EP Kits and Item Projection

Hail All,

With the introduction of our Exposition Point (EP) sale this week I wanted to take a moment and share the relative value of EP during exposition. This should give players a rough idea of how much EP they're going to want to purchase, if any, and what they can hope to buy with their EP. Note that the values listed below are relative, are subject to change, and are just a guideline.

Before we jump into the numbers though I wanted to briefly remind people what EP are, and what their purpose in Chronicles of Elyria is.

First, Exposition Points are a virtual currency that is available between now and launch that allows people who have a Bloodline Package and above the ability to customize their Pledge Package to some degree. This can be witnessed in the awarding of EP that comes with each package above Bloodline. Let me emphasize again, EP items will not be available after launch, as the Bloodline+ packages will no longer be available.

Pay to Build

But, EP serves a second purpose in Chronicles of Elyria beyond just package customization. When a player enters a new MMO on launch day, the world is teaming with beautiful settlements, sly merchants, experienced trainers, and a multitude of organizations and schools in which to join and gain faction with. In most MMOs these settlements are entirely designer-driven, and the merchants, trainers, and factions are entirely NPC-based.

That's because the settlements, trainers, and merchants are props in the world, a backdrop against which the action of the game happens. But in Chronicles of Elyria the settlements, trainers, merchants, and organizations are a core part of the game and cannot be ignored. The creation and destructions of settlements, the gaining of skills through a master-apprentice relationship, and the development of new economies are some of the things that make Chronicles of Elyria unique and exciting, and are best done with other players.

For that reason, we've chosen to seed the world's crafters, merchants, trainers, guild leaders, head masters, and settlers with the players who fund the game during early development. That is, all the roles listed above will be pre-populated during a three-month period of time just before launch called Exposition. It's during this time that the players can build out their settlements, set up their shops, organize their guilds and schools, and train in their skills - all in preparation for launch day. That way, when the servers finally open, the larger percentage of players will be joining a server that's already filled with exciting plot-hooks, guilds vying for power, and settlements that are mid-construction on exciting new buildings. In short, players will be joining bustling worlds and thriving economies, with the early players welcoming them in, rather than a land-rush of new, unfamiliar players with the uninformed educating the uninitiated.

But, it's also important to remember that these early pioneers in Elyria, while playing an important role in Elyria's history, are at the mercy of the same laws as the rest of the player-base. And, just like players who come in after launch day, anything that can be gained can be lost, and the relevant question with respect to nobility is when they'll lose their titles, not if. Again, those who participate in Elyria have done so to help build a functioning world for others on launch day, not to gain any kind of long-term advantage.

That all said, let's look at the relative EP values.


As discussed during our Kickstarter, we wanted to provide a set of kits which players could purchase to easily customize their pledge packages. These kits are limited to one per type, per account, and are capped by having the relevant titles or tiers. The kits are:

Requires Exposition Access to purchase

Profession Kits: 100 EP ea.
These kits provide the starting equipment, tools, and patterns or techniques necessary to begin your occupation as a crafter, gatherer, explorer, or champion. (ex. Smithy kit, Carpenter Kit, Miner Kit, Soldier Kit, etc...) If the game supports a profession, chances are good there will be a kit available to help you get started. Individual items value at 20-40 EP.

Storefront Kits: 125 EP ea.
Take your profession to the next level with a storefront kit. These kits provide the fixed location assets necessary to set up a shop, storefront, or other establishment on leased land. They'll typically include blueprints and resources for a small building, crafting stations or other furniture, and additional decor to help give the location a welcoming feel. (ex. forges & anvil, bar & tables, loom & spinning wheel, display cases and racks, etc...) Individual items value at 25-50 EP.

Land-use Kits: 175 EP ea.
The land-use kits help to further establish your profession by providing a parcel of land on a non-coveted parcel in which to build your commercial or residential building, or to use the land for agricultural purposes such as farming, horticulture, breeding, or pet-rearing. (ex. stables, stalls, fields, bee hives, plant boxes, seeds, saplings, etc.) Individual items range from 10-100 EP.

Requires Mayor / Baron title to purchase

Settlement Kits: 625 EP
Settlement kits are designed to help customize your settlement. They'll typically include a set of pre-made, pre-furnished buildings and a small amount of infrastructure to create the type of settlement you want to create. This could be a mercantile settlement, one focused on harvesting of resources or agriculture, or the production of goods and items. (ex. trade hub, mining town, sea port, farm belt). Individual items range from 100 EP to 250 EP.

