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Town of Kestrel // Kingdom of Nirath // The Royal Ship Assembly // The Atheneum // La Madraza

The Falcons is a monster hunter and exploration guild.

The home of the guild is in the Kingdom of Nirath in Rhaegys Audran’s County, in the town of Kestrel. The motto of our guild is an ancient saying that survived the eons: “We watch with silent swords”.

Our sigil is the Falcon, a silent and swift hunter, that strikes with precision, without being heard or seen by its prey, this is how we will fight.

We are loyal to the Kingdom of Nirath and since Dragor is a good friend of mine, to honour this friendship, Nirath’s colors are represented in our Coat of Arms.

First and foremost have fun playing the amazing game that Chronicles of Elyria is going to be.

My dream is that we will take part of the evolving story of the game by hunting monsters, following up on rumors, searching for rare artifacts and relics, and by being part of the ongoing war if there happens to be one in the realm.

My dream for the guild isn’t to be the best or biggest of its kind, it is to be a fun, welcoming home for all of those who want to have the lifestyle of an adventurer in the game. I dream of us being a small group of close friends. A group of friends, whom, when they have the time, go out to the wilds for an adventure or two, while we have the freedom to pursue our hobbies in the off hours, be it farming, blacksmithing or just some deviant action, but at the end of the day when any of us is in trouble we will help each other and we will always have each others backs no matter the situation.

When we enter the game in exposition, the guild will be focused around these ideals, so we will have a welcoming home for ourselves in the guise of a Tavern, called The Fiery Falcon. The tavern will be open to all, and it will have the famous notice board in it, where people can place their bounties on monsters, their requests for help if they need an escort through the wild or any other contracts for tasks that might require an adventurers expertise.

If someone wants to visit the tavern to take on some jobs, they are free to do so, it is an open tavern after all, a tavern that is famous for two reasons, the notice board and as the home to The Falcons the enigmatic guild of adventurers.

Later into the game we will probably build ourselves a fort in the wilds too, because a) having a fort is cool, and b) it makes us very similar to a School of Witchers (god I love that game series)

To be honest, I don’t want any kind of leadership to the guild, we are friends not a military organisation. Sure there will be older, more respected members of the guild or those who have worked hard for our success and obviously I will be the leader, since I made the guild, but that is about it. I definitely won’t be ordering anyone around, everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as it isn’t hurting or hindering another member of the guild (I’m not talking about friendly bickering or the occasional sibling rivalry of course) . If we grow into a huge guild, we might adopt a leadership structure, but until that happens, we are old friends out on an adventure.

I hope this gave a good picture about who should join our guild. My personal preference (if it isn’t obvious by now) is free spirited explorer type people, since I plan to adventure a lot, but I definitely don’t mind those who prefer other professions to fighting, I myself will have swordsmithing or leatherworking as a hobby too.

So...if you like what you have read, and would like to join us, you can let us know in this topic, you can write me a private message, or you can come into the Nirath discord channel or our own discord, here: The Falcons Discord

If you are curious about our Tavern, you can read the post: Here

If you are interested in The town of Kestrel as a citizen, you will find the post: Here

One last thing, before you leave, I’m planning on having an extensive lore background for the guild and its members, so here is a snippet of it (you can find here the rest of the lore:

The Falcons - Lore - Part I.

“There was a time when they were numerous, but since then they disappeared, there was no real need for them anymore. Their forts around the land crumbled, their legacy has been long forgotten, but Elyria is a fickle place and the winds of change are upon us as dark things stir again in the deep woods, in the shadowy caves and in the weak souls of mannkind.

The last living Falcon, a solitary old man with an ancient soul, has found a prominent young boy in one of the Nirathian Orphanages with a soul akin to his own, though much younger. As their souls heard each other he started to teach the young boy of the ways of The Falcon...

