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"Corvus Oculum Corvis Non Eruit" - "A Crow will not pick out the eye of another crow".

Agravaine Academy is a school that focuses on archaeology, survival, crafting, and the supernatural. With direct support from the Tyrian royalty, Agravaine Academy receives all the resources and funding needed to advance Tyria and the nation’s allies in matters of research. In an effort to preserve, protect, and learn, Agravaine is committed to academia while keeping true to its occultic roots.

For Our Talented Students:

For those willing to venture deep into the unknown and willing to learn from their experiences, Agravaine is willing to provide the following:

  • Suitable Living Conditions.
  • Tailored Workspace.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Plentiful Resources.
  • A Team Based Environment.
  • A Kind, "Safe" Environment.

Agravaine is designed to help you explore the world, grow your skills, and be a part of a good community of academics.

Divisions of Study:

Agravaine has four main divisions of study, which are mentioned in the mission statement. They are Archaeology, Survival, Crafting, and Mystic Study. Each Division has its own set of classes and, with each class, its own assignment of study.

  • Archaeology focuses on ancient and recent cultural exploration. This is where you will find the explorers of the school, willing to go out into unknown lands and map out what has never been seen before.

  • Survival focuses on utilizing the environment to procure and provision the basic needs of survival. Defense is also part of survival; thusly, there is a class for it.

  • Crafting is what you’d typically expect. The production and mastery of craftsmanship is a significant and respectable part of our divisions of study. Various Arts are also considered part of the crafting division.

  • Mystic Study is perhaps the most strange, elusive, and unique of areas to study in. This division does not offer a list of classes to grow your skill in magick. Each class, however, does research and tackle areas of mystical study. As such, it is the most difficult to master. You may find yourself utilizing a combination of the upper studies to tackle certain mystical subjects.

  • New Art Division! Click Here!

Relevant Ranks:

  • Headmaster: Amicus Horizonborn is your Headmaster.

  • Deputy Headmaster: Alchemist Mugen is your Deputy Headmaster.

  • Professors: The people who teach to you, help you learn, and live a devoted study to a specific area of research. Usually, these areas of research are your classes.

  • Students: Those that attend the school to master a set of skills.

Agravaine Academy Discord

Take a map with you! Something I whipped up a long, long time ago.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/9/2017 5:58:26 AM #1

Agravaine Paths of Study

Path of Survival:

Herbology - Get your hands and knees dirty as you find, grow, and learn about various plants and how they can be used in various scenarios. It has been noted that certain students have taken a “fondness” for certain herbs for “recreational” use. Just a friendly reminder; sharing is caring.

Alchemy - Understand the delicate practices of science as you learn how to use alchemical instruments and various ingredients to heal the sick, restore strength, and protect yourself. Please… Please wear proper safety garb and use proper safety devices before touching anything. Let’s try to keep the classroom walls intact this year. Thank you.

Provisioning - Everyone needs a good cook and brewer. From the lone tavern to massive armies. In this class, you will learn how to create various food and drink goods, along with the tools and knowledge to create your own inspired dishes. Would the person who keeps jinxing the cheese to dance please stop. Fondue night is hectic enough without molten hot gorgonzola and asiago blends doing the tango on a professor’s head.

Combat Defense and Survival - Here, you will learn how to use various weapons. Mainly swords, bows, and staffs. You will be taught combat tactics and survival techniques that will keep you on your feet for as long as you can endure. It is expected to maintain a fit body and battle ready health throughout the length of this course. Agravaine Academy is not liable for any injury you may obtain during this class. This includes, but is not limited to: Incineration, Decapitation, Evaporation, Sterility, and/or Death.

Beastology - In this class, you will be taught the different strengths and weaknesses of dangerous beasts and where to find them. If beast taming works out for Agravaine, you may have the chance to see some beasts up close to study. Given the hazardous nature of these creatures however, it is more than likely you will have to track these beasts down and study them under threat of death and serious injury. Have fun!

Path of Archaeology:

Cartography - In this class, you are provided with materials to better your skill at map making. You will be required to create maps of specific areas of various sizes and difficulties to measure your level of proficiency.

Astrology - In this class, you will study and chart the stars to determine and better understand their meaning. You are also asked to find ways such meanings can apply to the world.

