1 March

Community Journal: Exciting times afoot!

By Serpentius


It is such an exciting time to be an Elyrian.

Each month we like to highlight happenings in the Community with these Journals. Below we detail a community organization, meet one of our moderators, and show off some awesome fan art and community contests. So without further delay, read on brave adventurer!

Latest News

Account merging is just wrapping up, Surname Reservations are launching tomorrow, and VoxElyria access for Alpha 1 backers is on the horizon!

Additionally in February, we had an open Q&A livestream with the community, check out the video replay here.

Last, but certainly not least (unless you are referring to the diminutive size of one of the models), we revealed the 3D rendering of the Brudvir male and female, and the Kypiq male. Head over to our Discord server and go to the #media channel to check them out!

Meet a Mod

This month, we introduce you to Elbereth. She has been a member of our mod team since we added the current group back in June of last year. Let's ask her some questions:

1. So, is Elbereth a handle you’ve used for a long time?

"I've been using it for years, especially in video games. I can't remember when I started using it."

2. Where did it come from?

"Elbereth, also known as Varda, is the goddess of the light and stars. It appears in a book named The Silmarillion, which was written by J.R.R Tolkien. Elbereth is part of the mythology of the universe of LOTR. (Yes, I love Tolkien so much!)"

3. Can you tell me a little bit about how you grew up?

"I grew up in Mallorca (Spain) as a normal kid. I was really bad at making friends and sometimes had problems at school. But it changed as I grew up, I wasn't as outgoing as I am today. I was always surrounded by books, video games and things to draw and paint with. That's what helped me to manage my emotions in a positive way. Then I spent several years without knowing what to do with my life, I was interested in so many things! I finally discovered it, I just need to work harder to get it!"

4. You don’t live where you grew up, is that correct?

"No, I'm living in the beautiful Norway! It's amazing, you should visit it. It's lovely learning new languages and cultures."

5. You are known as a very friendly moderator, why is that?

"I don't really know! I always try my best to be as kind as possible with everyone (inside and outside the community), because we never know if that person is living a nightmare and needs some kindness. Or, if we could hurt their feelings and potentially ruin their amazing day. We all have problems so, it's better sending positive energy to make everyone feel alright. If I ever made any of you smile when you were having a horrible day, it's completely worth it. I treat people as I like to be treated." Sends ravens of caring to everyone

6. Well it shows! Many community members see you post lots of cat pics, do you prefer them over dogs?

"I love them both, but cats are special. As I said before, I used to be terrible at making friends. When I was a child, we used to live in a place that was full of street cats, after feeding them everyday, they started to be used to me. They would come out more often and then we became friends, so, I guess that's why they mean a lot to me. I feel like we understand each other quite well. Every time I'm around cats I feel at peace and very happy. :D I know this story sounds dumb, but, well..." Blushes

7. I assume you have a cat/cats, what is/are their name(s)?

"Hahaha! Everyone thinks I do, but they're not actually mine. I just take too many pictures of cats that don't belong to me but that I love. I wish I had one (several actually)! I will end up catnapping with them!" Cries

8. Also, many of us know you are keen on having a variety of hair colors, what color is it now?

"Now it's dark with purple and a bit of light purple highlights. I'm going to change it soon. Does anyone have any good suggestions?"

9. How about Black? (selfishly shares his favorite color) Do you have any hobbies outside of Chronicles of Elyria that you care to share with us?

"Traveling, reading, tabletop RP, drawing, watching anime and movies, nice walks near the sea or into the forest, playing video games, spending time on the internet, talking about politics and philosophy, languages, etc."

10. What is your favorite quote?

"I have many! I'm going to drop the ones I thought about first:"

"I understand now that boundaries between noise and sound are conventions. All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended. One may transcend any convention if only one can first conceive of doing so" - David Mitchell

"To change the world, my friend Sancho, is not madness nor utopia. It’s Justice." - Miguel de Cervantes

11. Wow, those are great! Most of us in the community know that you love all kinds of music, what type is your absolute favorite?

