Who will you be? (Art Giveaway!)

Who will you be? +Art Giveaway!

Winners will be drawn on Friday, Jan. 26th, at 11pm EST. Edit: Because I'm intrigued by your characters so much, I've decided I will be drawing two winners!

Winners have been drawn!

Congrats to Violet & Sage! See post 29 for more details on the drawing, as well as a screenshot of the random numbers I rolled.

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Original Post

I've been trying to write a little bit about my potential CoE character, but I've been struggling to do so, as a lot of the info is still TBD and being fairly new here, I just don't know as much as I'd like to about the world yet. So, I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone else has come up with.

"Right, so art giveaway, you say?"

All you have to do to enter is reply to this thread with a character description.

I've listed a few questions I'm asking myself, though feel free to talk about whatever part of your character you'd like to. Remember, the more detailed you are (especially in the physical description), the less guessing I'll have to do!

>Who will you be?

>What's your character's name?

>What do they look like?

>What do they act like?

>Where are they from?

I'll let this run for a few days (maybe a week, depending on my availability), then generate a random number (from 1–x, where x is the number of replies) and do a quick character portrait based on the description in that post number.

The winner will receive one character bust (shoulders, up) portrait. If I land on one of my posts or a post without a character description, I will reroll. I'll post the winner and image in this thread, as well as PM the winner. Expect a similar quality to the portrait below.

I've included a portrait of an Elder Scrolls Online character, so that you all can get a sense of my art style.

Have fun and good luck!


1/23/2018 3:52:29 AM #1

great idea for a contest. i would love a portrait of my character done by another person, as i think many others would as well.

welcome to the community (:


there's so much that one could do in elyria, and much that i would love to do, but this is what i've settled on for my character(probably named sleep if possible.)

Purpose and Playstyle

he has purposed in his heart to dedicate his life(and if reincarnation were possible, subsequent lives as well,) to learning knowledge and mastering skills that would allow him to protect the weak and innocent; whether it be from deviants, unruly beasts, or the monsters of legend and myth. secondarily he loves adventure, and desires to see many of the interesting places built by mann, as well as the beautiful and intriguing lands of elyria. for these reasons he will train in the following skills.

⋅ survival: hunting, tracking, trapping, shelter-craft, foraging, navigation, herbalism(medicine,) knife-making for processing creatures and other utility, axe-making for chopping trees, poisons(to be used on arrow heads and spear tips,) and the crafting of bows, arrows, and spears.

⋅ combat & strategy

⋅ animal taming

⋅ social adeptness: for getting useful information from npcs.

⋅ disguise: i think will be useful in hunting both creature and mann

i haven't decided if i will begin in a family or as a ward of the state. also, i know that i enjoy both pve and pvp, so my chosen playstyle is suitable to both types of combat.

when entering a town he might set himself to the hearing of local rumors, or seeing if any of the residents are facing troubles that he could possibly help to resolve. maybe there are bandits or other evildoers around, or maybe wild beasts are making the area too dangerous for daily activities. he might take on a bounty, or sign a contract to be payed for his aid, though he would always be willing to help for free when necessary. he might sit down in a tavern to overhear or inquire about such things. rumors of peculiar locations in the area would appeal to his sense of adventure. he would consider every rumor carefully, knowing that there are menn in elyria who would use tempting rumors as a trap for the ill-prepared.

he might spend time in libraries reading about myths and legends, gaining what knowledge he could that might lead him to great treasures, or give advantage to fighting hidden evils that might someday appear. he might apprentice or attend a school for a time to better his combat skills. in his old age, he would likely become a dedicated teacher of things he is well versed in and wants to pass on to others. if i remember correctly, it has been said by devs that in your old age, being a teacher is the best way to further advance your skills.

he might make use of his fighting ability to be a guard for a time; maybe protecting the transport of goods, or a wagon or caravan of menn moving or traveling from one settlement to another. or(a notion that has often appealed to me,) act as a guard for cartographers or treasure seekers venturing into the wilds.

in his mind, medicine is just as important as combat, if not more so. for this reason he will learn as much as he can about the plants in each part of elyria he visits, collecting and carrying dried plants with him in his portable herbarium.