Runes and Ancient Scripts - Learn how to read and write in various languages. Become masterful of the written word and decipher hidden meanings from ancient texts. Also learn how to write a rather colourful letter to someone in a code only you can read. Or so you think you are the only one. I’m looking at you, McGarner. (Scribes are suggested to take this class).

World History and Cultures - Learn about the world today. What kingdoms occupy what lands, their history and culture. Journey around the world and celebrate the traditions that keep us on our feet. Please keep in mind that you are representing Agravaine in your travels.

Path of Magick:

Astral Realm Studies - This class is also dedicated to learning and exploring the astral realm. I would like to take this moment to say that putting yourself in near death experiences to further the academic study of the astral realm is not a good idea…

Artifact and Paranormal Studies - Some class days, you will studying the make, history, and effects of magickal artifacts. Other class days, you will travel to specific paranormal sites to study the location’s significance and effects. Please be careful when handling artifacts and exploring locations. Though examined before class worthy inspection, hidden effects may present themselves under unknown specific conditions.

Advanced Magick Studies - When a talent has entered our halls, when an artifact has become something spectacular, when the unexplainable needs a third look, the students of this class work to study and grow the magick of whatever is holding their attention. Prerequisite is Artifact and Paranormal Studies.

Path of Crafting:

Natural Craftworks - Carpentry, leatherworking, papermaking, fletching, and the like. What was once living is now dead and being turned into an armchair. This class is for crafters with the more naturalistic touch.

Smithworks - Armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, glass blowing, etc. Basically the opposite of Natural Craftworks. If it requires a big, furnace that melts metal, it belongs in this class.

Mechanics - A specialized area from Smithworks. You will learn how to tinker with machinery and be given the proper tools and resources to develop new applications for existing technology and to invent new contraptions.

Tailoring - A specialized area from Natural Crafting. You will learn how to design and create clothing tailored to specific purposes, individuals, and style. I’m looking for a new hat, by the way. Also, jinxing shoe laces to tie themselves together so people can trip will not get you on anybody’s good side. I’m still looking at you, McGarner.

Architecture - Study and delve into the art of Architecture and help the world build a better place. Or, at least, a better looking one. While I am here, no. We can not replace the stairway hall with moving staircases. It’s already been done and patented. We don’t want another “Oh, you have a floating candles too?” fiasco.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/9/2017 5:58:31 AM #2

Celebrations of Agravaine


Month of Birch Dinner Dance: Month of Birch, 16th (January 8th).

Month of Oak Formal Ball: Month of Oak, 14th (June 24th).

Samhain Masquerade: Month of Reed, 4th (October 31st).

Obtainable Rewards:

Sage: Students who are recognized for their healing prowess are honored with this reward.

Artifact Hunter: Students who return numerous artifacts or return a truly substantial artifact are honored with this reward.

Master Craftsman: Students that craft masterpieces will be honored with this reward.

Golden Heart: An individual who has gone above and beyond to support Agravaine and its principals.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/9/2017 5:58:36 AM #3

Our Location, Our Mission

Agravaine Academy has just recently became a part of Tyria over the last two decades, but the building itself appears ancient. Accumulating various tribal architecture, it is as though the building has moved and been built upon many times.

As of now, Agravaine is the Royal Academy of Tyria, researching whatever might benefit the nation as a whole. However, Agravaine is known for its one ambitious, or foolish, goal: The restoration and practical use of Magick in Modern Elyria.

The school is located in Raven Grove, pressed on the coast and towering above the orchards and vineyards of the town.

The Kypiq artist of the painting bellow said he depicted the Academy during an extremely unusual snap freeze the year the school joined the nation.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/9/2017 2:26:21 PM #4

Necessary Student Supplies:

Students should carry with them one pet, suitable equipment for work, and several texts for study. All else shall be provided at the Academy.


Unless you are studying in the Art, Archaeology, or Crafting Divisions, all students should carry around a medical kit and mortar & pestle. The kit should have various pouches, vials, and tins for storage. It is encouraged that you buy an "empty" set and makes filled the aforementioned vessels yourself. The mortar & pestle should be of decent quality and made of bronze, silver, or gold, respectively.

Everyone should have the following items:

  • 1 Satchel or Backpack.
  • 1 Standard Compass.
  • 1 Waterskin.

All beginning students are welcome to purchase and bring with them the following texts to the academy and may keep in their dormitories.

