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The Wildhome Expedition is an organization of diverse individuals working together to achieve the goal of leading an expedition to settle the new continent.

Even though Wildhome as it currently exists was founded in the first quarter of 2017, we have been working together since the Kickstarter. The Wildhome Expedition is a mature and respectful community united by the primary goal of locating the new continent, as well as our passion and dedication to settling there. As a group we pride ourselves in working together in a mature, smooth, and efficient manner. We are looking for players from all walks of life and play styles to round out our ranks.

Soon after our formation, contact was made with the Kingdom of Bordweall and speaking with Dleatherus made it clear we wanted to settle within his domain. Since then we have made strong ties with the other leaders dedicated to the Duchy of Bloodoak. Due to these ties we have been able to acquire a prime position within the Bloodthorn Syndicate to aid us in achieving our goals. Any who wish to find the new world or support efforts in doing so are welcome to sign up if they are willing to relocate to our settlement or the surrounding area. Those who do not wish to risk everything to sail out are perfectly welcome to stay in the original settlement to support the trip.

The organizational structure consists of a leading council and a subordinate inner circle which we trust to perform critical duties and vote on important matters. The Wildhome Expedition is heavily involved with the Bloodthorn Syndicate and have a mutualistic partnership with Brunel Shipwrights Company. We will also be working closely with the Cedargore Marine Corps. Additionally, we are open to either working or partnering with other organizations within the kingdom of Bordweall and other allied kingdoms.

If you wish to join up, have any questions, or feel like popping in for a chat you can join our discord with this link.

Other points of contact are:

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4/24/2019 10:37:09 AM #1

I love boats.. Can't wait to voyage in game!

Visit our Recruitment Thread!

4/24/2019 1:15:29 PM #2

Looking forward to seeing where this organization goes! Brunel is a good group to link up with, so you're in good hands.

4/26/2019 2:22:08 AM #3

Posted By HuldricFranconian at 09:15 AM - Wed Apr 24 2019

Looking forward to seeing where this organization goes! Brunel is a good group to link up with, so you're in good hands.

Thank you! We look forward to showing everyone what we can do.

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5/5/2019 10:27:53 AM #4

Great group to be partnered up with. I'm looking forward to working with Ras and his crew in-game!

7/26/2019 6:11:13 PM #5

Looking forward to sailing the seas.

Harkon Kinddes Schmieds, first of his name. button

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