[NA] The Haverlands - Welcome Home

THE HAVERLANDS has a long history in Elyria as being one of the first locations settled by Mann, prized for the fertile and warm nature of the region’s environment. Providing ample opportunity for populations to flourish, many of the towering forests have since been replaced with brimming fields of fresh produce and bustling trade villages – “…a seed that yields no sapling in the soils of the Haverlands is a stone.”

Public Entities in the Haverlands

Duke & Duchess

Current leader(s) of the Haverlands. Serve the community through a number of responsibilities such as promoting community functions, representing the Haverlands in formal sectors, resolving disputes among members, etc.

Current Dukes: Duncan Farrow & Francis Vardyn

Assembly of Counts

Assembly of counts who vote on public ordinances within the Haverlands.

Grand Council

Council of experts focused on consolidating Haverlands knowledge in their various fields.

Current Positions:

Grand Treasurer: Open

Grand Chancellor: Count Eber Briogweard

Grand Steward: Open

Grand Maester: Count Andariel Valaquenta

Grand Magistrate: Countess Ashryn Creth'hyal

Grand Marshal: Baron Odysseus Grey

For more information on these roles, please visit our Discord.

The Dawnguard

Elite military force in charge of protecting the duchy, run by the Dukes and Grand Marshal.

For more information on The Dawnguard, visit our link on the forums.

What is the Haverlands?

The Haverlands is a double duchy primarily focused on building a community of superior business and trade. The Haverlands is located on the NA-W server.

Why join the Haverlands?

The Haverlands is a group focused on economic independence and diplomacy. Players who join the Haverlands will find themselves among a community of ambitious, active Elyrians driven by the motivation to improve both themselves as well as the world at large. In the early stages of the game, players will be able to influence the direction of the duchy through contests, showcases, and votes hosted by the leadership. Results of these events will be used to promote a Haverlandish culture fueled by the creativity and opinions of the players themselves. We seek to create a unique identity for our group throughout the lifetime of the game.

Who should join the Haverlands?

Anyone with an interest in associating with a unique community and culture would feel right at home in the Haverlands. We will not only set ourselves apart by culture, however, but also through the recognized superior quality of goods and services provided by our members. Whether your business be crafting armor, baking cakes, or providing mercenary services, you can be sure you have the finest materials and tools available for your chosen industry.

Essentially, any and all players passionate about their quality of work are invited to join us!

How do I join the Haverlands?

Come and say hi on our Discord! From there, you can come get to know our community and we’ll get you all set up within proper roles!

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For more information on our counties, check out the following links:

County of Aequum, ruled by Count Samuel Chilsan

County of Beleriand, ruled by Count Andariel Valaquenta

County of Blackfall, ruled by Count Vaerden Nightwell

County of Bycross, ruled by Count Aresoren

Cairnwater County, ruled by Count Eber Briogweard

County of Enaid, ruled by Count Emrys Kendrick

Gremory County, ruled by Count Marius Gregory

County of Lanier, ruled by Countess Luthlien Ingrain

Lockett County, ruled by Count Avon Strathmore

County of Marghasa, ruled by Countess Morwenna

County of Milovia, ruled by Duke Francis Vardyn

County of Raenhold, ruled by Duke Duncan Farrow

County of Runevale, ruled by Count Marek Vakarian

County of Runmille, ruled by Count Ruko Farrow

County of Strongmist, ruled by Count Louis Randolph

County of Terrasen, ruled by Countess Ashryn Creth'hyal

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-post reserved- :)

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Congratulations to The Haverlands on their ascension to full Duchy status. Well done!

10/28/2016 10:39:52 PM #4

A duchess/duke combo, deadly.

11/1/2016 2:09:08 AM #5

We're now at 14 Counts! The Haverlands grows ever larger

11/1/2016 12:30:20 PM #6

Posted By Farrow at 7:09 PM - Mon Oct 31 2016

We're now at 14 Counts! The Haverlands grows ever larger

Barons > Counts!

11/2/2016 12:36:42 AM #7

Honored to be pledged to the Haverlands and House Farrow.

11/2/2016 12:36:43 AM #8

Stupid double post bug.

11/3/2016 3:01:57 AM #9

There was never a greater duchy in the history of Elyria!

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Posted By Rhysith at 4:01 PM - Thu Nov 03 2016

There was never a greater duchy in the history of Elyria!

And there never will be

11/14/2016 11:36:43 AM #11

The finest wheat fields in all of Elyria

11/15/2016 4:44:17 AM #12

We have officially joined the Kingdom of Ashland, putting us on the NA-W server!

11/15/2016 5:30:04 AM #13

Welcome!! Feels like an overdue family reunion.

11/15/2016 8:57:50 AM #14

Greetings, people! As a Russian player, I have a question: do you accept everyone into your guild? Even if they have bad ping? :)

11/15/2016 4:57:29 PM #15

Posted By Lenni21 at 03:57 AM - Tue Nov 15 2016

Greetings, people! As a Russian player, I have a question: do you accept everyone into your guild? Even if they have bad ping? :)

Drop by any of our kingdom discords and have a chat. I guarantee you will find a welcoming home there.