Shipwrights of Elyria Association

Are you interested in a maritime life? Do you want to become a shipwright or work towards creating the first ocean ships? Maybe you would like to run a thriving shipping industry, or a grand fishing empire. Perhaps you just like the idea of living in a port town, watching the navies build up around you. Well, the Shipwrights of Elyria Association is the place for you.

The Shipwrights of Elyria Association is an association intended to bring all of us with maritime interests together, all working together regardless of server or kingdom. Our goal is to be a single place where anyone with maritime interests or needs can come, speak with others of similar interests, work out trade agreements, or even find groups and homes that they are interested in joining. We want this group to be the place that everyone is directed to join when they ask about ocean travel or building ships. The Elyrians in SEA are there to help answer any questions you may have about maritime activities, and will help to direct you to where you want to be. SEA is dedicated to seeing maritime technologies and services thrive throughout all of Elyria.

The Shipwrights of Elyria Association is also making itself a convenient place for anyone who is interested in purchasing products or services from a maritime group to find the right sellers for their needs. If you are a ruler of a domain, or even just a citizen interested in watching the progress of R&D getting us to the ocean, you are also more than welcome to join us. We intend to be a welcoming community for anyone with any interests in maritime activities, big or small.

Some goals and benefits of SEA can include:
  • Helping individuals find a group or a home in the maritime industry
  • Helping maritime organizations with recruitment and advertisement
  • Allowing cross-server discussions about shipwrights progress
  • Giving shipwrights organizations a means by which to aid each-other with R&D
  • Providing SEA organizations an easier way to communicate with other organizations for trade and agreements
  • Being a one-stop place for people looking to purchase maritime products and services
  • Bringing the top maritime minds in all of Elyria together to work together
  • Being an information depot for all-things SEA related
  • A place for people to keep up with the advancements in shipwright’s technology
  • And More!

The current organizations who are members of SEA are:

All are welcome to join, regardless of group or location! Join our Discord now!

3/24/2018 3:10:56 PM #1

good luck with your project!

4/18/2018 12:08:50 AM #2

Join with you moths ago. but didn't see forum thread. :3

anyway nice project and good luck :D

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