"I can't choose just one (I'm terrible at picking my favorite something). Generally I tend to listen to post rock, metal and instrumental, but it depends on my mood. Everyday I will have a different favorite."

12. Tell us what you love about being a mod?

"Being able to help both the community and Soulbound Studios as needed. It has given me so many nice moments. Also, I enjoy being a part of this project, what I could call the game I've always wanted to play but never existed. Being part of that dream is just impossible to put into words. I love it."

13. What do you dislike about it?

"When someone feels bad or takes my moderation personally or in a wrong way, because it's never about the individual, it's always about the rules needing to be respected."

14. That's fair, any message you’d send to the CoE community as a whole?

"Thank you for making this project possible, for being usually understanding and kind and for blessing us with your limitless art, broadcasts and many other projects you have going on. It truly makes me happy. Lets keep the positive vibe high always, try to be as nice as possible to each other and make this community a better place everyday! I appreciate you all."

Our Thanks

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention our wonderful moderator and ambassador teams in general. The countless hours they volunteer in support of this incredible community is very much appreciated!. If you see them in our Forums or our Discord server, please let them know how thankful we are for their presence and help!

Meet an Organization

Each month we spotlight an organization from our community. Sometimes it will be a kingdom, other times a guild or association. We have many creative members who are building amazing groups in Elyria, and this is one way we can make sure you know about them.

This month, we bring you details about the Fennec Academy!

Name of the Association: Fennec Academy

Server: North America - West.

Kingdom Affiliation, if any: Kingdom of Blackheart, Duchy of Whisperwind. County of Vulpes

When was it founded? December 7th, 2015

Who leads this organization? Narkari is the Headmistress.

What are the goals or purpose of the group? "The Fennec Academy was founded in the idea that all can come to learn and teach skills they need to survive and enjoy the world of Elyria to its fullest. Our purpose is to act as a prestigious boarding school that is known to all. To teach all skills with elite teachers and help develop the world with new technologies."

Is there a group mantra/motto/value proposition? The school motto is "A world without knowledge is no world at all"

What is the Fennec Academy Discord ? Server here

Is there an official forum thread? Official thread

Can you share an association fun fact? "The Academy plans to be very concerned on the welfare with the world's resources and animals. Not only do we wish to have a massive library, but also a wildlife reserve and a seed bank."

Thank you for sharing with us and the community, good luck in your educational endeavors!

Community Spotlight

If you'd like a chance to get your community content featured, submit your original creations here.

Imbleigh was nice enough to share her concept art for her female Janoa. Perhaps she's she's done a lot of push-ups and that explains her endowments? Oh well, it may break our proportionality sliders but who cares - it's awesome!

Next, we take a look at some incredible storytelling. For as long as I can remember, Scylurus has been a regular scribe in our community, delivering interesting story after story of his take on how the Tribes of Mann may wage war. Check out this link for 8 tantalizing depictions of what could be, all told by the words of this fantastic author.

Contests you ask?

Thanks to our generous members, there are always contests and events going on. Stay up to date with what is current! Hellmoon made a nice summary of them here so you stay in the know!

What's next?

Tomorrrow, the Surname Reservation tool will be launched, and much of the community will be using the name generator and submitting their request in the hopes of securing the name they plan to build their dynasty around.

The current adventure party will be wrapping up next month, which brings us that much closer to getting our Alpha backers into VoxElyria.

There's also a new Design Journal on the horizon which we know you are all eagerly anticipating. Which one it will be and when it will drop? You never know, so keep your eyes peeled to the forums and Discord!

Lastly, due to the popularity of the Elyria and Chill event, we've got something else up our sleeves for March to ensure the scales are balanced. What will it be you ask? We're certain you will find out very soon!

Make sure you frequent our Forums and Discord to stay up to date on the latest happenings!

More to come...