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My Design Journal Master List originally incorporated community updates, but its bulkiness is starting to affect its readability. This thread will now host organised updates. The idea being, one thread to fully encompass 'what is the game about' and another for 'what progress is being made'.

Recent Updates

Production Update: From Pre To Alpha - August 2018 - An in-depth post laying out the move from focusing on simple systems to more complex ones.

Solving Title Problems - November 2018 - Changes to the rules governing what individuals can do with multiple title packages

Community Journal: November 2018 - November 2018

Official Calendar of Promotions & Events

Development Adventures (Dev Sprints and Updates)

Adventure Introduction: Sense of Identity - January 2018

Adventure Completion: Sense of Identity - May 2018

Adventure Intro: Readying the World - May 2018

Adventure Intro: From Pre to Alpha - July 2018

Adventure Completion: From Pre to Alpha - October 2018

Adventure Intro: Some Assembly Required - October 2018

If you are new to the community, the Design Journals will answer a lot of your questions.

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Update Archive

Progress Updates

Look Both Ways Before You Cross - June 2016 - Focuses on SBS's planned communication release schedule and format coming out of Kickstarter, though a lot of it is since obsolete.

Plenty of Eye Candy - July 2016 - Very large update with notes on features such as day/night cycle, seasons, farming, travel and survival. Also large amount of design imagery, ranging from armour models, to city concepts, to character run animation.

We All Got Em, and They Stink... - July 2016 - Primarily focuses on the early challenges of creating the CoE website, as well as the onboarding of some staff members. Also some early discussion on Influence Points, and an interesting chunk on Design, Concept and Environment Art.

Passion and Virtue... - August 2016 - Mainly a fun anecdote from Caspian about him chatting about CoE with a stranger in a restaurant, followed by some creature models and art.

Thought for Food - August 2016 - Some interesting creature and character art, followed by the 'tour of titans step' video.

Down the Rabbit Hole - August 2016 - An all rounder update, with some longer notes on specific features such as Non-Traditional Characters, NPC marriage and character lifespan.

A World Being Built... - August 2016 - One of the less image heavy updates, but with a good chunk on how the procedural generation of worlds works, as well as some good updates for each of the development areas, particularly animation.

Dreams and Nightmares - August 2016 - Caspian explores the idea of conceptualising CoE as a tabletop game, what it would involve and what could be learned.

More on the North... - September 2016 - Some concept art and screenshots, and some detailed notes on additions to website functionality.

What's in Store for You... - September 2016 - Introduces the tier packages and explains why they are offered in addition to Kickstarter. Explains, package upgrades, gifting, layaway and tokens. Also covers in detail the in-game responsibilities attached to the various tiers.

Signs of Growth - October 2016 - Releases a video showcasing the open environment of CoE. Features notable section on design experiences, as well as some new members of the SBS team, and some (likely) outdated information on IP (see 'Mission: Improbable' below).

Mission: Improbable - October 2016 - Thanks the dev studio 'Improbable' for their assistance and explains how they helped out. Also explains the differences between pre-production and production. Finishes up by announcing the change from Bonus IP to EP.

Ideas to Reality - October 2016 - Mainly a look at some armour and clothing, as well as a brief discussion on weather. Also announcement of some changes to the store.

Merriment in Increments - November 2016 - Large amount of game landscape imagery, announcement of Q&A streams, as well as the change to a less frequent update schedule to allow better content and more focus on development.

Growing Up and Going Out - November 2016 - Multiple screenshots, as well as some adolescent character models. Also some further clarification on IP vs. EP, and some design notes on tunnelling.

What's Cooking - December 2016 - Lots of imagery to show different lighting and other conditions in weather and time of day. Also some further notes on updates to website and store.

Labor of Love... - December 2016 - An all-rounder update, with notes from all areas of development. Also some announcements of store packages and how they would be structured from late 2016 onward.

Forging a Legacy - December 2016 - Some creature concept art, mainly focuses on the introduction of SpatialOS, CoE's various biomes, and the Exposition store. Also some important notes on layaway.

Looking Back and Charging Forward - December 2016 - A nice insight into the humans and workplace of SBS, as well explaining a little about the funding of CoE. Also talks of plans for 2017.

The Adventure of a Lifetime - January 2017 - Some hairstyle models, screenshots, as well as updates on staff hires and website fixes.

Settling for More - January 2017 - Mainly a screenshot post, as the team were in preparation for PAX.

By Leaps and Bounds - February 2017 - A look at the female character model, a variety of screenshots and some notes on pre-alpha experiences.

The Sprint to PAX East - February 2017 - Mainly a screenshot update, along with some animations. Includes photos of the team preparing for PAX. Also announces the hiring of a new tech art lead.

Flying High - March 2017 - A brief update, with further notes on SBS heading to PAX.

Signposts Along the Road - March 2017 - A breakdown of SBS's participation at PAX East, including thoughts on the challenges and successes.

The Game Garden Grows - April 2017 - Reveals the name and attributes of the tribes in CoE. Also shares some screenshots and notes on some more intricate systems, such as lighting. Also announces additions to the website, such as avatar borders.

April Showers Bring Elyrian Flowers - April 2017 - Some screenshots showcasing various weather conditions and notes on updates to the forum functionality, including avatars and post previewing.

State of Elyria - July 2017 - July 2017 - A half year summary for 2017. Includes some team member intros, design discussion and a large amount of media.

The Countdown to VoxElyria Begins - October 2017 - Discussion of one of the earliest 'playable' forms of CoE, and what features it includes.

Check Out All These Character Skins - October 2017 - A media heavy post displaying early character creation concepts.

Things Are Starting to Wrap Up - December 2017 - A short round up of 2017

A Year of Foundation - January 2018 - A more extensive summary of 2017 with projections of 2018

Production Update: Sense of Identity - January 2018 - A mix of character creation, surnames and tribe concepts

Sense of Identity: Character Creation Update - March 2018 - Media heavy post with early character creation and customization concepts

Production Update: A Sense of Identity - Part II - March 2018 - Primarily focuses on equipment and inventory ideas

Production Update: From Pre To Alpha - August 2018 - An in-depth post laying out the move from focusing on simple systems to more complex ones.

Solving Title Problems - November 2018 - Changes to the rules governing what individuals can do with multiple title packages

Community Journals

Community Journal: Keep Moving Forward - February 2018

Community Journal: Exciting times afoot! - March 2018

Community Journal: Creativity Marches On - March 2018

Community Journal: It's Raining Devs! - May 2018

Community Journal: Seize Your Destiny! - June 2018

Community Journal: Just Keep Swimming! - June 2018

Community Journal: July - July 2018

Community Journal: A Searing August! - August 2018

Community Journal: September - September 2018

Community Journal: October - October 2018

Community Journal: November 2018 - November 2018

If you are new to the community, the Design Journals will answer a lot of your questions.

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