[NA-W] The Grand County of Loc'Mir

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COUNT/COUNTESS: Kolvan & Erysa Isendale

DUCHY: Sanctaphandri

KINGDOM: The Kingdom of Ashland

Landmass: Tri-County (approx - 49.2 skm)

Desired Biome/Location: Border County in a Forest/Mountainous area.

Desired Tribe(s): Brudvir, Nerran

County Capital: City of Vlans

Type of Game Play: Role Play, Player Vs. Player, & Player Vs. Environment

Primary Focus: Military Combat (both Mounted and Unmounted)

Secondary Focus: Research and Education, Farming, Production, Crafting, Etc.

TEASER VIDEO: County of Loc'Mir - Youtube

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Current Recruitment Status within Loc’Mir

  • Six (6) Baron slots available.
  • Six (6) Mayor slots available


Greetings fellow Eylirians! The Grand County of Loc’Mir welcomes you to our recruitment page, and we hope you find the information provided here, useful in deciding where you want your story to begin. I feel it only right to give you this small disclaimer, before you read the entire post.

Loc’Mir is a Heavy Role Play / Military County, (Player Vs. Player) We will be focusing on all aspects of Military Life, such as;

  • Guardsmen (City Watch)
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Siege Engineers
  • Ranged Warfare
  • Scouts and Ambush Personnel

If Military Role Play / Combat is something you are aiming for, then please read on. Here is a bit about how we are structured!

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County wide decisions will be made by vote of the County Council members. (Barons & Mayors)

While we'll be using a feudal military style government, we value each and every member of our County, and as such, every citizen of Loc’Mir will have a say in how we govern, however, we will still adhere to the Chain of Command (CoC).

  • Gentry / Soldiers report to the Mayor's & Barons
  • Barons report to the Duke (via the Margrave of Loc’Mir)
  • Mayor’s report to the Count

In times of War, the Count may implement Martial Law, which would suspend the voting process in order to rally troops more effectively. This does not, however, mean that we will discard suggestions during a wartime setting. Below is the Current Hierarchy of Loc’Mir. (Post will be updated once more County Council Members have been selected)


  • Kolvan Isendale: Grand Count of Loc’Mir
  • Erysa Isendale: Countess of Loc’Mir
  • Kadian Karstein: Margrave of Loc’Mir, Lord Commander of County Military Forces

County Council

  • Master of Coin: Constantine Belthazar - Responsible for the County Treasury and Recreation within Loc’Mir.

  • High Priest - Sanctaphandri Academy: Renalt Isendal - The head instructor and leader of the Academy. Deciding on prerequisites for advancement, areas of study, and other duties assigned by Count Kolvan Isendale.

  • Minister of Defense: Kadian Karstien - The Highest ranking Military position in the County. Responsible for Military Operations, Rallying of Forces, and military welfare.

  • Captain of the County Guard: Rysdan Zabel - Responsible for keeping Loc’Mir safe by training and recruiting Guardsmen, assigning patrols and Guard Duty. This position also holds the Rank of Baron and is responsible for the County Penitentiary.

  • County Magistrate: Position Open - Responsible for Law and Order within Loc’Mir. Can appoint other Magistrates, with the approval of the County Council. Only the Count can overrule the County Magistrates verdict.

  • Master/Mistress of Trade: Position Open- Responsible for securing trade agreements with other Cities throughout the Kingdom.

  • Master/Mistress of Agriculture: Position Open- Responsible for keeping Loc’Mir fed through Farming and Produce.

  • Master/Mistress of Production: Position Open- Responsible for the County wide production (income) for Loc’Mir.

The Count of Loc’Mir, will be present in all County Council Meetings, however, will not cast a vote on issue presented to the Council, unless used as a Tie-breaker vote.

(We do reserve the right to create additional Council Seats as the need arises.)


The Avis Pact is a group of Counties, that will ensure the survivability of those involved. This is prioritized as follows:

  • Needs that members may be lacking to ensure survival. (Food, trade, etc.)
  • Financial needs that may arise in times of hardship.

The members of the Avis Pact recognize these needs of the fellow members as a priority ahead of their own growth or fiscal gain. The Avis Pact will also act as a political bloc for the military as, a majority of the founding members have been granted leading roles within the Sanctaphandri military.

This does not mean that members in the Avis Pact are expected to participate in a military capacity nor that the members are held as a higher priority in the case of military actions.