Defense Kits: 325 EP
These kits are designed to add a small number of defenses to a settlement in the form of a large amount of fencing and a couple of lookout towers. These are sufficient for basic defense of inner settlements, but not for baronies. Fencing is generally around 10 EP for 32m of fencing, plus 25-50 EP for the lookout towers.

Requires Count title to purchase

Infrastructure Kits: 1,250 EP
As a count, your job is to help capitalize on the resources of your county - natural and otherwise, and to ease the distribution of those resources. Infrastructure kits help work toward that goal and include a set amount of road, but then further include things like mining equipment and rigs, waterwheels, etc. Infrastructure kits are fairly biome specific, but then further focus on one of the organic or inorganic resources prevalent in the county. (ex. Mining infrastructure, lumber infrastructure, farming infrastructure, etc.)

Requires Duke or Royal Package to purchase:

Religion Kits: 5,000 EP
Each religion in Elyria has their own deities, or lack thereof, with their own rituals, ceremonies, shrines, places of worship, and religious symbols. The Religion kit contains a collection of religious buildings, shrines, and decor to distribute throughout the Kingdom to, increase the overall presence of the religion. Individual items range in value from 10 EP for religious items, all the way up to over 1,000 EP for a large cathedral.

Technology Kits: 5,000 EP
Each biome has a specific set of resources, and specific needs. However, within each biome there is often more than one way to solve a problem and the technology kits offer the additional of universities and schools to help foster learning in specific areas, as well as the introduction of specific technologies into the kingdom which may help solve problems in new ways. Technology kits will include the buildings for schools, as well as the patterns and techniques for advanced technology. Individual EP ranges from several hundreds to a thousand for the colleges and universities, to 100+ EP for the patterns and techniques, depending on level of advancement.

Culture Kits: 5,000 EP
The culture kits, like the religion and technology kits, are meant primarily for Kings, however have been made available to Dukes just in-case they want to focus the culture of their duchy on something other than, or in addition to, the overall culture of the kingdom. These can be things such as a cultural focus on military training, performance & the arts, food, etc. As with infrastructure kits, culture kits are biome specific and help to focus the culture of a region through the placement of additional buildings and structures.

Military Kits: 10,000 EP
The military kit includes defensive structures such as ramparts and castles, as well as siege equipment such as trebuchet, catapults, etc. Individual items range from several hundred to several thousand EP.

Quality level

The prices for the above kits are set such that each community member can customize their package with the EP that was included with their package. However, that's by no means the extent of the customization that can be done. The contents of all the above kits are of what one would consider standard or common quality. Players are free to purchase additional items a la carte which will be of higher quality. In general, we follow a tiered approach as follows:

  • Common: 1x
  • Uncommon: 2x
  • Rare: 5x
  • Treasured: 20x
  • Legendary: 100x

This means that to determine an approximate price of a rare equivalent of a common item, one can multiply the common item by 5. So, for example, a common building that costs approximately 100 EP would cost approximately 500 EP. Similarly, if fencing costs about 10 EP for 32m, it might cost 1,000 EP for 32m for the best available stone rampart.

A la carte items

The above packages give a decent idea of what kits we're planning and what you can expect out of them, however, to give a bit more detail, here's a listing of a la carte categories which would be included in some of the above kits, and which can be purchased separately. Again, the prices are going to change somewhat, and are included here so people can gauge the relative value of their EP and its buying power. If the values below don't line up precisely with what's listed above, that's because the kits above are all provided at a 20% discount of the items they contain. So if a kit meets your needs, it's always better to buy the kit than the individual items.

All values below are the common quality costs. Use the previous quality list to calculate higher quality items. For example, if a piece of equipment would normally be 35 EP, the rare equivalent would be approx. 175 EP.

  • Resource Stockpile: < 10 EP for a stack
  • Crafting Materials: < 25 EP for a stack
  • Contracts: < 25 EP for a stack
  • Patterns & Techniques: < 50 EP
  • Blueprints: < 100 EP
  • Tools: < 10 EP per tool
  • Containers: < 25 EP
  • Crafting Stations: < 50 EP
  • Equipment (clothing, armor, weapons): < 75 EP per item
  • Store Inventory: 100 EP+ for a few random common items
  • Decor & Lighting: < 25 EP per item
  • Furniture: < 50 EP for a set
  • Livestock / Bee hives: < 50 EP for a small stock
  • Pets: < 50 EP for a single trained pet
  • Mounts: < 100 EP for a single mount
  • Transportation: < 100 EP
  • Caravan Wagon: < 200 EP
  • Siege Equipment: < 250 EP
  • Crops: < 100 EP for a field
  • Plants & Trees: < 150 EP for a set of saplings
  • Land: 100 EP+
  • Furnished buildings: 200 EP+
  • Fences & Walls: 10 EP / 32m
  • Roads: 25 EP / 32m
  • Schools & Academies: 750 EP+
  • Cathedrals & Shrines: 1000 EP+

Well, that's a small sample. After the v3 website goes live we'll get the actual EP store set up so you can spend your EP.

