Chance to win one of two mayor titles (EN/DE)

This contest is only for the EU server because the titles are bound to the Selene server. If you are going to play on the NA-W server (Angelica) check out this contest.

The Suntree of Kernothia is giving away two (2) mayor titles, one(1) each to the first two winners of this little contest. You are of course not obligated to use these titles in our county, so feel free to settle anywhere you want. However, that doesn't mean we wouldn't be happy to have you. ;-)

Our community in the county of Kernothia is very passionate about Chronicles of Elyria, so some of us purchased titles to fund the development of the game even though we don’t plan to use them. The two of us that have those titles want to play together in our city Thalasia . Now we want to give others a chance to start the game playing as a mayor (or baron or magistrate ;-) ).

If you’re interested in having this gameplay experience but you either didn’t have the funds or are late to the party and couldn’t snag a title before they were taken out of the store then this is your chance! And in case that you’re new to the community as a whole, don’t hesitate to participate in this contest! Feel free to drop by in our discord; we’re happy to answer your questions...

What do I have to do to have a chance to win?

Very simple, just write us a summary of how you imagine your settlement and what you plan on doing with the title. You can send us your plans via PM, Discord or right here in this thread. Please include your CoE account name. You must have at least a Bloodline package and should not already have a mayor title. The titles are bound to the EU server Selene.

We will consider all entries that reach us until April 10th, or the start of the domain and settlement selection, whichever comes sooner.

Have fun and good luck The Suntree of Kernothia


Since we’re originally a German community, we also accept German applications for the mayor titles.

Da wir ursprünglich eine deutsche Community sind, nehmen wir auch deutsche Bewerbungen für die Bürgermeistertitel an.

In unserer Community haben einige höhere Pakete gekauft, um die Spielentwicklung zu unterstützen. Jetzt ist mein Bürgermeistertitel und noch ein weiterer da und wir können sie nicht verwenden, da wir zusammen in der Hauptstadt unserer Grafschaft, Thalasia , spielen möchten. Dadurch können wir aber anderen die Chance bieten im Spiel Titelträger zu übernehmen und für die Verwaltung und den Aufbau einer Siedlung zuständig zu sein.

Wenn du also gerne als Bürgermeister oder Baron ins Spiel starten möchtest, aber noch keinen Titel hast, dann ist das hier deine Chance! Schreib uns einfach wie du dir deine Siedlung vorstellst, was du für Ideen hast und sende es uns per Direktnachricht hier im Forum, antworte hier im Thread oder schreib uns in Discord…

Denke daran auch deinen Accountnamen mitzuteilen und dein Account muss das Blutlinienpaket (bloodline) haben und kann nicht auf einem anderen Server als Selene gebunden sein. Wir nehmen Bewerbungen bis zum 10. April oder bis zur Gebiets-und Siedlungsauswahl (domain and settlement selection) an, je nachdem was vorher kommt.

Außerdem ist es keine Verpflichtung eine Siedlung in unserer Grafschaft zu wählen. Wenn du dich bei uns aber wohl fühlst, freuen wir uns über engagierte und freundliche neue Bürgermeister oder Barone.

Wir in der Community aus der Grafschaft Kernothia freuen uns über alle Fragen und Anliegen mit denen du zu uns kommst!



3/19/2019 2:45:50 AM #1

This is an awesome idea! I hope you get some applicants :)

Check out the Village of Astyria! We are recruiting!

NA - East : Bordweall : Bloodoak : Novigrad - Shield Wall Strong! Friend Code: 3D90E8

3/21/2019 2:36:34 PM #2

My dreams can be kinda of mainstream, but still... I imagine a settlement hidden (in the Leaves, haha) in some small valley. It doesn't have plenty of crop fields around, it doesn't have high walls (apart from giving the defence they can capture exceed attention). All NPCs (and probably, players if they decide to settle here) wear snow-white linen clothes, without any frilly patterns or decorations, all the buildings are painted white. (I'd actually love to know if it can get renowned as "that Whie city"). And the real purpose of this settlement will be to train really experienced fighters (both PCs and NPCs). You can think it's something like standard barony, but typical barony just provides a certain amount of Mann-resource to guarantee the defence of some territory, and the purpose of this white settlement is to make a spartan out of every citizen, to create family lines of pure weapon gods. (Indubitably, that will require pretty much of Duke's and Count's support, but I hope, they will be glad of having such fund of military power in their borders)

3/21/2019 2:58:53 PM #3

Posted By EmmaGoldenfeld at

You must have at least a Bloodline package


Barony of Kern’s gate

3/21/2019 4:28:59 PM #4

Since we do not give away a whole mayor package (these are only the mayor titles from our accounts and we need to keep our accounts to play ;) ) there is no exposition access that comes with the price.

Plus, we didn't get the details and rules yet for title transfer, so we're being precautious...

Do you still have your plans from when you participated in Fransteins contest, @Terham?