Current roster of the Avis Pact


  • Loc’Mir will follow the laws of Ashland, & Sanctaphandri, & The AVIS PACT Charter.
  • All accusation of breaking the law or violations of contracts will be decided with a fair trial to the accused. A Magistrate will be appointed to rule and pass judgements in these cases.
  • All accusations of breaking the law, regarding a higher penalty than imprisonment, will be brought before the County Magistrate and be given a fair trial.
  • All citizens have the freedom to play as they wish within the confines of the law. (Note: some pledges or contracts may restrict this.)
  • All citizens will be treated with respect and will not be discriminated against for real life situations or traits. (Please keep in mind this is a Role Play themed County, In Character (IC) confrontations are approved, however, Out of Character (OOC) drama will not be tolerated.)
  • All citizens have the right and will be provided with minimum amounts of food and water to ensure basic survival.

(In the case of an individual that has committed a crime and has been found guilty by the County Council or has been exiled from Loc’Mir, they will be provided the minimum amount of food and water to leave our lands to ensure survival)


  • We will address water by using water capture devices such as barrels, bowls, or anything else to capture and store water. Also, we will build wells and other water gathering devices.
  • Our settlements will aim to provide enough food for the survival of all citizens and travelers.
  • We will also grow enough produce to store foods in case of military conquest or large scale travel.
  • Grain and cheeses will be a major focus within our agriculture department.


  • Roadways within the immediate vicinity of settlements will be patrolled.
  • Security within the settlements will be provided.
  • High profile individuals, merchants, and various other players will receive personal escorts around the vicinity of the Capital City of Vlans and within the city itself if they make prior arrangements.

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What Loc’Mir offer its Citizens

So, now you know what the Loc’Mir has to offer, but we are part of a much larger community! I encourage you to check out the Sanctaphandri recruitment thread to see for yourself, but in short:

Whilst many strive and hope to achieve the above, many simply lack the resources, pro-activeness and support of experienced members.

Loc’Mir has an extensive network of resources and members within the County, Duchy and Kingdom, all exceptionally loyal to one another and working towards a common goal. We will provide an undying interest and excitement within CoE.

Loc’Mir is a community, a family if you will, and we look after our own! We can provide you the safety to achieve your goals and ambitions within a dangerous world. Extensive Role Play, PvP, or PvE. Whatever Town or City you are a part of, Loc’Mir aims to provide an everlasting experience. One of continual pursuit and accomplishment.

Finally, Loc’Mir provides its people a say in all matters of concern. It is ran by a Council of Equals, and we value every citizen's opinion.

Grand County of Loc’Mir

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Please feel free to contact me in Discord by clicking on the picture above or drop a message here!

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“The Military is the beating heart of this county, some other counties may rely on the strength of their coin, their mines, or harvest. Loc’Mir relies on the strength of its sword and the resilience of its shield. The Military provides both of these things to you. To think you want to cut its budget, stick to your profession councilor and I will stick to mine.”

Kadian Karstein at a County Council meeting

Military Council

The Military Council, (or Baron’s Council), is a council made up of all the Counties Barons. It functions as an extension of the County Council and must adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by Count Isendale.

The Military Council is responsible for any and all military decisions made in the County of Loc’Mir. Decisions taken by the Military Council range from General Patrols during peace time, to Logistics & Organization during war time.

The Council will be responsible for all Offensive and Defensive actions within the County of Loc’Mir.

What the Military can offer you

As I am sure you can tell by now, Loc’Mir is a Militarized County. But any Military, large or small, is only as good as those that step up and enlist. The most important question and the one most often heard throughout our recruitment offices, is “What do I get out of enlisting?”

I could appeal to your sense of patriotism or coax you in with the thought of adventure, but the reality is, you will find these on your own, with or without any help from me. I can however tell you some of the benefits of joining an organized and disciplined force, such as the Loc’Mir Military.

We offer many things to the common citizen of our County, chief among these are Security and Protection. A Place for those less inclined to do battle to pursue honing their skills in the safety of towns and fields.

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  • Security (City Guardsmen): We want all members of Loc’Mir to enjoy every minute of Chronicles of Elyria. That being said, we understand that security only comes in the form of people patrolling the Cities & Towns, keeping the bandits and other deviants, from stealing peoples hard earned items.