Agravaine Standard Book of Treatments

Standard Book of Alchemical Sources

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/10/2017 12:39:16 AM #5

Although you are no longer Blood, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. The post looks great!

-- Isolde

4/10/2017 12:55:00 AM #6

Thanks Isolde. I wish you the same :D

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/10/2017 1:12:12 AM #7

Celebrations of Agravaine now posted.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/10/2017 2:33:54 AM #8

History of Agravaine now posted

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/10/2017 3:23:01 AM #9

You have put some serious work behind this, I'm impressed.

4/10/2017 7:50:27 AM #10

Thank you for your Post, looks Great!

4/10/2017 4:02:38 PM #11

This looks great!


4/10/2017 11:41:00 PM #12

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/11/2017 4:54:20 PM #13

Whiterose Capital, Kingdom of Tyria

Amongst lush forests and sea side views, a beacon of light guides the weary masses to a new home. A place of celebration, ingenuity, and art, radiating to all those seeking solace from burdened hearts. Thus is Whiterose Capital; home of those willing to enjoy the beauty of life. Yet take heed, for "True Happiness" is a verb, describing the action of fulfilling one's true purpose and righteous desires.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/12/2017 2:35:54 AM #14

The First Guardian

There is much myth and speculation around the First Guardian, Sir Eridian Emrys, who mentored and taught the ways of sorcery to Guardian Avarian Agravaine.

The epic claims that, in the twisted bowels of darkest creation, a being of black magick and toxic darkness was formed. Dark Magus was a supreme being of might and power, absorbing entire worlds and eating souls. Corrupting the wills of Luna and Sanguinis, Dark Magus gained entry into Elyria's realm and began his assault.

A priest of Ao called out to his gods, begging for the means to protect the realm and rid Dark Magus from it. With combined strength, Angelica and Ao blessed this priest with their power, hoping that Dark Magus' defeat would release and bring sanity to their counterparts.

Using this new found power, the priest slew Dark Magnus and banished it into a realm of his own creation. Luna and Sanguinis returned to their true natures, but were displeased by the sight of this champion.

Fearing Dark Magus' return, the Ancients decided the mantle of Guardian should remain. However, To keep the balance, the priest's power was to be burdened by darkness and death. So The First Guardian was created and came to be.

Or so the believed fictional epic says. Many believe the old tale was a metaphor, claiming the Dark Magus was a horrible plague in the old times. Only to be hualted by a gifted physician and "guardian" of health. Some of the more mystical of us say that Dark Magus was a collection of bad mages, warlocks, that wanted to overthrow the world. Only to be stopped by a hero with heavenly guidance.

All stories good for bedtime. Whatever the case, Guardian Eridian Emrys knows the truth.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
4/13/2017 1:46:52 AM #15

Necromancer Suzanna, Eridian's Bane.

Before Guardian Eridian Emrys met Avarian Agravaine, legend holds he took up an apprentice before. One whose power was obtained from the dark places of the earth and would eventually be Guardian Eridian's end.

An orphan and tavern wench who took the wrong path to the market one evening; She was blocked by three thugs who robbed her of possessions and her good name. During the terrible acts of that night, Suzanna’s magick was discovered and her talent was unleashed, raising the dead and destroying the village. Those that did survive suffered from nightmares every night since.

Guardian Emrys found Suzanna in the alley where she was assaulted. The mutilated corpses of her attackers posed very little threat. Despite the dark nature of her talent, Guardian Emrys blew everything off to bad conditions of magick discovery. Recognizing her power, Guardian Emrys decided to tutor her. Eventually, Suzanna became Emrys’ apprentice. Her position was recognized far and wide. Only leaving to study magick in specific ruines, she kept to herself in the seclusion of study.

While Guardian Emrys was off defeating armies, showing off at parties, or spearheading research studies, Apprentice Suzanna delved into magicks that grew her talent. However, the line between necromantic study and malicious darkness is very thin and blurry. Suzanna began to confuse gaining protection for gaining power by any means. In secret, she went to dark places and created atrocities too horrendous to mention here. Eventually, Guardian Emrys discovered her dark practices and banished her from the realm.

But as the old tale goes, this would not be the last Guardian Emrys would see of Necromancer Suzanna.

- Amicus Horizonborn -

Headmaster of Agravaine Academy
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