like to discuss the possibility of merging all our effort to make the best possible city of Elyria!

You can learn more about us on our FORUM.

The best way to contact us is via our DISCORD.

6/12/2016 1:05:26 AM #2

Dang, you guys are fast. Haha

6/12/2016 2:11:28 AM #3

We know who the important people are :)

6/12/2016 2:46:18 AM #4

blushes Well, we can talk in Discord, haha. Thanks for the interest though.

We will be updating this post with all the info we can but the Discord will be the best place to find all of it in one place and the community is waiting there as well.

6/13/2016 1:27:46 AM #5

We've got a video!

DM21 Gaming Live Panel

6/13/2016 5:32:43 AM #6

Read every single word! The city of Svellaros sounds like an amazing place.

I think you will find the freedom, support and resources you need to establish Svellaros in the Duchy of Val'Praem.

It seems like we have common goals and we can work together to achieve them.

Come say hi on DISCORD

6/14/2016 5:53:12 PM #7

Haha, your persistence is flattering. We won't be making decisions on alliance till much farther down the line, since you are aligned with Arthos we will need to wait awhile to make such a big decision.

6/14/2016 7:23:40 PM #8

Very exited to see Svellaros grow.

6/22/2016 9:55:40 PM #9

The city's interim website is complete but will always be updated with new information and will likely be replaced at launch with a more official website.

Check it

6/28/2016 4:31:41 PM #10

The registration form for those who would like to join or be affiliated with the city is now fully complete and on the site, so if you are wanting to join or an existing member, please apply to that form so we can have better means of engaging our members.

7/3/2016 7:57:43 PM #11

If you haven't yet, rate us on the Elyrian Directory!

7/8/2016 1:35:10 AM #12

A couple of people have been asking what kingdom we are apart of.

We have yet to choose our kingdom. We are in talks with many and will decide in time. We would like to wait till after the store opens and the rush of new major players to buy their tiers hit the community.

We will make our final decision after this period. This allows us to get a better idea of how the politics will shape as we move into the game world. We would rather not jump the gun with so many players allegiances attached.

7/17/2016 6:39:01 PM #13

Hello all!

I'm Kris with the Svellaros city project. Just introducing myself real quick, I am currently one of the ambassadors in testing for the city. I am also helping come up with some of the Documentation that is required to run a city effectively.

If anybody has any questions or concerns regarding the project please feel free to reach out to me and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, or escalate it up the CoC to get it answered for you.



7/21/2016 1:16:35 AM #14

Hello once again everybody!

Just a quick little update, we are currently hammering out the laws for the kingdom, as well as how we are going to enforce them. So with that we are also working on the structure of the city guard + any military that might be posted in the city. If you are interested in these things please swing by the discord, we would love to hear any additional input and feedback on this in the early stages!

I am almost always available in the discord, please pm me there if you have any questions about the project and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible! Thanks,


7/24/2016 6:49:43 PM #15

We have polls going up to name the Rose Colleges. These are just first pass polls in order to gauge interest on early thoughts for names and start discussion. The results are not final.

The current colleges are separated into the directions of the compass but also including up, down, and the center of the compass. Each has a color denoting its presence that matches the color of a rose in real life and each encompasses a group of professions and type of work.

If you don't know,

The Colleges act as official Unions for professions and laborers within and around the city. These colleges vote for Councilors who's council acts as a check against the Magistrate and the Mayor.

Colleges are a way to organize the general populace, to focus and specialize our work force, and ensure research and infrastructure and benefit the groups who take part in the colleges. By linking government involvement and economic prosperity we hope to have a more citizen oriented government who works for the people that live within our lands.