Release Notes - CoE Website - Version 2.5.0

Hail and well met, friends,

We've made some updates to the website that I wish to share with you now.

Firstly, we collected a few Bounties on criminal elements hiding on the site:

  • Users unable to 'quote' original posts
  • Runtime errors showing up instead of error pages
  • Ursaphant Rider package incorrectly shows Alpha I access icon
  • Quotes (",') not escaped in forum posts
  • Images in news page overflow the column

We also took on a few Contracts for improvements to the region:

  • Added a PM button under Username on Posts
  • Created support for RSS feeds
  • Changed the first-time landing page to be based off the PAX East landing page
  • Removed recruitment forum posts from recent post query
  • Will now disallow registrations with a birthdate under 13 years of age, as the game will not be COPPA/PEGI compliant
  • Updated the forum borders to align with influence better - read more

Safe travels!


3/28/2017 6:43:43 PM #1

Thank you!

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3/28/2017 6:45:59 PM #2

Nice one.

3/28/2017 6:46:06 PM #3

Great Update, also digging the new landing page!

3/28/2017 6:47:14 PM #4

First page looks pretty good, nice update!

3/28/2017 6:48:16 PM #5

Keep it up <3

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3/28/2017 6:48:39 PM #6

Good to see the changes 😉

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3/28/2017 6:57:47 PM #7

just a shame the staff borders aren't animated gifs :D otherwise perfect :D

3/28/2017 6:58:40 PM #8

Posted By Nagash at 11:57 AM - Tue Mar 28 2017

just a shame the staff borders aren't animated gifs :D otherwise perfect :D

Give us time. ;-)

3/28/2017 7:01:12 PM #9

Great one! I love the new landing page :-) On a side note: Regarding the awards mentioned, should it be a complete list or just a best-of? E.g. the massivelyop award for this year's PAX East would then be missing.


3/28/2017 7:03:56 PM #10

Thank you for such improvements and fixes on Website/Forums! You guys been busy!

3/28/2017 7:10:47 PM #11

Great additions, love the ability to message others now with ease. Keep up the awesome work.

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3/28/2017 7:18:32 PM #12

FYI: there is no message option on mobile version to sent direct messsges via profile click . You still have to do it manually

3/28/2017 7:35:33 PM #13

Oooooh. I love the landing page! Great work.

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3/28/2017 7:47:23 PM #14

Keep up the incredible work, I hope to one day have as awesome of a community and website as you guys have.

3/28/2017 8:05:46 PM #15

Removed recruitment forum posts from recent post query


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