R.B.S.A.P. -- Alchemy Guild

The Royal Blackheart Society of Alchemists and Physicians

Organization Purpose: Alchemy Guild


  1. Innovation shall never be stifled, nor shall innovators be persecuted for their research.
  2. Alchemy and medicine are many-faceted disciplines. Progress thrives when specialists of all fields collaborate.
  3. Researchers that delve into dangerous knowledge shall be protected, as well as their secrets.

Location: (NA-W) Kingdom of Blackheart

Contact: Isolde Darkholm (Scuttle#2266 on discord)

Discord: Click


“Syl... only the ignorant fear that which they do not understand. At first glance, your work may seem diametrically opposed to mine. I seek new methods to prolong life; to heal and enhance, while you research how to undo all of that – to poison, ravage, and contaminate. But nothing is ever truly destroyed. You did not destroy the laboratory at Hollow University. It merely changed its state of existence. Alchemy is not about creation or destruction. It is transformation. We may see each other's goals as contradictory, but if we share our knowledge and work together... we can build something eternal.”

Read about the founding of the R.B.S.A.P. (as well as explosions) here!



Headquartered in the Darkholm Duchy with satellite chapters across the kingdom, the R.B.S.A.P. strives to be the standard of excellence in the Angelican alchemy community. We are always eager for fresh perspectives from different backgrounds as we continue to theorycraft the game's alchemy mechanics. All are welcome to join the guild regardless of prior experience; the only requirements are Blackheart citizenship and good standing with the kingdom’s law. Whether you aspire to be a legendary alchemist or simply want to brew potions for your adventures, you are welcome here.

Alchemists with a voracity for dangerous knowledge, such as combustibles (e.g. Greek fire), poisons, and biological weaponry shall be protected by the R.B.S.A.P. while they conduct their experiments, free from the suspicion and persecution of the overzealous. However, the laws of Blackheart still apply, and no harm must come to fellow Blood as a direct result of experimentation.

We will of course exhaustively research all aspects of healing, purification, and toxicology, but these are potential special interest areas that we may explore:

  • Volatile and explosive concoctions
  • Inks and dyes
  • Synthesis of crystals and gemstones
  • Biological weaponry and plaguemancy
  • Prolongation of life (immortality)
  • Transmutation of metals
  • Fertilizer
  • Improving fuel sources

Hierarchy and Roles


Guildmaster: Isolde Darkholm, Master of Life and Royal Healer of the Queen.

High Apothecary: Syl Bloodraven.

Second-in-command. The High Apothecary will make decisions if the guildmaster is unavailable.

Spina Obscura

The high council of the R.B.S.A.P., the Spina Obscura are dedicated researchers that work closely with the Guildmaster and High Apothecary on clandestine projects. They may be called upon when guild disputes arise to act as advisors or arbiters, and will vote on guildwide decisions. The Spina Obscura are appointed by the Guildmaster herself.


Leaders of satellite guild chapters across the kingdom's Duchies. Stewards will have the autonomy to set their own rules and focus research based on their guild hall's needs and interests, though the general rules set by the Master of Life must be adhered to. May induct or expel members under their jurisdiction. A member expelled from a satellite chapter may apply to join another chapter unless a guildwide ban is instated by the Guildmaster, High Apothecary, or Spina Obscura.



Alchemists, apothecaries, physicians, herbalists, often experts in their fields. Most members will fall under this category.


Entry-level rank. All members enter the guild at this rank regardless of skill level unless preceded by a recommendation from a Tenured member.


  • Members must be residents of the Kingdom of Blackheart and in good standing with the laws of the Crown.

  • A council of arbiters including the Spina Obscura will convene to resolve guild disputes when they arise.

  • Stewards are the guildmasters of their own chapters. They hold the right to expel members from their chapter. Members banned from a satellite chapter may join another location; only the guildmaster and High Apothecary may institute a guild-wide ban.

  • With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Sharing guild secrets with outside entities is punishable by expulsion. Security breaches will be examined on a case-by-case basis, with the most serious offenders facing charges of treason against the Crown.

  • Remember that the game mechanics only allow players to legally join one guild per profession. Disguising oneself to join the R.B.S.A.P. without disclosing this information can be considered an act of subterfuge.

  • The R.B.S.A.P. is a sanctuary for intellectuals and curious minds to thrive in a research environment. Persecution, harassment, or bullying will not be tolerated within our halls.

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As someone planning my own Alchemy shop, but in Ashland, I wish you the best of luck and look forward to any mutually beneficial business deals we might be able to broker in the future.

+1 and a bookmark from me!

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Thank you for the kind words, Labbe, and the hopes are definitely mutual!

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It's wonderful to see another promising guild that is dedicated to alchemy. Best of luck to you Scuttle!

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Posted By Count_Crowley at 11:33 AM - Sat Nov 24 2018

It's wonderful to see another promising guild that is dedicated to alchemy. Best of luck to you Scuttle!

Thank you Crowley, and best of luck to you as well!

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My name is on there! Woot woot!

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It's time for the RBSAP to rise to the top once again!

Really good group of people that actually talk about alchemy things

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We were featured in the March 2019 Community Journal!! Read our spot here!

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With kingdom selection over, we are officially part of Kingdom 5!! Come visit us in the swamps!

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We should collaborate on the best ways to preserve meat. ;)