i likely won't settle on a face until i play around for a long time in the character creator, and i don't have much of a tribe preference, but for the sake of this contest let's go with "how i might look as a to'resk." if i win i can send you a few head-shots. i like the simplicity of the haircut in the to'resk concept art, so something like that, though you could be creative with that if you'd like. i suppose he might have scars on his face, considering how he lives, so adding a few scars would make sense(just no big scars across the face please;) though, as i understand it, scars will come naturally in-game.

he enjoys playing and being merry with others, but is mostly very serious, thinking or feeling on matters related to his higher purpose in life. if he were to pose for a portrait, his expression would capture his longing to help others, and the suffering that comes with it. he is not very proud.

by the way, your shading skill is impressive. your painting above has a nice 3d effect when i look at it.

archer, tamer, survivalist, monster hunter, protector of the weak || duchy of aravier, kingdom of alésia, « næ

1/23/2018 5:46:40 AM #2

This is a wonderful and beautiful idea Elsy, I love your artwork.

I would love to enter if I may, a short description of what I would want my character to look like:

>Who will you be? I will be the queen of the free kingdom, the kingdom of Alésia. We will potentially end up with swamp lands so lets try and see what my character would look like as Janoa.

>What's your character's name? Violet Winterbourne

>What do they look like? Slightly more pale, very bright vibrant blue eyes, beautiful silky red hair, with a balanced muscle tone, it shows but not overly, a little on the shorter side.

>What do they act like? She's very helpful, graceful, loves to help others, her hands may get dirty sometimes from the work and effort she puts into helping others around the kingdom, even the poor. She loves wearing beautiful silky dresses aslong as they dont restrict her movement.

>Where are they from? She is from the Kingdom of Alésia, a kingdom that may end up with swampland or with beautiful green fields

1/23/2018 8:07:31 AM #3

I really dig this, awesome idea Elsy. Welcome to the community! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about CoE, us old dogs have seen it all over the years. There are a lot of question's you've gotta ask yourself when starting your journey in CoE and what you've put out is a great start:

>Who will you be? I'll be taking on the role of Duke of the Haverlands, Count of Eresford and Mayor of Raenhold. Essentially, a lot of management work! I'm looking at earning my keep through farming networks, establishing a breadbasket of renewable resources to feed and employ a large number of Haverlanders.

>What's your character's name? Duncan Farrow

>What do they look like? I've always imagined Duncan as being a young Neran nobleman, handsome but rugged - not afraid of getting out in the field to work alongside his farmers. Golden haired with violently green eyes, someone you look twice at just because of how different they appear.

>What do they act like? Duncan'll be very much a man of the people, coming from a family that has not ruled for a great many centuries. The Haverlander spirit of humbleness and industry ring true. Very poised though, undeniably from an upper class background but not to the point where they come off as snobby, just quite confident in the way he presents himself. Certainly the kind of guy you'd want to sit down in a tavern and share a pitcher of ale with.

>Where are they from? Duncan hails from the warm, rolling fields of the Haverlands - a fiercely traditional duchy that brings in people from all walks of life. His family have called the County of Eresford home for several hundred years.

1/23/2018 12:58:33 PM #4

Awesome idea lets take a crack. Mind this is in the hopes I get To'resk.

Who will you be?

Count Rathian Anatar, descendent of the mad prophet Sicarius Anatar. As one of the newly elected counts in the free kingdom of Alesia, Rathian works night and day to rebuild his families name from its tainted times when Sicarius was the head of the family. Talks of mania and madness plagued the Anatar family, but that was about to change. Vowing to rebuild his families reputation and be a leader of the people for the people, Rathian Anatar vows to his subjects and himself that tomorrow will be a new and free day.

What's your character's name?

Count Rathian Anatar

What do they look like?

