How is the Archery mechanics going to be cause I see everyone talking about of the sword fighting is going to be but what I want to know how the Archery is going to be like?

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A damned good question which I'm also curious about as I have my entire county population queued for training in archery as our local sport and as a baseline for conscript readiness if not outright militarization. Perhaps we'll be so lucky as to have Mr Snipehunter stop by sometime and give us a fresh headsup on the matter. :)

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I would have a great appreciation for that aswell.

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It has been mentioned you will need to account for wind. So I'm guessing it won't be a point and click.

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They mentioned at one point that ranged combat will be very hard but very deadly. Like you could prob kill a dear that is eating some grass from a short distance or maybe shooting a arrow into a crowd of enemies but probably wont be sniping people running around.

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I am hoping for a good first person view to make archery more doable. Crossbows might be easier to aim with but since bolts are heavy the effective range should be less than a proper longbow. Hopefully more information on ranged combat comes to light soon

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since there are different techniques in the game , i hope they would add lars andersons quick draw technique. The 'quick bow' in assassins creed origins also took inspiration from lars andersons technique.

i cant post the link, but check youtube for the 1:37 sec long video>> 'Lars Anderson Trick Shooting Episode 1'.

alt text

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I am familiar with Lars Anderson. As I understand he uses a low draw weight bow. 35lbs for most of his trick shots. Still with the right strength stat they should be doable with heavier bows I imagine

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@Foxy yes but youd probably have to be a brudvir/yoru for it would be so broken if they make it so that you can use the same technique for warbows. you were already at a disadvantage in melee range!

anyway anyone who hasnt watched it, watch all 3 episodes...its mindblowing. its like he has reached 'legendary' in the skill archery lol. who knows maybe there will be a legendary hermit called 'lars' somewhere deep in the jungle in elyria who will teach this stuff.

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Here is a somewhat critical video about speed shooting. The point is that some of the speed shooting videos don't use heavy arrows and they don't pull the string back very far.

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From my assumption, I suspect it will be similar to Mount and Blade?.

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Posted By Isildur at 04:34 AM - Fri Apr 13 2018

From my assumption, I suspect it will be similar to Mount and Blade?.

I presume it will be similar to M&B or similar games. I do wonder if they will go with first-person view and no reticle.

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Archery is something I look forward to getting into in COE. But for the most part haven't heard much information about how that will play out yet.

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Posted By Isamu at 12:34 AM - Fri Apr 13 2018

i cant post the link, but check youtube for the 1:37 sec long video>> 'Lars Anderson Trick Shooting Episode 1'.

Right there in the title- Trick Shooting.

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Given that archery is such a major part of human history on every continent I assume they will have very detailed mechanics for it. It needs to be just as easy or hard as using a sword. Since it would be used both for hunting and fighting I can see it being fairly easy to start with, but very hard to get good at.

What I mean is that everyone can hit a target at 10 yards. Most could hit it at 20 yards. And some at 30 yards. But only those that truly practice could hit it at 50 yards. And only the very rare person could hit the bullseye at that distance. (The distance is just an example)

A 35lbs draw weight could be an everyday hunting bow used by an explorer or farmer. A dedicated hunter might go with a 50lbs draw for a little more distance and penetration. War bows up in the 80lbs range would take regular practice to use effectively. Early crossbows had very heavy draw weights which is why they required cranks to draw them. You couldn’t do it by hand. They could shot a long way and still be fairly accurate. And those heavy tipped bolts could punch thru some heavy plate mail.


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I wonder if they will do archery like in the game 'Chivalry:Medieval Warfare'? That was interesting.

I took part in an archery competition with a friend once that involved some trick shots. After a couple rounds shooting mid-field, he went full-field for some long distance shots and I stayed mid to do some behind-the-back. We both consistently got bullseyes, it was a blast.

While the long distance would have been good for sniping, and the behind-the-back for shooting around corners, those are very specific. I imagine most of the time your target will be short to mid range, running and dodging, as will you.