This is how the story of The Falcons Rise begins…”

If you are interested, you can check out more lore pieces here: The Falcons [EU] - Lore

Town of Kestrel // Kingdom of Nirath // The Royal Ship Assembly // The Atheneum // La Madraza

6/6/2016 10:02:37 PM #1

Reserved for Updates

6/6/2016 10:02:55 PM #2

I welcome the order to Nirath, and am sure we shall get to know one another... there ain't enough orders around that ain't directly related to nobility.. so this a breath of fresh air.

Will you be building order chapters in different counties and offer you services to cull the unnatural and evil in Nirath?

6/7/2016 7:31:24 AM #3

I would not necessarily call The Falcons an order unless you consider the Witchers an order in that universe. That being said, I don't see any reason not to be around in different counties too, given we have enough members to do that.

In regards to the unnatural and Evil, we will not necessarily destroy them all, it will all depend on their true nature much like in the Witcher ;)

6/11/2016 12:39:09 PM #4

That's sounds like a really unique and useful guild! Will there be any sort of sell-sword element to the guild? So can counts pay The Falcons to prioritise their movements around their county so that it's monster free?

6/12/2016 9:06:37 AM #5

You bet there will be a sell-sword element! Elyria is huge even Nirath will be huge, so there is no reason not to prioritize our movements according to the wishes of those that are willing to provide us with a consistent revenue in exchange for that, especially if we take into consideration the fact that we aim to build up at least one fort, which will require resources.

That being said I don't plan on being involved with internal strife, unless we get dragged into it.

6/14/2016 2:24:56 PM #6

I've put up the first bit of Lore here: The Falcons [EU] - Lore

I will continue to do so, as soon as I had time to write it :)

6/16/2016 2:12:57 PM #7

I look forward to seeing the Falcons getting established and prospering. The kingdom is honored to have such a guild serving it!

10/23/2016 8:32:29 PM #8

As you might have noticed, the guild has came to it's first evolution. We now have our leaders at the ready and we have found ourselves a nice place in Elyria to call home, so we are looking forward to all the tasty new recruits to join us in our ever-growing company :)

10/23/2016 9:23:24 PM #9

Hello Everybody.

I would like to take this time and introduce myself to the community and people browsing this post.

I am a 22 years old dude living and studying in Sweden, I am also a member of the guild known as The Falcons, I was recently recruited due to the fact that I found my goals lined up perfectly with theirs. Without any friends planning to play CoE I sought a group of like-minded individuals that I could share my adventure with.

If you are curious I am a player that enjoys exploring and adventure, and so that is what I’ll be doing for the most part in Elyria. Personally I can’t wait for this game to be finished, I have never been so stoked about a game before! I hope I will meet a lot of you along my travels and adventures, and hopefully I will get to know some of you better if you decide to join The Falcons. I’m sure we would share a lot of fun experiences!

Anyways if you feel like chatting, hit me up either here via a message or on discord, my name there is the same as here. I’m always up for a nice discussion or talk about Elyria and our expectations, hopes, theories and plans!

// Nizjal

10/24/2016 7:49:46 AM #10

That's a great good and really happy you have chosen my county as base of operations. I'm looking forward to see how you guys develop!

10/24/2016 9:57:23 AM #11

Nice update! I'm proud to be in Nirath with proyects like that.

10/24/2016 11:04:33 AM #12

I assume you're in EU-Central too then? Nirath have stated that will be their location.

10/24/2016 2:28:57 PM #13

Posted By Oracle at 12:04 PM - Mon Oct 24 2016

I assume you're in EU-Central too then? Nirath have stated that will be their location.


Coming Soon(tm)

10/25/2016 10:13:13 AM #14

As Chipla said, Yes we are wherever Nirath is, which is EU-C as it stands.

11/29/2016 1:06:36 PM #15

This Guild seems really interesting. It is exactly what I was looking for and I joined the Kingdom of Nirath so... perfect! I would like to become an explorer who is able to fight and hide.

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