Hailing from the To'resk tribe, Rathian is slightly paler then most, due to staying indoors and studying the arts and sciences. This was so both because of his love for knowledge and to escape the persecution from those who knew who he was as a child. Donning his scalp lay moderately short black hair. Rathian took many a lesson in the art of combat and understood the need to keep it shorter, but couldn't resist letting it grow just a little bit for show. His blue eyes are often soulless and lifeless, many of the kids used to ran away when he would be looking at them playing, they didn't know that he was just deep in thought and would often be so lost in his own world that he would forget the one that really existed. Growing up he was always fond of darker clothes, blacks reds, blues and purples, he always wished to become an adventurer and be a mysterious man walking through a town no one from home ever heard of. His fashion sense followed him into adulthood but took on a more business approach, but he still has that adventuring outfit... just in case one day fate comes calling.

The most striking feature are the scars that show of various areas of his body, testaments to his younger days of fighting with boys that would challenge him or attempt to ridicule his family. A few are even from some of the wildlife he tried to take on in an attempt to prove himself to the local military detachment. He was trying to run away and believed they were his ticket out. Truth be told the soldiers never were gonna let him come to harm, but they weren't going to be seen caring for the grandson of Sicarius either, still they were impressed and told him never to stop fighting.

What do they act like?

Rathian is a mann of distinction, he grew up knowing no one would give him respect without him earning it. As an educated mann he prides himself in proper decorum and values skills his considers more art then profession. to include, scribing, law, alchemy, warfare, and hunting. In the court of Rathian being seen as a mann of honor and dignity are paramount to your social standing. Those who forgo these principles are seen as lesser menn, those who lack the ability, Rathian is known to attempt to become a teacher, especially to the young and down trodden.

Where are they from?

Rathian was born in the swamps, during the great hunt, when his family was being wiped out by many who believed that the new child, Rathian, would bring back the ways of his grandfather. He lived in those swamps a long time before they were safe to come out again. With tensions dyeing down thanks to some family friends who convinced the concerned villagers that the child was no threat. Not all were convinced but it was enough for Rathians' mother to feel safe raising him in the open. The day they returned he vowed silently that they would all know just how different he could be. He vowed to prove everyone wrong.

Upvoting and downvoting indiscriminately

1/23/2018 4:12:36 PM #5

A solid idea, though I don't expect you to draw my character, and you'll probably see why soon. But good luck to you! If your lotto does land on my reply, I wouldn't mind you picking someone else due to how this character is.

>Who will you be? The being known as Faust will be a doctor of questionable origins. Their family may not be aristocrats, but the Faust family have used their medical expertise to a comfortable wealthy standing. While tribe origin is vaguely unknown, they will most likely be Neran. Alchemy, astrology, and knowledge will be their trade of those who receive the title/name.

>What is your character name?

??????? Faust. A first name is given, but unknown to others. A chosen heir adopts the name of Faust to fully envelop themselves into the persona.

What do they look like? This is the catch, the persona of Faust is never seen without the standard plague doctor mask and cowl, as will be seen below this. Tribe, gender, or personal identity, does not matter to be person who wears the mask.

What do they act like? Eccentric is a word to describe to all people who acquire the name of Faust. They are motivated by their morbid curiosity, the pursuit of forbidden knowledge, the need to solve problems with no easy solutions. They become eccentric when the situation seems fun to them, regardless if the situation is good for anyone around them. I.E., like a natural disaster or a spreading of a disease, a smile hidden by the mask would be on their face during those time. When eccentric, they become excitable and begin to project themselves like a showman.

Where are they are from? They say that the name Faust originated from the Neran civilization, but their natural curiosity could bring them relatively anywhere as long as it is a stable domain for their practice. And since the mask of Faust doesn't discriminate between the tribes or gender, the entity of Faust care not for their orgins and chooses the present moment over the past instead.

1/23/2018 5:35:54 PM #6

Thanks for the welcomes and such. Loving all these character ideas so far!

And Faust, don't worry, I like the potential challenge of expressing a personality without being able to use an expression. The only posts that'd result in a reroll would be mine or one without a character description.

1/23/2018 9:25:36 PM #7

While not an RPer myself, I fully endorse this idea :) What a great community engagement project.

1/23/2018 9:50:30 PM #8

>Who will you be? Duke of Thearyn or otherwise known as the "Horse Lord"

>What's your character's name?

Varuian Maulvorn

>What do they look like?

