[EU] Jörmungandr Explorers Guild

Jörmungandr Explorers & Cartographers

To take on dangerous unknowns and perilous contracts to discover that which bares no record

“Semper Explorandum” - Always exploring

The Grand Vision

Jörmungandr Explorers Guild sometimes known as Jörgies, is one of the two guilds sharing a Guildhall the other being Síðastr Jötunnøðr . Based in Grammrhafn the capital of Dore within the Kingdom of Tryggr. Efforts to expand into other cities, counties and duchies will largely depend on an increase of demand, but also in part to the Jörgies reputation increasing thus prompting more contracts from investors & associates requiring our services.

Across Elyria there are ancient ruins , mysterious forests, unexplored caves, and the uncharted lands. Vast expanses of untamed wilds hold the remnants of ancient societies long forgotten. Somewhere a newly discovered land with a map that remains incomplete and holds wonders unseen in the history of the world.

Along the way we hope that our services be employed to procure treasures, clean out monsters, protect teams of archaeologists/prospectors, map new areas, discover new travel routes, investigate rumors, find new life, or simply to see what might be happening in a place uncharted and report back.

Exploring every corner of Elyria one step at a time. Searching for artefacts. Amassing one of the largest libraries of information on the world’s history, people and cultures are the goals set out before us

Structure of the guild

Ranks in game

In-game ranks will be created according to the mechanics and possibilities. For now the following structure can be adopted:

  • Masters Masters of the skills. Teaching apprentices certain skills, but also imparting their wisdom onto novices Jörmungandr. If you obtain the title master you will have mastered at least on craft and are a member of good standing with the guild. You will operate largely independently, lead expeditions.
  • Journeymen As a journeyman/woman, you will be an independent explorer or a member of your chosen expedition, exploring the world and working on your mastery. Mastery will be attained with the mastery of a skill, support of a master, and approval of the Council.
  • Apprentices Under the teaching of a guild master, apprentices can travel the world in relative safety with more experienced guild members. They are not allowed to go off on their own under the guild charter. They should always be in the company of a journeyman. They should make at least one journey under a master to attain journeyman rank.

Associates and Investors


They are leaders of other guilds, organizations, and persons of interests with which the Jörmungandr guild has an agreement or partnership. They stay in contact with the guild council and/or officers of the guild.

  • Offer: The Jörmungandr Guild will have their skills and knowledge to offer first and foremost. This can be done via contracts, members and/or goods. In the traits and professions section the different professions the guild has to offer can be found.

  • Looking for: The guild is looking for any collaboration to help in their core business of exploration.


They are landowners with an interest in the guild and desire to support the guild.

  • Offer: The Jörmungandr guild will have not only their skills to offer but also a guild house. The financing and funding of said house will be done after consultation between the guild and the investor. The great benefit here will be that a house will be in the same region, and will bring contracts, members and goods. Members will have the ability to fulfill different professions which can be found in the traits and professions section.

  • Looking for: Any support from landowners is welcome. This will mean that the basis of the guild will expand, and exploration can go further and wider.

Traits and professions


It is key to know the wilds and your place in them. Navigation is a big part of that. Hold your footing and you can discover wondrous places. Just as navigation having first aid training under your belt proves to be a big asset to yourself and your party.


Being proficient in combat in more than one discipline would come in handy dealing with wild animals and rather less peaceful minded individuals.


Contracted professions within the guild:

  • Cartographer; put the world on paper. Lore>Scribing>Cartography

  • Archiver; able to read old languages, runes, and translate them. Knowledge>Cryptography/Linguistics

  • Navigator/Escort; guide groups to an agreed upon location. Combat/Wayfinding

  • Resource Scout; locate and/or collect desired resources for crafters and merchants. Knowledge, Lore>Medical Components

  • Hunter; track animals to be captured or killed, to sell as livestock, or for the meat and pelt. Most likely in collaboration with the archery and hunting guild, Síðastr Jötunnøðr Survival/Guile

  • Solo Players *players who are deterred by the whole adventure party with several members. The guild might have the thing for you, maintaining waypoints for the guild. Stocking, equipping, and upgrading these waypoints means you can go about your business while out in the wild near these points. This way adventure parties can have a pit-stop at these points after which they continue on their journey, perhaps with useful information from you. Survival/Combat/Guile

  • Innkeepers. We are looking to have innkeepers join as affiliates to the guild. As travelers we need a place to rest our feet and lay our heads for good night's sleep. We are hungry for food. But also for knowledge about adventures in the neighborhood. We bring information from our travels to your inn which could bring over some more business to your establishment.

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Aside from obvious advantages such as finding treasure and artifacts. Exploration needs funding. And you will need gear to be able to play relatively safely.

The guild will have a contract-board where contracts will be displayed. Everyone can put up a contract. Associates, Investors, Members but also other PCs and NPCs in the area. Members can then go and find suitable contracts to accept and start the process of putting together a party (if required).

There will be a guild fee over any income. This will be used for better facilities and gear for all members.

The way you receive income is not set in stone. You can be as flexible as you want to be. Most of the time professions overlap or even complement each other. Even with secondary non-explorer minded skills. But being skilled enough to become a master, you could have apprentices, and gain a foothold within the guild.

Becoming a member

Recruitment Status:


Fastest way would be the guild's discord channel where any member will be happy to answer any questions you have, or you might want to drop by the kingdom discord to introduce yourself.

Who let the Master steer the ship?

Special Thanks: Nesla the founder of this guild, for setting up the groundwork of Jömungandr, and allowing me to share this post, most of which was structured by him. Cheers!
Images Credits:

Astrid for the beautiful sigil design ^^ & Ashielf for customizing it to the worn shield

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