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Kingdom Duchies

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2/20/2018 3:36:06 AM #16

Welcome to the Kingdom of Alésia

Alésia is a place that empowers the community to play in the manner they desire; that promotes an environment of communal interaction. A nation built through the combined efforts of the participants of the Free Kingdom contest. These men and women have united their affiliations and merged their individual strengths to form a greater whole. With their combined communities and resources, they will assure an organized and stable realm for the citizens of Alésia.

A great and growing community has gathered around us, our collective support and confidence building quickly. Join us in the kingdom discord, get involved in the kingdom and shape the future of Elyria.

Click here to join our kingdom discord

2/20/2018 3:41:39 AM #17

Why Alésia?

•The leadership of the Kingdom is composed of individuals who have already invested time and effort in its creation. This strong foundation has attracted loyal followers to our realm and binds us closely together.

•You, the citizens are the backbone of the kingdom. Now we are looking for you to help grow our nation by bringing your talents and ideas to the table.

•The Kingdom will stand strong because of everyone striving to work together to make the kingdom they wanted last.

•Large community focused events including:

Alésian Expo -A faire traveling throughout the kingdom featuring people from all professions. A good way for new players to get a chance to try something new and build fame for their expertise and skill at a craft!

A Ball - for all to show off their best looks and a way to be able to socialize with the kingdom. An engaging RP event for the chance to build your character’s story.

The Alésian Masquerade - A huge ball where all attendees wear masks that is strictly invitation-only. This is a chance for people to show off, gain fame and create more stories!

Alésian Arena - A chance for people to test their pvp skills in combat, the ability to show off, or train!

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The Alésian community recognizes that having all types of players makes the kingdom stronger. Whether your prefer to engage in PvP, PvE, RP, or any combination of the three, you will be able to find a place to play in Alésia.

A variety of community events are planned to facilitate bonding and fun both in game and in the real world! Be sure to check out the website and discord to learn more.

2/20/2018 3:45:07 AM #19

Government Structure

There are currently various positions of government that still need to be filled. Contact the King/Queen or a council member from the Crimson Council.


King Phyllain & Queen Violet

The King has final authority on all topics and will use said authority for the betterment of Alésia with the Queen acting as his second in command.

Ducal Council

Consists of the Dukes and Duchesses of the realm that will each guide and oversee their respective duchies in the manner best suited for the duchy and the kingdom

Crimson Council

Hand selected by the monarchs, the Crimson Council consists of individuals that oversee major aspects of governance. They also provide the monarchs with general advice when necessary.

Royal Officials

Selected by the Monarchs and the Crimson Council, Officers hold responsibility for special matters of state. They operate under the guidance of the Crimson Council.

Ducal Officials

Each Duke and Duchess select one individual to serve as a Ducal Official. They hold responsibilities as assigned by the Duke or Duchess.

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Royal Duchy of Xeilias

As the beating heart of the Kingdom of Alesia, the Royal Duchy of Xeilias is home to societies, businesses, and guilds that provide for the kingdom. Xeilias is the central hub that fuels the entire realm. Elite combat forces train and serve in Xeilias for the protection of the royals and the kingdom at large. The scale of trade and contracts, served for the betterment of Alesia, draw ambitious entrepreneurs, master craftsmen, and dedicated artisans of all kinds. Official organizations, councils, and institutions are headquartered in the Royal City which is the official capital of the Kingdom of Alesia. For those who seek fame, fortune, or the chance to do something on a royal scale, the Royal Duchy of Xeilias welcomes you.

Royal Duchy of Saorsa

Saorsa may house two grand academies focused on alchemical and medicinal practices but they are not the heart of the duchy. That role belongs to you, the citizens, the ones that truly bring the unique character to Saorsa. The ones that craft, gather, pvp, and tell grand stories about your adventurers. No matter your playstyle you’ll be valued and appreciated here.

Duchy of Aravier

The Duchy of Aravier is a balanced duchy offering players a wide array of opportunities in a stable and well governed environment. Aravier welcomes players with a variety of playstyles and aspirations including roleplayers, PVPers, adventurers, architects, blacksmiths, bankers, and even those oddballs who just want to play Farming Simulator 1077 AD. We want a varied and robust gaming environment for our players as we strive to be the most prosperous and stable duchy in Alesia.

Duchy of Eldask

Duchy of Orpheus

The Duchy of Orpheus is a Xeilian Duchy within the Kingdom of Alesia. Orpheus intends to border with other kingdom(s). Orpheus intends to focus on protection of the interests of Alesia and citizens skilled in conflict with others (PvP) are highly sought out. Orpheus being a borderline duchy will have opportunities for commerce, services and intrigue that comes with being a gateway to other kingdom(s).

Duchy of Port Royale

The Duchy of Port Royale is a market-based duchy focused on inter-kingdom resource-based trade. The market square in the city of Port Royale has agreements to host all manner of tradeskill operations, including cartographers, alchemists, smithys, leather workers, as well as producers of raw wood, stone, and metal. We also boast innkeepers and tavern keepers for those weary from travel. During exposition, a great investment will be made in infrastructure, particularly a major roadway for easy movement of goods and fast travel.

Duchy of Rhyddid

The Duchy of Rhyddid is the home of the Children of Mann, religious scholars and healers with a focus on building community and forging strong diplomatic ties with the rest of Elyria. With a heavy emphasis on medicine, agriculture, education, and research, Rhyddid is an idealistic place to live a peaceful life. Our counties host a wide variety of interests, providing balance and a place for everybody to find their niche.

Duchy of Thearyn

Thearyn is a duchy within the Kingdom of Alesia with a strong emphasis on agriculture, Mount Breeding, Cavalry training and home to the Virtori Church of Thearyn. Another focus on the duchy is urban development and the resulting supporting industries. Thearyn will try to be a border duchy so as to fully utilize the potential for trade, cavalry exploits and competition. Thearyn is ruled by the House of Maulvorn.

Vadaryl's Duchy

Work in progress...

Duchy of Vitalis

Economic growth, trade, and industrial development are the lifeblood of Vitalis. Our goal is to be the central hub of business in Alesia. Citizens are rewarded for their efforts. They will be given resources to build businesses and provided the opportunity to succeed. Innovation is encouraged and rewarded. Vitalis is open to all with drive and vision.

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Proud Alesian~

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What happened to Mickdude1?

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Posted By Phyllain at 10:47 AM - Wed Feb 28 2018

What happened to Mickdude1?

Wait, there was a 1? Makes it sound like Mickdoodle now I'mma call him that. >:)

3/2/2018 11:34:01 AM #27

have to say I love the write up and the council name isnt bad either

3/20/2018 7:34:53 AM #28

I'm glad that you enjoy it~

4/1/2018 12:05:14 PM #29

I'm glad to have selected this North American East server guild. :) So far friendly and roleplay extensive.

Kingdom of Ashland > Duchy of Sanctaphandri > County of Osthelia > Stronghold of Yaeger

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Posted By AlastairBjorne at 06:05 AM - Sun Apr 01 2018

I'm glad to have selected this North American East server guild. :) So far friendly and roleplay extensive.

We're glad to have you!

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