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Duchy info

We are a part of the Kingdom of Bordweall. A new Duchy with old roots within the Kingdom.

A Duchy that rests quietly watching, learning, and growing.

Resting upon the warm plains of the south. A colorful landscape where the shadows keep secrets long forgotten to those who were once here but have long lost their way.

It's humble folk living in tightly knit communities, helping one another in preparation of the storm that is to come. For the world will one day spiral endlessly into conflict and chaos. When that day comes, they will be ready. Because they've never feared the darkness that will one day drive the world into madness.

Through out the Duchy her people prosper. The farmers and breeders providing her with the most basic needs of the many. Food and resources transported from their humble farms, to flourishing towns and cities where the merchants and artisans perfect their craft. People from around the world flow to here to see what living truly is.

Here and there the strongholds and citadels stand proud. Their armies no less than legends to rest of the world. For this is where the heroes of the world have taken their first steps, mastering their art and one day joining the ranks of shadow, forever keepers of the people. Ready to die for what they hold most dear.

Defining Attributes

  • Breeding- There will be many government and military sponsored jobs for breeders. Breeders will work with domesticated animals, war mounts, trisions, and etc. We will have a special program concerning this. We will be using the mounts/animals in many County projects, including a Delivery system, County-sponsored Caravans, equipping all military personals with a mount, and etc.

  • Trading-For the first 12 months of gaming, the Duchy tax will be set at half of the national average. This is to help promote the movement of goods, while allowing businesses and households alike to prosper through having some extra cash for usage in other areas, such as investing in new businesses or to improve the quality of life for their household. After the initial 12 months, the new tax rate will be set based on what the Duke believes will best help promote the growth of the Duchy and the citizen's quality of life. Patrols will be created and roads will be built.
    The safety of the roads for travelers and merchants will be paramount. Any bandit or danger to the prosperity of the citizens will be dealt with immediately and harshly. The Duchy will most likely host military guarded caravans at appointed times, where they will move from one end of the Duchy to the other end. All merchants and travelers are welcome to move along with this caravan.

  • Military-The Duchy of Tenebrae will place a high emphasis on it's military strength. There will be no drafting of citizens except when ordered by the Duke during a period of emergency, and only for a defensive war. All soldiers of the Duchy's army will have long-term employment, will be diligently trained, and shall be properly armed plus armored by the Duchy. The Duke promises that those in the military will have high social mobility. Those that have proven themselves capable will be given higher ranks, and may eventually acquire titles and land of their own should they prove worthy. Those who protect us will not be forgotten.
    The Duchy's military will consist greatly of Light and Heavy Calvary, Archers and Mounted Archers, and War Trisons. Overall, the army can be defined as a mobile force with the capability to travel quickly and has the ability to launch deadly ranged attack at the vitals of enemy armies.

  • Adventuring- The Duke will be sponsoring explorers and adventurers alike for many expeditions. It is the Duke's wish for the Duchy to become a well-known hub for adventurers and explorers to meet before they begin their expedition. During periods of peace, the spare military forces of the Duchy will also be engaging in expeditions toward unknown territories in hopes of finding treasures, new resources, and relics of the past.

Note- the Kingdom tax and Barony tax are set by their respective leaders. Only the Duchy tax will be halved.

List of Guilds and Organizations

Ending Summary

The Duchy of Tenebrae is currently looking for people from all aspects of life be it Nobility, Aristocrats or common folk. We also welcome businesses and guilds looking for a starting base. Currently, we have a decent sized group, a few guilds, and over 40 towns/baronies.

The Discord is below if you're interested in joining, or just want to go sight seeing. If you have any questions, just shout for our Duke, Shady Pierrot. No need to be shy!

Come, visit us. Look at us. Touch us. Be infected by us. Become one of us. For we are contagious...

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