3/21/2019 7:25:33 PM #5

Town of Aja

The town name comes from an African deity Aja (the patron of the forest, the animals within the forest and herbal healers).

My plan for the town is for it to be centered around the wellbeing and preservation of nature, from the simple farmer to the budding alchemist. This ensures the sustainability of the surrounding flora and fauna and which in turn will create an exuberant and vibrant place to live.

As the Mayor I would attend to my duties weekly and establish strong connections to the land and people who choose to reside within the town. As I intend to become an alchemist, The Kinothian school would provide great alchemical insight for me and the people in the Southern Kingdoms, sequentially, the Town of Aja would become a beacon for alchemical and herbalist education. Therefore a partnership between The Kinothian and the town could blossom and in-return for tutelage, my knowledge and resources gathered from the flora and fauna within the Shrub Steppe along with the Swamp and Tropical Wetland microbiomes could be traded.

That’s what I envision for the town, I look forward to reading what the other participants have in mind!

Thank you for the opportunity!

3/23/2019 8:52:20 PM #6

The castle area is surrounded by walls with baucle bridge and moat and it's adjacent to river bend. It contains a keep, 2 warehouses and granary. Keep functions as treasury, warehouses are used to store all sort of equipment and utilities, granary for storing food in case of siege. Castle area shall contain a spot for ballista, maybe on top of the keep.

Area adjacent to castle area is town zone, containing residential houses, workshops, town square with townhall next to it and few shops surrounding it, warehouses, watermill, inn, stable and other utility buildings. Depending on how important religion is going to be, the church shall be built in town zone too. Area adjacent to river functions as transshipment station with ottobears ready to work both on land and in water. Whole town zone is surrounded by pallisade with few towers, possibly with ballistas, and 2-3 big gates and few doors leading from towers out of town zone.

Area adjacent to town zone are farming zones with barns, farming fields and orchards. They're essential to keep town functioning so that's why I have choosen to build on river- to keep plots hydrated.

Everything is placed in wetlands, thus main resources used to build buildings are wood and mud.

But what is most important in village? Of course people. Most projects, if not all, are discussed for a time depending on the importance of matter, and then decision is made by town elders.

3/24/2019 12:13:11 AM #7

Town of Keshiland

What will make my town unique? Elections!

That's right I don't plan on keeping this title for ever, I plan on having mayoral elections every 8 years in game. How will it work? The town will have a charter that states, the citizens of the town shall have a vote every 8 years for their leader.

If the current mayor is voted out, then winner of the election with the backing of the LEOs will walk into the chamber, and the current mayor will surrender their title to the new victor.

I want to show that it is possible for power to be transferred peacefully in Elyria

The Keshi family, is intend on bringing democracy and economic stability to Elyria.

3/24/2019 8:50:12 PM #8

Awesome! Loving the idea!

3/25/2019 5:03:49 PM #9

Edit: This contest is only for the EU server because the titles are bound to the Selene server. If you are going to play on the NA-W server (Angelica) check out this contest.

A quick thank you for linking our thread in your post... ;-)


3/25/2019 7:58:13 PM #10

Posted By EmmaGoldenfeld at 10:03 AM - Mon Mar 25 2019

Edit: This contest is only for the EU server because the titles are bound to the Selene server. If you are going to play on the NA-W server (Angelica) check out this contest.

A quick thank you for linking our thread in your post... ;-)

Hehe, of course :D

And thanks for the link back

3/26/2019 4:32:52 AM #11

This is a great chance for someone to step up to aristocracy and if I weren't alrady a title holder myself I would definetly participate. Good luck with the contest!

3/27/2019 6:16:35 PM #12

Edit: Now that we have Title Transfer I made a screenshot of my mayor title bundle. That way you can all see what you will get if you win :D


3/28/2019 6:24:16 PM #13

When you would walk into Nurimar it you would see young people and old people fishers and farmers and may be one or the other Craftsmen. It ist in it self an average city, no fancy big metropolitan area as the imperial city of Demalion, nor a kings homestead as of king Raziel.

It is a small little City coasy and neat at the southern bordern of the Demalian empire, ready to trade the goods of its land with its neigbours.

You might ask yourself, when walking throu the few muddy ways in the city, are you happy living in this unimportant small City? The answer would be yes, as you need to understand that the farmer is nothing without the safety asurence of his Count or Duke, and the Duke would be nothing without the food of his Farmers.

And Nurimar is just another "Farmer" no great hero or legendary villain, nurimar is just there.

-Disclaimer if you would give me one of the packs i would have it build in the duchy of Kaga on the southern most border of Demalion so dont be to unhappy if i would not settle with you but i would be very happy and therefor ... if you ever would want or need a traderoute .... into demalia .... -

3/30/2019 2:49:09 PM #14

The city of Tauros

Here is my proof for being a Bloodline Package


First I want to thank you for this opportunity, to compete for a mayor pledge, because building a town from the ground up and developing a growing community is probably the most exciting aspect of the game i can think of, and with the end of the aristocracy packages i thought i would not be able to get a shot at it at all.


