[EU - Tryggr] County Vitra

County Vitra

County Vitra

Enjoy your stay

Basic Information

Server: Selene (EU)
Kingdom: Tryggr
Duchy: Not pledged

Capital City: Cridhe an Teine
Ruling Family: Alfrothul

Our Blood is Fire

Goals of Vitra

The County of Vitra aims to be a home to a range of people, all of whom are passionate in what they do. The capital, Cridhe an Teine, will focus on two major aspects: Astrology and Archaeological Anthropology. The wish of the capital is to be a hub where people can research and learn about the history of their people, but also look into the future and see a glimpse of their own destiny.

That being said, I will likely try to dip my hands into a fair few things; mining, blacksmithing, cooking, husbandry, agriculture and so on. Not for the purpose of being able to say that I can, but so I can have an idea of how to create a self-sustaining economy within the County.

Ultimately, I aim for Vitra to be a hub to all forms of passionate people. This should help push Vitra forward in everything we do as most workers will be doing what they love rather than what they feel is necessary.

County Location

Ideally, I am aiming for the County to be located in or near a mountainous region. Along these lines, the County should shape itself along the environment, having natural hills or mountains forming defensive points as an example, rather than forcing the environment to submit to our whims.

However, this may not be the case. I hope to work along those who wish to join the County to find the best suitable place for everyone, even if it means giving up my Mountain City. The goal is to have a place where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Dreams of the Capital

Regardless of where the capital is located, there are a few things that I would like to have. First and foremost is a college, a branch of Tryggr’s Utdannelse College, that focuses on researching archaeology (Though, of course, has a hand in several topics). This would include learning about ancient civilisations, possible ancient art and artefacts.

Along with this, I am aiming to have a form of Observatory. Perhaps not extremely advanced, but a place where the people researching Astrology and Astronomy have a place that they can look into the stars above uninterrupted. This will likely be built at the highest point in the Capital.

Notable Individuals

Count of Vitra: Asdrac Alfrothul, resides within Cridhe an Teine.

Rather than being full time, the following roles will have other day jobs that they expertise in, though the Count should listen to their words before making any major changes.

Defence and Law: TBD, likely to be head of city guard. Advises with changes to any law, defences of the city or provides information on any major crimes within the County.
Commerce: TBD, likely treasurer (or just a very enthusiastic banker if there somehow is none). Advises where the county’s treasury should be spent, will work closely with the count.
Education: TBD, likely a professor at the College. Provides information on how education to the masses is going and if they are lacking in a particular area.
Medicine:TBD. Provides information on any particular illnesses that seem to be sweeping the County, giving advice on how best to ensure the health of the citizens.

Not an extensive list

Settling Towns

Cridhe an Teine: Capital City of Vitra. Count Asdrac Alfrothul resides within this city. Home to a branch of the Utdannelse College and the Observatory.

More to come…

Guilds & Organisations

The Mystic Eye: Organisation that focuses on Astrology and Astronomy. Housed within the Observatory in the Capital city.
College of Utdannelse : A college that provides free education to the inhabitants of Tryggr. A branch focusing on Astrology and Astronomy will be situated in the capital.

More to come…

Further Contact

If you have any further questions, feel free to either send me a message or post below. You are also welcome to join the Vitra and Tryggr discords.
Below is also a link to the Tryggr EU website.

Tryggr Discord
Vitra Discord

Tryggr Website

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