Pledged to the continued development of the Soulborn Engine and the chronicling of Elyria,


Added the follow-up post.


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5/9/2017 8:01:03 PM #151

Bought more EP to support the funding of the game.

Stop crying,

Lord Panzer

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5/9/2017 8:10:13 PM #152

Posted By Rugbysixten at 9:33 PM - Tue May 09 2017

If i buy a storefront kit, do i get a proffesion kit or do i have to buy both?

Back from the old overview of the EP store, each of those three packs were a larger version with add ons. So unless that idea has changed, then I'd suspect that you only need to buy one of them as it scales, but I could be wrong.

5/9/2017 8:19:33 PM #153

Caspian : Releases awesome post about EP

Community : Grumbles in discontentment

Caspian : "This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever"

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5/9/2017 8:51:55 PM #154

Hey All,

Thanks for all the feedback. I've read through all 11 pages of comments and wanted to take some time to answer some of the more common questions and concerns. This should help settle some nerves - which is important, as I'm afraid some of you are going to have a brain aneurysm.

Are people able to buy individual items from kits?

Yes. That's the whole point of a la carte purchases. The kits are there for many reasons, but chief among them is to lower the price on a set of related items which we felt were, as a collective, important to customizing peoples' individual packages. However, not everyone will need every item in a kit, so in those cases it's more cost-effective to buy the individual items people want.

Why the restriction on EP Kits?

Many people are upset that we put restrictions in place for the Kits, however we did so for many different reasons. Let me go through a couple of them:

  1. Equity. First and foremost, the kits allow us to provide more items to people for less. When we first launched our Kickstarter over a year ago we included EP in the pledge tiers as a way for players to customize their packages. Today, we still want to make sure the backers get good value out of the EP they received as part of those packages. To make sure they get good value, we created kits which provide items at a 20% discount so we can fit more into the them. So in effect, the kits were designed to be purchased with the EP that comes with your packages, and to make the packages more equitable. But let's be honest, while our intentions were to make sure people didn't feel the need to spend more on EP beyond what comes with their packages, you all see a 20% discount and want to take advantage of it. Understandable. But this is an issue of balancing the equity of the packages vs. peoples' ability to buy an unlimited amount of EP. If you've got the desire to buy stuff above your package you're free to, but you'll need to pay full EP for it.

  2. Applicability. Second, whether people realized it from my OP or not, most of the kits are not applicable to the lower tiers. For example, the Infrastructure kits come with enough road to create trade routes between key settlements in the county, or from inside the county to a strategic neighbor. That's way more road than a single settlement is going to need. Likewise, the religion, technology, and culture kits come with enough buildings, symbols, patterns, etc... that they can be distributed throughout an entire kingdom - or duchy if the Duke really wants to focus on those things for their duchy. But they include way too much to make them suitable for a county. That's not to say you might not want to buy individual buildings, symbols, etc. but the scope of the top kits are too much for a settlement or county to be cost-effective.

  3. Responsibility. Finally, we also locked the kits to specific titles to emphasize the distribution of responsibility. It's the king's duty to set the technology, culture, and religion of their kingdoms. Similarly, it's the Duke's responsibility to reinforce the borders of their Duchy. Could a lower tier reinforce their county? Absolutely? But only the Duke has the tools and strategic objective of understanding which neighbors are a threat, which neighbors are weak, and where the military resources should be divided across the duchy. As stated before, that doesn't prevent people from buying their own defenses, it just makes it clear that it's the responsibility of one pledge tier to fulfill their obligations.

Can we gift EP?

You'll be able to gift items purchased with EP, but at this point we have no plans to allow gifting of EP directly. Gifting EP directly creates a support nightmare for us.

Barons vs. Dukes and Military Kits

As people pointed out, there's the Military Kits available to Dukes, but not Barons. After the explanation above it should be obvious why, but just in case...

  1. The Military Kits have siege equipment, and enough defenses to cover much of the borders of an entire duchy. WAAAAY more than a single settlement needs. It's more cost effective for a baron to just buy the individual defenses they want.

  2. It's the responsibility of the duke to defend their duchy. If the counts and barons spend all of their EP on defenses, they're not spending their resources where they need to, and they're letting the Duke shirk their responsibilities. Make them work for their title.

