The Township of Bris (NA-E)

The Township of Bris

Crest of the Township of Bris

Kingdom: Vornair

Duchy: The Rhynelands

County: Delgora

Motto: Sa lá atá inniu grá againn, Amárach muid ag troid.

Translation: Today we love, Tomorrow we fight.

Baron: Hugh Bris

About the Township of Bris

Bris (pronounced Brish) is a fortified town on the river [TBD] in County Delgora.  It serves as a hub for the surrounding region providing access to goods and trade for the local farmers and craftsmen.  Bris itself is known for its local brews. Most commonly a dark and heavy beer made by roasting the grains to an almost burnt state.  Hunters from Bris often carry it in their waterskins in place of water as it is said to satisfy both hunger and thirst. They are also known for a particularly potent drink they call Uisce Beatha (Water of Life).  Originally made from wild grains and fermented by herdsmen, Uisce has become a popular drink in the area and a few Briste have left the area to start their own distilleries.

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Pre-Tribes announcement fluff that is now nerfed. Still, it's a nice story.

About Clann Briste

The Briste were a Clann of semi-nomadic people that settled in the Vornair regions in ages past.  Their legends refer to the homeland "Beyond the Green sea." called Tir na Dóiteáin.  While different in many aspects from their Vornic neighbors, trade did develope. The Briste were able hunters, herdsman, and craftsmen and were known to craft intricate jewelry and woolens that many of Vornic women prized.  Still the differences in customs and language made for more than a few clashes between the two peoples and the Briste were known to raid Vorn homesteads that they deemed to close to their land.

During the War of Many Banners Clann Briste stood alone. At first, the Briste managed to fend off attacks from some of the smaller Vornic clans but as the High King unified the Vorn and pushed into Briste lands, Briste victories became fewer and fewer, as did their numbers.    

The land around the current town of Bris was the final stand for Clann Briste.  Greatly outnumbered against the unified army of the Vornic High King, Clann Briste fought almost to a man in a guerilla war lasting several weeks. They had resigned themselves to their deaths but vowed that if it was their lot to pass from this world they would be remembered, and take as many as the Fir Gruaige (the Briste phrase for the Vorn) with them.  

The High King was inspired when during what would surely be the last battle with Clann Bristee, he watched as a young man took up his fallen father's sword and attacked the Vornic warriors. The young man, wearing no armor to speak of and covered in blood, fell armored men nearly twice his size and with a ferocity that inspired the remaining Briste men and women into a ferocity that shock the Vorn. The King knew it would be a crime to remove such heart from the world and sounded his Great Horn. As the sound of the Great Horn crashed over the field like a wave the fighting stopped. The tension on the field was tremendous but the King strode past his men towards the cadre of Briste.

        What is your name, boy? He asked.

        Tá mé Eoghan, cosúil le mo athair. Anois, Ceann Fine na Clann Briste! Déanfaimid bás lá atá inniu ann ach beidh tú ag cuimhneamh dúinn!

        (I am Eoghan, like my father. Now, Chief of Clann Briste! We will die today but you will remember us!)

The High King removed his Great Helm.  

        I am Beinir Rhyne, High King of the Vorn. I have united all the clans and tribes under One Banner for the first time.  Yet, your people stand alone and fight us to your last.  Why?

        Do you not fight for your land? Eoghan answered.

        Indeed I do. I fight for all of our lands, as do all the Clans that join.  We are stong when we are One, Eoghan. Your people are few but you are mighty. If you join us your people will live and this land will be yours for as long as the as the stars shine in the night sky and the Sun rises each day. Take your fallen and treat your wounded. I will return tomorrow for your answer.

With that the Vorn withdrew from the field and the Briste tended to their fallen and their wounded.  

That night the Briste lit their fire and discussed the High Kings offer.  There were so few them now but most had made their peace with death and were eager to meet it, such was their resolve. Still, some began to question if death was necessary. They had seen for themselves what the High King had accomplished.  

Finally the woman Sorcha, a midwife, came to the council.

        She said, Today, amongst all this blood and suffering a child was born.  If we fight the Fir Gruaige they will find him and they will either kill him or take him and he will never know who his people are.  The only way to solve that is to stop this fighting, or one of you must kill the child.

She walked around the group, shoving the newborn in the face of every man and woman there.  

        Will you make peace or will you kill the child? She demanded to each member. None would slay the child.

When she came to Eoghan she asked

        And what of you, our new Chief? Will you make peace or will you slay the child?

Eoghan took the baby in his arms, but was torn. Then, when he looked at the baby, he began to weep. How could he kill this child? They had all accepted their fate but the child in his arms couldn't. It couldn't even hold it's head up, how could it be expected to accept death?

        We will make peace, Eoghan said, This child can not do what we have done. We have lived, loved, and fought and know what it is that we fight for.  This child does not. We have no right to make this decision for him when an alternative has been offered.  We will make peace with the Fir Gruaige and raise this child.  He will know of this day and when he is old enough, then he can decide for himself wht path to take. I suspect that with peace he will choose to live to a very old age.

        What shall we call him? Sorcha asked

        His name shall be Gairbith. the Rough Peace

The next morning the High King returned as he promised. As he walked into the makeshift camp Eoghan, the midwife Sorcha holding the newborn, and several other Briste met him.  The king was puzzled by the appearance of a child.

        He motioned to the child, Is the child yours, Eoghan?

        No, Eoghan answered, He is the son of one of my Father's men who fell and his mother died in childbirth. We have named him Gairbith and it is for his sake that we accept your offer.  We will join with you so that this child and the rest of our children may live and know who they are.

And so it was that the Vorn and the Clann Briste joined.  According to local legend, The Flying Tiger Inn sits on the site where the peace was brokered and every year the Inn, run by the descendants Gairbith, hold a feast in honor of the birth of the child that brought peace.

The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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Great post

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For those of you that may be coming into the CoE community during the Kickstarter Anniversary, welcome.

Things have changed a bit since I originally posted. The concept of Tribes have been introduced and we're looking forward to the next Developer Journal so we can learn more. There's been more than a few Q&A videos that have answered a few questions, and raised a few as well.

I think these may be of most interest to you

Settlement Q&A (In Brief)

Survival Q&A (In Brief)

The Open Topic Q&A

If you're looking for a place to settle, Vornair (the Kingdom I belong to) is a very active community. We are also the largest Kingdom on what will be the NA-East server in terms of land. Bris itself will be a town in one of (if not the) largest County, in the largest Duchy. We are, by and large, a friendly bunch with a fairly large age range and play styles.

I'm hoping for Bris to be a fairly large town with a focus on Farming. It doesn't sound glorious, I know, but given that CoE will be a fully player based economy and Food and Drink will play a large part of living in CoE, Farming can be quite lucrative for us. Also, I'm hoping to set up a healthy business brewing various spirits (If Cas ever tells us how the brewing system will work. ha)

I believe we have a good chance of being on a river, which would make us a town in need of merchants as well. And with Farms - we'll need tools, so Blacksmiths will find a home here as well. I can't think of any profession that wouldn't find some home in Bris, or even greater Delgora.

So, if you're looking for a place to settle, check us out on Discord or send me a message here. Hopefully, I will be able to answer any questions you have and you'll make a home in Bris.



The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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If you're interested in joining us, or have any questions, you can reach us on Discord at

You can also pop into the Delgora County channel at

The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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Please move to Luna Domains

The Township of Bris, County Delgora. Friend Code B2CF9C Friend Code B2CF9C

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