[NA-East] County Of Haellsvang​

What is Haellsvang?

​ The County of Haellsvang are the shock troops of the Stormlands. While other counties military structure is based around conventional armies or player versus player combat, Haellsvang's primary pvp focus is on smaller trained squads assigned to specialized tasks.

Trades are also important to the county, as well as the towns it envelops. There will be great demand for the associated jobs related to weapons, armor, and the construction of ships. The gathering of materials (especially lumber) will also be in especially large demand. Those that want to study the invention of ships and their improvements will find a warm welcome in our university.

Explorers will also find a warm hearth within our territories, as the act of charting unknown lands and waters is close to our hearts.

Above all, Haellsvang looks to attract team oriented members, and citizens that respect our rule of law. A lot of people claim to like player versus player combat, but not all respect the amount of coordination it requires to accomplish the goals it is attempting. The same can be said of member tradesmen who might need to mass produce items for the good of the county. To be a member of Haellsvang is to sign a contract agreeing to such cooperation without complaint.

While open to all rp nationalities, the county is built most closely around old nordic themes.


​ The counties military (or pvp) units will be separated into two categories. The primary focus is on smaller scale specialized (or unconventional) tactics under a unit called the Reavers. Before a new member can join the Reavers, they must first operate under a larger more traditional military force for training. This unit is the militia force of the county and a formal force for the Stormlands (our duchy) and Vornair (our kingdom).

Additionally all members and even citizens must be proficient at minimum with a spear. For non members and warriors this requirement is for "Call to Arms" situations. If you want access to more than the issued weapons and armor they must be purchased.


Ideally, the Stormlands will be positioned within a mountainous, temperate land, featuring plenty of rivers and some form of access to the sea. Haellsvang wishes to be settled on either a river with sea access or on the coast itself. After Land Selection we will update this section with the updated information.

Leadership Structure

​ High Lord Morbis Alabast, Duke of the Stormlands Thane Teg Haellsson, Count of Haellsvang, Lord of Aegistraad Baron Veygon Sigvarthr of Iron Hold, Leader of the Haellsvorn Armies Mimir Ragna Skuldsdottir, Head of Logistics and Aquisitions, Baroness of Harrholm Hersir Kelric Selilson, Marauder of the Reavers, small elite combat units Aesir Areks Kel'goran, Master at Arms, Leader of the Rathningar, training and marshals

Towns and Baronies

The Town of Aegistraad

The Town of Harrholm

The Barony of Ironwood Hold


If you’d like to learn more about the Stormlands as a whole:

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If you’d like to learn more about the Kingdom of Vornair:

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1/6/2017 10:19:14 PM #1

Oh, and I guess it helps, I'm looking for one more baron or mayor.

2/26/2017 7:42:53 PM #2

Post updated with appropriate information regarding our shift back to the Stormlands.

I would also like to welcome Baron Murdok Thistleberry to the County!

We are still accepting additional Barons and Mayors, so check us out!

2/22/2018 4:12:19 AM #3