The city of Tauros strives to be the beacon of research and technology in this game, because crafting and research is the aspect i am most excited about. The main focus of the town will be on pve and group research, because working as a collective will be the most efficient way to advance technologically. It will also rely on trading because research will be expensive time and money wise and therefore will establish good relations with its neighbors. If the worst case happens and the settlement gets attacked, it won't be defenseless because there will be excellent defense systems and an army to be reckoned with, comprised of heavy infantry and siege weapons, equipped with the latest technology.

Background Lore:

The industrious city of Tauros lies in the vast valley of the mighty river Crasus, and is connected to its neighbouring cities via a vast roadnetwork built by its own roadbuilding guild the Wayfarers. They were the first people to settle in the town, because this river is the perfect connection to the east coast of the Selene and they realized that this position will lead them to greatness for them and their families. Crasus is the towns major water source which is used in various ways. The towns small trading post has a pier where the river exits the town, mighty watermills can be seen everywhere along its riverbanks, and the proud wayfarers have built three great brigdes that are named after the families that are most important to the town (the Copperbridge, the Steelbridge and the Wayfarersbridge).

The centerpiece of the town and the seat of Kloppis Copperborn is the mighty clocktower at Athorias square.. It is a marvellous testament of the ingenuity and engineering prowess of the engineering guild the Copperfaced, who run the refineries at the industrial district of the city. The towns symbol, a mighty bull, stands atop of a beautiful fountain in the center of the square and it seems like that the statue is keeping watch over the clocktower, ready to defend against anyone who dares to attack it.

On the north side of Crasus lies the military district where the Steelborn are located, the mighty Warriors that are experts in fighting in heavy armor and two-handed weapons, who are also supported by a vast array of siegeweapons like ballistas, catapults, trebuchets and flamethrowers.

The towns hierarchy:

On the top of the town sits the mayor Kloppis Copperborn, he is supported by the Council of the Three, which are the Minister of Crafting, the Commander of the Steelborn and the Head of Trading.

The Minister of Crafting is the guildleader of the Copperfaced, who is supported by the other guildleaders as his assistents. Most crafting projects will be lead by a foreman who will lead a group of artisans to accomplish the task. Foremans and artisans are also tasked with the tutoring of the apprentices, who are at the bottom of the ranks.

The Commander of the Steelborn is tasked with the tactical decision making in battle and is supported by his captains and a Master of Siege. The Captains keep the order in the ranks of the knights and seargants, who are the seasoned veterans with the best gear possible. Those troops are supported by the common footsoldier who is either a member of the reserve or a rekrut that hasn't finished his rigorous training.



The pride of Kloppis Copperborn, the Copperfaced are masters in engineering and their prowess knows no bounds. From waggons, siege weaponry, clocks or even gliders It doesn't matter what the costumer needs to be finished, they always create pieces of wonder. They are running the watermills, refineries and woodworking manufacturies in the town and are always up for new challenges.


The Steelborn are a force to be reckoned with. With their arsenal of heavy armor and siege weapons the armies of the enemy should think twice if they have enough offensive capabilities to even make a dent in the ranks of the Steelborns. Lead by their fierce general who is supported by his captains and a commander of artillery, they are the perfect troop to reduce hostile fortresses into rubble.


The backbone of the town, these industrious workers will contruct the whole infrastucture at the founding of the town and are tasked with the maintenance and expansions when the need arrives. They will be the experts for roadbuilding and the construction of bridges and can be employed by costumers even outside the city gates.

-)Golden Needle:

The Golden Needle guild is the towns contribution to the finer parts of life, with their designers creating the most intricate robes possible, but they also are part with the daily affairs of the town, with simple clothes for the common folks and the production of the protective work gear, like gloves, aprons and googles.

-)Yellow Diamond:

Through the sheer amount of mundane materials needed to support such a booming industry, there will be a considerable amount of rare metals and jewels aquired along the way and it would be a crime not to put those valuable items to good use. This was the idea of the first leader of the Copperfaced who instructed his brother with the founding of this guild. From simple silver rings, golden necklaces to astonishing crown jewels, the beauty of their craft is known across the whole realm, and are a delight for the Head of Trading who sees his profits soar with every new trinket.

About the Leader:

Kloppis Copperborn is a calculating and curious man in the search for answers to the mysteries of the universe. His white hair and beard are a symbol of his eternal journey to wisdom. Research projects of particular interest or rarity will even be lead by himself, as he is the most senior of his scientis collegues, which he sees them as his equals and brothers.

He is a peaceful and calm and always looking for new trade agreements and alliances, that benefits both sides. Every decision he makes is for the benefit and prosperity of his people and development of his town. Supported by his comrades, his leadership will bring an era of fortune to the city of Tauros!

4/3/2019 3:54:51 PM #15

We already recieved a lot of great entries!! Thank you all for participating! Now it's just one more week until we have our two winners! :-)


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