Nothing in CoE will be free, therefore we will be offering a regular wage for each player that wishes to become a Guardsmen. This will provide players with a steady form of income to advance their own plans as well as opening up all forms of possible Roleplay and story opportunities.

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  • Protection (Formal Soldiers): There will be times when the City Guard will not be enough of a deterrent to keep large enemy forces at bay. That is why, we plan on having a standing Military force in Loc’Mir County.

Each Baron will be responsible for maintaining their own localized military force, weather in the form of Calvary, Infantry, or Ranged, these soldiers belong to the Baron and report to him. The Baron’s however report to The Margrave of Loc’Mir, (senior most Military person in the County).

The Margrave will pull troops from every Barony to form a division of soldiers that will be responsible for patrolling the landscape as well as assigning troops to the various outposts and stations within the County and along the borders. This will be known as a military deployment.

In the event Loc’Mir is invaded by a large bandit group or foreign forces with hostile intent, the Count will send out a notice rallying the Banners along with instructions on where to muster. The Count will assume overall Command of the entire Counties Military force, while the Margrave will serve as the Military General, with each Baron reporting directly to him.

A Soldiers pay will come from the Baron he/she is under. During Military Deployments, each Soldier will receive an added sum paid from the County coffers.

Military Council Positions

Military Council Positions:

  • Margrave: (Kadian Karstein) - Noble Position responsible for all military affairs

  • Champion of Loc’Mir: (Open Position) - Grand Champion of the County Championship Tournament (deemed the Greatest Individual Warrior and represents Loc’Mir at Duchy level Tournaments.)

  • Master of Foot: (Open Position) - Head of all Infantry forces in the County

  • Master of Horse: (Open Position) - Head of all Cavalry forces in the County

  • Master of Siege: (Open Position) - Head of all Siege Equipment in the County

  • Master of the Volley: (Open Position) - Head of all Ranged and Skirmish units in the County

  • Master of the Occult: (Open Position) - Head of all Military Magic users in the County

  • Captain of the Guard: (Rysdan Zabel) - Head of all City Guardsmen in the County.

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Military Organizations & Commanders

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Order of the Wolf: (Commander Augustus Isendale)

The Order of the Wolf is a Role Play themed Elite Bodyguard organization, that PvP’s. The Order is separate from the Main Military Forces within the County, but must also answer the Call to Arms should the Count need them.

The Knights' wolf-skin cloaks, coupled with their long, often wild hair and beards, gives them a barbaric appearance, but in truth, they are a highly disciplined and martial Order whose presence inspire both courage and savagery that rivals that of even the most blood-thirsty and savage of the Northmen Warriors, The Knights of Tempest.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Isendale Manor Guards: The protection of House Isendale against threats both outside and within the County. The Guard is comprised of all members of the Order.

  • Bodyguards: Personally selected by the Lt. or Knight Commander, and assigned to personnel of importance within the County as well as other members of House Isendale.

  • Personal Escorts: The City of Vlans and the Academy will attract high ranking members within the Kingdom, these members will be provided a personal escort while staying within Vlans. This duty will be reserved for Initiates.

Order’s Ranks & Structure:

  • Initiate: All members start as an initiate and will be advanced after receiving basic training and a knight selects them as an Acolyte. Initiates also must take the Oath of servitude to be promoted.

  • Acolyte: A member of the order that is attached to a knight for training. The knight that mentors them can recommend the Acolyte for promotion. The Lord Commander has the final say on this promotion.

  • Wolf Knight: A fully-fledged member of the order. They can have up to two Acolytes at any given time and are responsible for their training.

  • Lt. Commander: Appointed by the Knight Commander and is the second in command. All lower ranks will report directly to the Lt. Commander.

  • Lord Commander: The commander of the order. This rank can promote, demote, or remove members from the order.

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The Wardens: (Margrave Kadian Karstein)

The Wardens are a Mounted Ducal Military Order that will mainly be concerned with the preservation of Law and Order within the Duchy as well as the County. The County side of the organization will mainly be concerned with internal threats to Loc’Mir such as bandits and renegades.

“The Job of The Wardens is a simple yet complex threefold objective. One ensure our very best to provide the citizens of Sanctaphandri with the highest level of protection from the threats of the interior. Two uphold and promote a strict sense of Justice among the population of the Duchy. Three provide the citizens of the Duchy with all possible Legal Representation.” - Lord Warden Kadian Karstein

Duties & Responsibilities:

As stated above the Wardens mainly deal with internal threats to both the County and Duchy as a whole. That being said it is still a Military Order and will be prepared for open conflict on any battlefield. The Wardens are divided into many different Divisions all assigned a different set of task listed here are some of the major ones.

