Imagining Elyria - Chronicles of the Angry Boar

Imagining Elyria - Chronicles of the Angry Boar

With D&SS coming up, but still some time away, I decided to do something productive with all the Hype and Excitement. I present to thee, “Chronicles of the Angry Boar”. Experience the evolution of a tavern and the town around it, get tips for planning your very own dream tavern and immerse yourself in a small piece of (fictional) Elyria.

This is a series studying the development of Inn/ Tavern in correlation to the development of a city. In this case, my very own city, Wyvenor. To illustrate the changes I will build 3 versions of the Angry Boar with the Minecraft-Mod, Conquest Reforged and post them in this thread. If you want to see these builds live come and visit us at Darwin Reforged, the true paradise for every MC Builder ;)

If you are on the server simply type “/plot visit Kellock93 3”.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my little project. And if you ever stop by my humble city, feel free to visit the Angry Boar and check if my vision has come to fruition.

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Age II: A little party never hurt nobody

Roughly 200 years later the small hamlet of Stump had turned into the port town of Wyvenor. The Angry boar had been expanded and rebuilt a couple times already. But when the current owner died because of an accident during construction of the new main building. His son, Richard “The Capricious” Reedfield took over the Tavern. This marked the beginning of a new Era for the Angry Boar.

*Excerpt of a report to the mayor by the Guard Captain Brameth Barleyforce *

….. As reported earlier the occasions of disorderly behavior has risen steadily in the vicinity of the aforementioned establishment. The district around the business has started to attract shady figures and illegal substances have started to turn up on the streets. As it is impossible to engage the owner of the tavern due to their high-class clientele we are in dire need of more men, before we lose the grasp on the whole area. ...

Taproom on the Ground Floor with stage for performances


Inner Yard

alt text

View from the first floor

alt text

For the full album click here

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What kind of tavern/ Inn would you like to run ?

When running a business the location is one of the most important aspects, that is no different in this case. But even before that, you will have to decide what kind of establishment you want to run and for that, you have to understand the premise of a Tavern in-game. First, you have to consider that you do not have to cater to IRL people, but players.

But players are IRL people, no? Yes, but also no. While a Tavern in-game offers the same services as one in the real world, mainly Entertainment, Food and a place to stay, the concept behind them is fundamentally different.

For players, a Tavern offers 2 boons, Residence and Entertainment. As CoE is supposed to be a game where your Character will not physically leave the game after you log off, you will have to be sure to do so in a secure location. And that is where the tavern comes into play, providing a secure location for you to “quick-save” while traveling.

Now you will have to keep in mind, that if you only want to offer a secure place to stay and a refill of the hunger bar, running a tavern is simple. But when you also want to entertain players, it gets a lot harder. Why? Because things you would do usually when going to a bar are not possible in-game and are in fact not interesting for many players. That means as long you do not own Tavern that doubles as a sightseeing spot, you will have to create your own entertainment to pull customers in. There are many ways to achieve this, promoting your Tavern as RP hotspot, host events such as a concert or even turn it into a shady place where players go to offer /dirty/ work. But it also means there is considerably more effort involved.

Lucky enough for you, unlike IRL people, players won’t care much if the tavern is next to a tanner or all the rooms are in the basement. But this also means you, as the future owner of a tavern, have a lot of things to consider before even thinking about what kind of service you want to offer players. And after you have decided that, you will still have to consider the cost of such services. So thorough planning and gathering information about your city and region is one of the first steps for a successful, and what's even more important, enjoyable life as Tavern proprietor.

alt text After deciding what kind of tavern you want to run choosing a location is the next step. But this is something I will touch up on in the next post, alongside some tips how to specialise your tavern. Stay tuned.

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Age I: Welcome to the Dark Ages

The Angry Boar started out like about every tavern out there, in a small village called Stump (later Wyvenor), as the local Village-Tavern/ Inn. The building itself was rather small and the facilities were basic, but the simple fact that a Tavern in the sticks offered “proper” rooms for rent, surprisingly became the foundation of its commercial success ….

Excerpt of the Diary of Cartographer and Architect Percy Eption

3 weeks, It has already been 3 weeks since we have said farewell to the capital and finally …. finally I found it. I thank thee lord, for this miracle. Even in this godforsaken place your grace still leads my way. Who would have thought that here in this dirty, flea-ridden peasant village we would find our salvation? Finally, we are able to lay rest to our buttocks, excuse my language. Damn those pirates, without them there would be no need to wander the muddy hell these people call streets. I need to inform the others, who would have thought that in 2 weeks travel time this would be the only Inn with something that looks akin to a bed at least. The village was called Stump if I remember correctly and the locals called this Inn, the Angry Boar ...

Aerial View of the Tavern and Facilities


Storage House

alt text

Angry Boar v1, frontal view

alt text

For the full album click here

Overall the Tavern had the following features:

  • 2 Guest Rooms (2 Beds per room)
  • Living Quarters for the owner and his family
  • Kitchen with fireplace
  • Taproom
  • Small Storage House
  • Small Hay Barn
  • Well
  • Stable
  • Chicken Coop
  • Outhouse (Yeah, I forgot to build that …)

alt text


Unless located near a bigger road or harbor, the concept of having a Tavern and Inn the size of the Angry Boar was quite unusual for a small village. The reason behind this was the lack of travelers in general and the schedule of the regular clientele. In a village of farmers, the people had to get up early and, because of the lack of illumination, they went to sleep early as well. As such a typical Village Tavern usually only had customers in the late afternoon or the early evening, when the Farmers returned from the fields and was more of a gatheríng place than a modern pub. So it was not unusual for the Innkeeper to cultivate fields themselves and treating the Tavern as their second job, with the Tavern being no more than a small gloomy pub room that was already empty by sunset.

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Reserved - Age III

4/7/2019 1:00:51 AM #3

Fantastic! I can see this becoming a hub of activity in our kingdom!

4/7/2019 1:17:14 AM #4

Is that the Darwin Reforged server?

4/7/2019 1:25:22 AM #5

Oh yeah it is, I knew I forgot to mention something in the post ...

4/8/2019 4:32:17 PM #6

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone.

Here is a little sneak peek for Age II, enjoy.

4/12/2019 1:46:31 PM #7

Thanks to reading the rules for once, I found out that it is actually possible to take a look at the builds without me having to be online.

Simply use "/plot visit Kellock93 3" if you want to explore the evolution of the "Angry Boar" and do some sightseeing on site

I also added a little piece of Lore, that adds some dearly needed background.

5/7/2019 3:02:05 PM #8

Finally some progress, another small sneak peek at the yard

5/10/2019 12:43:56 AM #9

I'm always amazed when something looks that good in Minecraft. Nice job!

5/25/2019 10:33:43 AM #10

Age II is finally here, enjoy.

5/30/2019 12:30:21 AM #11

This is so cool!

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