Were the prices based off the old or new pledge packages?

Prices were based off the old Kickstarter packages. You'll notice the prices of the kits align neatly with the prices of the old tiers. This is so they can customize their packages.

I can't afford the kit for my current tier and all previous kits

No. You can't. There's not enough EP in the packages - even with the 20% discount to afford both the current tier kit and the ones below it. Which is actually ok. When you move up to a Mayor, your focus is now on the success of the entire settlement, not just on your individual plot of land. However, chances are good your settlement kit is going to focus on the things you wanted to focus on anyways - ie, if you're a farming settlement, you'd likely get a farming kit. Since you get to distribute the buildings and such of the settlement kit how you like, feel free to claim one of the plots of land for yourself.

Similarly, if you're a count, your focus is now on the infrastructure and success of all the settlements, not just yours. However, you can distribute resources from harvesting, etc. to the settlements of your choosing, so feel free to funnel those resources into your own settlement if you like. Additionally, while you have less customization of your settlement now, don't confuse that with not having a settlement. The settlement was functioning before you claimed it and will continue to do so afterwards.

Caspian said I will lose my title eventually and I'm unhappy about that

Eh.. deal with it? No seriously. You need to come to terms. There's less than 2% of the population on a server that's nobility or aristocracy. Even if you manage to keep your citizens happy, and have no risk of revolt or uprising, your success will just serve to make your domain more desirable to others. While there's not a 100% chance, I can virtually guarantee that all nobility or aristocracy will lose their titles at some point during the 10-year story. You need to prepare yourself for that eventuality.

How does merging of accounts effect the constraints of the EP store?

If you have multiple accounts, and each has a domain, you can purchase the kits on each account before merging. However, if you plan to exercise the title transfer, and give your title away to someone else, be aware, your EP doesn't go with the title. You'll still be responsible for buying kits, etc. before handing over your title to them.

What about marriage?

The store looks at the titles you've purchased, not the titles you've received in-game. So marrying in won't allow you to get the discount on kits. Again, they're designed to add value to the packages people purchased.

What is a stack?

The economy, the cost to craft things in terms of materials, and indeed even the individual components required to craft some items are still being fleshed out. So we don't know exactly how many is in a "stack." But understand, it's intended to allow you to practice your trade, and should come with sufficient number to allow you to craft several different items.

Are contracts custom or pre-made?


What crafting & professions are we supporting?

We're still working on the final list; however, our crafting professions work backward from the resources. We have both organic and inorganic resources and include various types of metals, minerals, plants, animals, glass, honey, and many others. I wager it'll be a broader set than you've seen before.

Are items in the list Individual or group items?

Unless they explicitly say, "for a set", or "for a stack" they're per individual item.

What kinds of pets & mounts are there?

Pets and mounts will cover a wide range. As you might imagine, the common, uncommon, and even rare are mostly just going to be non-magical beasts of the world. As you get into the treasured and legendary, the likelihood of it being a mythical beast increases. But keep in mind, animals in the world still age and die and fall prey to the same survival elements as everyone else.

What are the limitations on the more rare items?

First, I should probably adjust my terminology. When I was coming up with the list of names for the different "rarities" I recognized that they could, in some cases, give a false idea of what it means for something to be of a higher rarity. I did the best I could with a single list, however from the questions I've seen it's clear I need to split the list up into two smaller lists - one focused on items which truly increase in rarity, and another that increases in quality. In the former case the list of names might look something like this:

  • Common: no limit
  • Uncommon: Limited to one per paid account, but will typically always be available in the store
  • Limited: Limited to one per paid account and will be available intermittently
  • Rare: Will have a limited quantity, but may be available more than once
  • Unique: Extremely limited - maybe to just one or two, and will only be available in the store once

The second list, focused on quality, might have names which look something like this:

  • Standard - Of a standard quality
  • Artisan - Of a higher quality than normal
  • Peerless - Nothing of a higher quality
  • Legendary - So well known it's become an item of legend
  • Mystical - Likely to possess magical or mystical abilities

From this it's clear that there are some items which, while not necessarily increasing in rarity, might still increase in quality. A good example would be a wall. A wall doesn't necessarily become common vs. uncommon, however it might be standard, artisan, or peerless. And as I mentioned before, not everything in the store will go all the way up to Unique/Mystical. Walls for example, may only go up to Peerless. Though, a legendary wall could still be pretty cool.

What are rare to legendary items like?

Based on my previous commentary on the quality vs. rarity of items, let me re-address the list as two, and identify the things that are likely to increase in rarity, vs. the things that increase in quality.