I'm thinking that Varuian is roughly 5ft 11 inches tall, nice broad shoulders and well built, he has dark blonde hair with a full beard, he likes to wear simple, practical clothing to present a more virtuous image. he has a unique sigil ring on his right hand (The sigil of the Order of Varuian), for the hair it is groomed to look neat and presentable.

He wears the colours of his house and duchy on his clothes (Golden Wheat and Brown) and wears a breastplate decorated with horses and related for both protection and to represent being prepared to defend the faith.

He has a strong jawline and cheekbones, he is considered to be an attractive man amongst the female courtiers.

He looks like King Ecbert from "Vikings"

>What do they act like?

He is a pious man and as such can be stern in his actions, but he commands respect from his vassals via his honest judgements and dedication to the well being of the lands and subjects under his rule.

His court doesn't partake in lavish feasts often (mainly when the King comes, Diplomacy after all), orders his courtiers to wear simple clothes and keeps Priests from the Church of Thearyn within the court to offer spiritual and scholarly guidance.

He is respected by the Church of Thearyn for his work in spreading the virtues and helping those seek it within his court.

However there is a streak of ruthlessness in his actions, which make some fear and dislike the Duke, but his competent rulership and respect from his vassals and peers ensure the Duchy of Thearyn is a prosperous domain within the Kingdom.

Varuian served in the Holy Swords and has seen what it is like to be in battle and will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of the Duchy and Kingdom.

Known quotes of Varuian;

"Wearing fancy clothes, drinking expensive wines and eating expensive meals needlessly is a sign of a leader lacking virtue, wear simple, practical clothing with only a minimal of embroidery, eat bread, stew and water and train your body in the training room and your mind in the library is the way of a Virtuous leader" - Varuian to Baron Oathensted in response to numerous reports of lavish spending and poor physique

"Decisive action is part of being an effective ruler" *Varuian to Count Baldwin IV in response to a letter asking for advice on rulership

>Where are they from?

Duchy of Thearyn, Kingdom of Alesia

1/23/2018 10:30:54 PM #9

Who will you be? i will be Mayor Uthred Dahl of a hopeful yet subtle trading town. Born in the alpine mountains he is a hardened Brudvir. Not quite as big and strong as the others but he does have defined features that he usually hides

What's your character's name?

Utherd Dahl

What do they look like?

Uthred is not to be the one to stand out in a crowd, only standing at roughly 6', dirty blond hair kept to just a few inches long, a nicely groomed beard just a bit more then a stubble. his eyes however are one thing you can not ever forget, with a bright blue shimmer as if the sun is always gleaming off of them. Uthred has a deep scar on his neck from the bottom right side to the Adam's apple. He wear's very certain clothes based on day and function, however usually he prefers a more subtle choice with a dark blue and black cowl

What do they act like? Uthred is not one for usually taking the spotlight, he is sort of a ghost everyone knows the name the town he runs, but not many know him. He knows all and sees all, but not many has seen his face. To the people he does know he is willing to do anything for them, he has a kind heart and a gentle soul, but when it comes to defending the ones he loves he will not back away from a fight.

Where are they from? Uthred was born in the alpine mountians. He has since moved been a lot of places. he is waiting for the right place to call home

Mayor Uthred Dahl

1/23/2018 11:12:36 PM #10

Excellent plan here. Always love an opportunity to flesh out a character, and the chance to win art is perfection. Gonna switch the name to the first part though, just cause I feel like that makes a bit more sense :)

>What's your character's name?

Ansgar Eldstedt

>Who will you be?

In short, I will be a big game hunter, pursuing the greatest prey of all: menn. I own no lands, nor titles of nobility, nor land, nor a craft, and instead I roam from settlement to settlement sniffing out injustices along the way. When I find suitable prey (criminals and lawbreakers), I will take on the forensic work, inquire after witnesses and the like, ultimately capturing my target. Once a settlement seems to be clear, I then will move on to another. A detective, a lawman, a bounty hunter, a bloodhound, a predator. These are my titles.

>What do they look like?