  • Wardens: This Division consists of the brave men and women who perform the day to day field operations of the Order. These will be the Wardens most people outside of the Order will meet and interact with as such they are the largest Division in the Order.

  • Advocates: This Division consists of the Wardens most experienced and proficient legal experts. This is the Divisions that will be called upon when the Wardens attend court proceeding and as such will represent the Wardens in all such proceedings. The Advocates will also provide free legal representation to all citizen of the Duchy who cannot afford to provide it themselves.

  • Administrators: This Divisions is responsible for all documentation the Wardens keep and collect as well as organizing this information in a way that can be easily understood.

  • Masters: This division is responsible for all recruitment of new Wardens as well as all training involved with all current Wardens.

  • Watchers: This Division is responsible for [Information Restricted by order of the Grand Privy Council]

Warden’s Ranks & Structure:

“Enlisted Ranks”

  • Aspirant/Hopeful: (R0) - anyone who is accepted into the Wardens get before and during initial training.

  • Junior Warden: (R1) - anyone who pass initial training and are sent out for field training

  • Warden Basic: (R2) - a member of the Order possess.

  • Senior Warden: (R3) - Rank for members who have served with the Wardens longer than 3 in-game years.

“Senior Enlisted Ranks”

  • Chief Warden Basic: (R4) - first line Supervisor

  • Senior Chief Warden: (R5) - second line Supervisor

  • Elite Warden: (R6) - senior most Supervisor

“Command Ranks”

  • Command Warden: (CR1) Initial Command rank and will oversee most operation

  • Head Warden: (CR2) Second in Command of a Division

  • Elite Command Warden: (CR3) – Division commanders

  • GPC Member: Member of the Grand Privy Council. Consists of Division Commanders and other High Command positions.

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Knights of Tempest: (Storm Lord Voxxon Isendale)

The Knights of Tempest are an old organization, dating back to when Loc’Mir was a Kingdom unto itself. Located far to the North, fierce tempest storms often raged across the landscape. In those days, people worshiped the elements as Gods and Goddesses, and thus the Knights of Tempest were born.

Being distant relatives to the Count of Loc’Mir, the Barons of Tempest Keep, have maintained the ancient title of Storm Lords.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The Storm Guards: (City Watch) - The protection of Tempest Keep against threats both outside and within the City.

  • Bodyguards: Personally selected by the Storm Lord himself, these are his elite troops. On occasion he will assign them to personnel of importance within the County as well as other members of House Isendale.

  • Patrols: The Knights of Tempest are responsible for patrolling the Northern Borders.

  • Personal Escorts: The Northern Waste are not a forgiving landscape, and although Tempest Keep does not see as much traffic as the Southern Cities, on occasion people of importance make their way North. During this time The Storm Lord will provide personal escorts.

Tempest’s Ranks & Structure:

  • Initiate: All members start as an initiate and will be advanced to squire after receiving basic training and a knight selects them as a squire. Initiates also must take the Oath of the Knights to be promoted.

  • Squire: A member of the order that is attached to a knight for training. The knight that mentors the squire can recommend the squire for promotion. The Knight Commander has the final say on this promotion.

  • Storm Knight: A fully-fledged member of the order. They can have up to two squires at any given time and are responsible for their training.

  • Lt. Commander: Appointed by the Storm Lord and is the second in command. All lower ranks will report directly to the Lt. Commander.

  • The Storm Lord: The commander of the order. This rank can promote, demote, or remove members from the order.

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The Apollonian Guard: (Baron Cozicus Kinyon)

The Apollonian Guard is a mounted combat division comprised of Menn and Womenn that wish to pursue the Military Arts of mounted combat. This is a combat organization, we will be fighting enemies of Ashland whether they be NPC or PC. The Guard will answer calls to arms from the Count, Duke or King whenever they need. We will be stationed along a border with another kingdom, and as such it will be our responsibility to protect this border, patrol it as well as protect trade across it.

Duties & Responsibilities:

During wartime and peacetime we shall train and patrol the lands we are responsible for. Training will be comprised of group and individual training. During times of war we will provide flanking support in large scale encounters, disrupt enemy supply lines, and provide rapid deployment capabilities for the County and Duchy.