Things that increase in quality

  • Resource Stockpile: Higher quality resources
  • Crafting Materials: Higher quality materials
  • Contracts: More complex contracts
  • Tools: More expensive, unique tools
  • Containers: Larger, more reinforced, higher quality containers
  • Crafting Stations: More specialized stations or more resilient
  • Store Inventory: Higher quality items
  • Decor & Lighting: More attractive, better lighting
  • Furniture: Better materials, more decorative and ornate
  • Transportation: Higher quality, higher seating capacity, more customization
  • Caravan Wagon: Same as transportation
  • Siege Equipment: More destructive - higher quality destruction?
  • Furnished buildings: Bigger, better materials, higher quality furniture
  • Fences & Walls: Stronger and sturdier, better materials
  • Roads: Same as fences and walls
  • Schools & Academies: Bigger, better construction, more specialized disciplines
  • Cathedrals & Shrines: Bigger, better construction, more decorative, more ... benefits

Things that also increase in rarity

  • Patterns & Techniques: More unique, complicated patterns & techniques
  • Blueprints: More complex and interesting blueprints
  • Equipment (clothing, armor, weapons): Higher quality materials, can also lead to legendary and unique items
  • Livestock / Bee hives: Better strains of DNA
  • Pets: More interesting and exotic
  • Mounts: Better strains, and more exotic
  • Crops: Better strains, more exotic crops
  • Plants & Trees: Better strains, more exotic
  • Land: More valuable - along waterways, trade routes, or having non-renewable resources

5/9/2017 8:52:05 PM #155


Is the intent to also limit A La Carte items to the same rank structure as kits or are the A La Carte items open to all. Trying to settle a debate on what is meant to be for their use.

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5/9/2017 9:01:30 PM #156

If I am at mayor status and I decide to gift my mayor title away, does that mean I get to spend my EP on the none mayor kits? or am I stuck spending my EP on settlement and defense kits along with a la carte items?

5/9/2017 9:05:01 PM #157

Posted By MayorFreyrDonovan at 1:52 PM - Tue May 09 2017


Is the intent to also limit A La Carte items to the same rank structure as kits or are the A La Carte items open to all. Trying to settle a debate on what is meant to be for their use.

As he stated in his last post, "If you've got the desire to buy stuff above your package you're free to, but you'll need to pay full EP for it."

5/9/2017 9:11:40 PM #158

Great post, thanks much Caspian!

5/9/2017 9:12:12 PM #159

Just to confirm this means that as a duke I cannot buy a culture pack, a military pack and an infrastructure pack?

Does that mean I can purchase culture pack and military pack or just one of those?

5/9/2017 9:21:10 PM #160

Posted By chipla at 10:12 PM - Tue May 09 2017

Just to confirm this means that as a duke I cannot buy a culture pack, a military pack and an infrastructure pack?

Does that mean I can purchase culture pack and military pack or just one of those?

Just one.

5/9/2017 9:24:44 PM #161

Some more questions: Do you know what constitutes a "field" of crops? or a "set" of saplings? As it stands now, I'm looking at maybe 16k in EP I'd need to start off my breeding settlement the way I want to...I all ready have I would need another 13k EP if I wanted to buy everything I think I need...I also would like to know what a "store inventory" I get a full inventory of items for a storefront or what? Do I get only like 20 items for the store inventory? More? Less?

5/9/2017 9:25:45 PM #162

"However, if you plan to exercise the title transfer, and give your title away to someone else, be aware, your EP doesn't go with the title. You'll still be responsible for buying kits, etc. before handing over your title to them."

so we can/should buy the title packages before transferring the titles away?

IE: I have a count package but plan on transferring the titles. I can/should buy the infrastructure kit, then transfer my titles away?

Can i keep/use that infrastructure kit even though im not a count any longer?

Can I gift that kit to someone that already has one?

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5/9/2017 9:32:03 PM #163


Thanks for the details, I really appreciate it. I have no doubt now that Exposition is going to be an interesting diverse time.

Im gonna need more EP than I thought

5/9/2017 9:33:43 PM #164

Posted By Caspian at 10:51 PM - Tue May 09 2017

Hey All,

as I'm afraid some of you are going to have a brain aneurysm.

Too late it already blew, but thank you for caring.

And nice update too.

5/9/2017 10:03:16 PM #165

So as a Mayor I cannot also set up my own business using the profession/storefront/land kit? I didn't think most mayors would be mayoring all the time - they'd also be contributors to their community.

Will there be enough stuff in settlement kit for me to set up, for example, my paper mill as well as the other general buildings for the town? Or will I need to do everything a la carte for my personal business (or farming) items?

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