Ansgar will be a Brudvir, and thus demonstrates many of their more obvious physical traits. He stands tall, well above the six foot mark, and is clearly well muscled, though is not simply a wall of meat. The hair atop his head is a medium brown with some obvious red thrown in, and is curly, but it is monitored ferociously and while it is never perfectly kept, it is never wild and splayed about. The same applies to his beard, which is relatively short and somewhat darker in color than his hair.

His eyes are a gleaming yellow, with some barely detectable orange tints closer to the center. His skin is fair, as is typical of his kind, and his nose is large and thick. He has a strong jaw and his eyebrows are thick and bushy.

Brutal yet controlled summarizes his appearance quite well. He is not one to smile often, and his gaze is exacting as it is discomforting, doubly so for his prey.

>What do they act like?

Ansgar is a harsh man. He is one of those who, even glimpsed, make an immediate impression; there is an intensity about him that is almost a threat. This is a cold fire, however, and he has principles which guide him always. He defers to proper authority, follows a code of honor strictly, and would sooner starve himself than see an innocent die by his hand. He is meticulous, and sees the pursuit of justice as his ultimate duty, and he carries with him an aura of conviction and ruthlessness, once that is as infectious as it is oppressive.

This may paint him to be a poorer picture than how he truly acts, however. While his inner ideals and motivations may be disconcerting, his behavior is more tame and benevolent than they may indicate. Ultimately, he is respectful to non-prey (innocents) of all walks of life, from a lowly farmer to the might lord, he is highly willing to go out of his way to provide assistance. This protection also extended to ex-cons, though it is clearly grudging.

He has his fair share of flaws as well, finding forgiveness to be a difficult feat, and mercy to be possibly even a weakness. His tendency towards honesty makes the more subtle parts of detective work more difficult, and his determination, while in some eyes may be heroic, can be easily considered to be too aggressive.

Just don't say that to his face.

>Where are they from?

I have not yet completely settled on a kingdom, but Ansgar will certainly be from the far north. Beyond even the alpine forests, he was born in the cold of the tundra, in a village by the coast. Since then, however, he has wandered, and has no qualms with going beyond Brudvir land. There is a tale told, however, from one of the villages he has dwelt in, that sticks to his mind like a trap clinging to an elk's leg. This is that story:

"The peasants of Vidskali are convinced that in every litter of wolves there is one dog, which is killed by the mother because, otherwise, as he grew up, he would devour the other little ones."

Give this bastard dog-son of a wolf a human face, and the result will be Ansgar.

"Would you like my hat?"

1/23/2018 11:57:52 PM #11

A magnificent idea, but for character building and for the lucky winner. Count me in. Please note everyone after this point is written in IC and reflect only the viewpoints of my Characters.

>Who will you be?
I'm Leonardo Loriano, humble mayor of the City of Florentia nestled between the lush fields of Beaulieu within the Kingdom of Arkadia. I'm called many things in my life, an adventurer, a bard, sometimes even a fraud however by the grace of his majesty King Raziel I'm mostly a mayor.

>What's your character's name?
Leonardo Tizo Loriano, at your humble service.

>What do they look like?
You may have heard from me already. Selene has granted myself with many things that I can be proud of. Born 20 years ago I'm only at the beginning of my prime. The Hair is brown as a chestnut, the eyes as bright as the ocean. The people often loud my aristocratic features, who would though ill of them with a size of 5.8 feet!
While I'm not a man of the sword the time changed me into a man of the feather. I'm also proud of the fact that you will find me rarely in ratty clothes, my adventure colleagues often laugh at me for this but you can go into the wild in style if you know where to look at.

>What do they act like?
You had the chance to get know me for a bit but if you ask around you will only hear only the best about me. I have to keep up my duty as part of the Aristocracy of Arkadia so my attire can be seen as a bit up levelled but I assure you I care for the poorest subjects in my town as well! I'm also a man of style for sure, be they cloth, wine and others things of the finer life, they are part of my lifestyle after all.