  • Patrols: The protection of the Fort and its surrounding areas against threats is paramount. This will include but will not be limited to, long deployments, Scouting possible routes for trade, travel etc, hunting bandits and other deviants within our area, and Border deployments to neighboring Counties, Duchies and/or Kingdoms.

  • Bodyguards: When needed I will assign soldiers to escort important visitors during their time within our Barony. Such assignments will be given to those qualified to protect VIPs.

  • Caravan Guards: Should a merchant or trader of any kind desire safe passage through our lands they will be accompanied by a host of our finest. We will do our best to facilitate safe trade within our borders.

Guard’s Ranks & Structure:

  • Initiate: All new recruits start as an initiate and will be advanced to Trainee after receiving basic training.

  • Trainee: A member of the Apollonian Guard

  • Rider: A member of a squad in the Apollonian Guard

  • Apollonian: A fully-fledged member of the Guard. This rank can lead their own squads.

  • Quartermaster: The quartermaster will be in charge of arming our soldiers, provisioning them and ensuring that we have an ample supply of reserves.

  • Commander: The commander of the Apollonian Guard.

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Description - Forth coming

City of Vlans recruitment post

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Description - Forth coming

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New Apollonia is a border Fort and as such we aim to share a border with another Kingdom. The purpose of this is to be in the perfect position to provide valuable intelligence about said border as well as quick response to any dangers that present themselves. New Apollonia is also home to the “Apollonian Guard” which is a Cavalry unit. On top of this we will strive to produce Spears (6'-20'), Lances and Shields of varying type. We are RP and non RP, there will be no pressure. I am to have fun and serve my County/Duchy/Kingdom as well as I possibly can. Join me!

New Apollonia recruitment post

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The City of Magpie’s Perch intends to become a large scale city, that encourages all styles of game play as well as becoming a trade hub both domestically and abroad. We plan to fill the city with various organizations, guilds, orders, and groups so that all residents and visitors of our city can find and enjoy spending time playing Chronicles of Elyria with like minded players, throughout their various communities. As such, we plan to facilitate quality role-playing environments for those interested, while not requiring nor punishing/hindering those who do not wish to partake in it.

Magpie’s Perch recruitment post

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Laris: Welcome to the picturesque town of Laris. It is the home to many men and women intent on honing their craftsmanship in the production arts, as well as farmer’s intent to working the land for food and other commodities to trade with the neighboring settlements. There are beautiful sights to behold and run away to, or just need to escape from a bigger city. Come join us, especially artists because there is nowhere more beautiful than the town of Laris.

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Description - Forth coming

Azyr Stronghold recruitment post

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Tempest Keep: In the Days of old, Tempest Keep was ruled by the Storm Lords of Ravenloft, under the banner of the King of Loc’Mir. When the Kingdom of Loc’Mir fell, Tempest Keep remained, for a time. Bolstered by the might of The Order of the Wolf and The Knights of Tempest, Ravenloft held strong against all who tried claiming the Northern lands for their own. As The Grand County of Loc’Mir emerged from the ashes, Ravenloft County was no more, and yet, Tempest Keep remained. Hard men and women swore allegiance to the Dark Wolf of Vlans. Their Keep still stands against the Cold of Night, and their hearts still yearn for battle. They are people of the Tempest, they are the North.

Tempest Keep recruitment post

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Description - Forth coming

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Description - Forth coming

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Congratulations to the Grand County of Loc'Mir, another strong addition to the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri :)

11/27/2017 10:21:25 AM #8

Looking great, Cant wait to work with you in Sanctaphandri!

11/27/2017 4:27:28 PM #9

New Apollonia and Her Apollonian Guard stand with you!

"The Ducal Dragoons lead The Way!"

12/2/2017 5:06:10 PM #10

Lord Kolvan is a dedicated noble of Ashland. I am sure he will prove most useful in times of war and peace.

3/4/2018 5:20:47 PM #11

The Military Section has been updated.

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3/6/2018 6:58:41 PM #12

It truly is memorizing to see how this recruitment thread continues to expand and evolve. I expect great things of this fine county.

3/8/2018 3:46:38 PM #13

Front line of the Kingdom are its Border Counties ;)

3/17/2018 3:35:34 PM #14

Trade is definitely a must, my old friend. I can hardly believe that our counties have been around for over a year now. (Funny old life)

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