Quotes about Leonardo:
He's an Aristocrat what do you expect? Stuck up once he is, stole the virginity of three of my girls last year alone. He's all fancy and about fine words but he's also patient, one of the reasons why the Countess had set up more clerks here than in every other part of the County but you don't have this from me. Magdalena - Landlady of the 'shabby crown' the local inn

He's a disgrace to the whole town, easy to anger and he had done some unspeakable things. He's worse then his father I tell you. Every day I pray to Selene that King Raziel will replace him with someone competent but I guess that will never happen. An enraged father that lose his daughter to the Manor of Leonardo

He's a good man, usually. We could have it worse. At least the tax is not overwhelming and he is good for business, Florentia has blossomed under his leadership and in the end, that's what counts Enrico Vacci, Merchant

>Where are they from?
Leonardo was born in Florentia as the son of Aleksandro Loriano. He grew up in Florentia and the County of Beaulieu, lived a few years at the court in the Duchy of Skuldheim before he retired back to Florentia to take the mantle of leadership from his father. He explored part of the Duchy through his earlier travels and he is determined to see the most of Arkadia and the neighbouring Kingdoms as long as his office gives him the time for that.

1/24/2018 7:48:09 AM #12

I love this idea Elsy, and I love your art too! Somehow, all the artists around here wind up on other servers, so really thanks for offering up your talent in this way. Now to the questions:

>Who will you be?

A Neran nobleman (count) in the Kingdom of Ashland within the Royal Duchy of Ignis. More specifically, the head of the noble House Fortune, Lord of the Vale of Vainglory and Mayor of Prince Albion, endowed with the privilege and responsibility of governing lands and people within the Kingdom of Ashland.

>What's your character's name?

Formally, Count Marcellus Fortune. With some embellishment, Count Marcellus the Vainglorious.

>What do they look like?

Marcellus stands above average height for a Neran man with fair hair, round jaw, oval face, no perceivable facial hair, piercing black eyes, an easy smile and a well defined figure. He indulges in the latest fashions, in fine cottons and silks, and loves deep reds, golds and black colors.

>What do they act like?

Quick to laugh and slow to anger, Marcellus is a youthful man with an unquenchable appetite for thrills. Having been born into nobility with access to wealth and opportunity beyond the average person, he's frequently willing to push the envelope and experience new things that promise an exciting outcome.

He's immensely vain and perpetually strives for self perfection, a quality that's highly regarded within the Vale if not elsewhere, but also capable of being extraordinarily charming. He's fond of women, a man who deeply enjoys the courtship of a romance, and likes to experience things to the fullest to savor whatever passions he uncovers.

>Where are they from?

Marcellus hails from the Vale of Vainglory, a land of smooth, rolling hills filled with trees in rich autumn hues. It is a place of pageantry near the heart of Ashland that harkens back to the European renaissance where vanity is regarded as a province of virtue and openly celebrated, not unlike the fictional Panem. This belief deeply influences all things within the Vale, from the culture to the work to social mores, and what feeds the personal and political ambitions of the lords of the Vale, many of its citizens and those who come to make a name for themselves. It is a place that's very different than the many parts of the Kingdom that often posses more serious and pragmatic concerns.

1/24/2018 5:06:15 PM #13

Keep the character concepts coming! I love reading them.

Also, I've decided I will be drawing the winner at 11pm EST this Friday, so make sure your post is ready to go by then.

1/25/2018 3:33:10 AM #14

Oooh this sounds fun. :)

Who will you be?

I am the Duke of Prismatia within the Kingdom of Kairos. I intend to be a researcher and pass my teachings to those who wish to pursue knowledge. I would like to be Kypiq most of all.

What's your character's name?

My name will be Alluvial Maris the Sage.

What do they look like?

Alluvial has a very thin face, deep black eyes and a beautiful mane of deep red hair. I did a small photo edit of him once, I imagine him to look something like this:

What do they act like?

Alluvial (or, as I like to call him, Alvy) is a very quiet and reserved person. He is happy to teach those that come to him for wisdom, but as a general rule he is hard to budge in his ways and rarely ever leaves his home. Not a very adventurous fellow by far.

Where are they from?

Alvy is from the town New Aegis. While he is not an adventurous fellow, he is very engrossed in the history behind Old Aegis, which is said to be in ruins underneath his hometown.

1/25/2018 3:42:40 AM #15

Beautiful work and beautiful idea. Love to see these from the community. Have fun :)