The Free Mann Tavern - A New Beginning

The Free Mann Tavern

A New Beginning

Today, marks a new chapter for my Elyrian Adventure, and that of my people. It is with great joy, that I announce that The Dominion of Thorne has acquired the deed to The Free Mann Tavern.

With this, we hope to build on our already active community, by encouraging more stories, plots, and tales relating to this venue and Thorne.

Finally, it is our intention to work collaboratively with The Grand Duchy of Vandiir & The Last Oasis Tavern to strengthen both, our communities and establishments for the betterment of relations, trade, and cultural exploration.

The people of Thorne look forward to working hand in hand, with other interested parties, should we share the same values and goals.


Duchess Cecilia Thorne

4/1/2019 12:47:04 AM #1


4/1/2019 12:49:19 AM #2

Congratulations!! I look forward to a strong and prosperous future among our people. May the shared vision of Thorne and Vandiir strengthen both of our communities.

4/1/2019 12:50:46 AM #3

What a beautiful post. Congratulations! The Free Mann will prosper under your care. <3

I linked to you in our collaboration post as well~!

4/1/2019 12:58:38 AM #4

The same, Congratulations to all of Thorne!

Also I'll definitely be reaching to to find out the details for how you are going to work with groups for performing on your stage!

4/1/2019 1:15:28 AM #5

Congrats! Exciting times ahead for you and yours. I look forward to visiting both the Free Mann and the Last Oasis.

4/1/2019 1:45:46 AM #6

Congratulations! Wish you all well <3

4/1/2019 1:47:47 AM #7

Congratulations and well played! ... I am seriously contemplating a full time alt over there to help you and Ptero... accomplish things.

4/1/2019 1:51:34 AM #8

Congratz! Look forward to visiting. =)

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4/1/2019 1:58:29 AM #9

Congrats to Thorne!! So much to look forward to among the brambles.


4/1/2019 2:09:50 AM #10

Wow, that's quick! Look forward seeing how you guys build stories around it.

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Vice mayor of Lux Verloren

4/1/2019 2:16:48 AM #11

Well done and congrats - it looks like the Tavern is in good hands already

4/1/2019 2:24:13 AM #12

Congratulations :-) On the tavern and on the officializing of working together :-D

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4/1/2019 2:26:57 AM #13

Congratulations and exciting times! as an adventuring story teller and historian! i plan on visiting both and hearing great stories and sharing some of my own!

4/1/2019 5:39:42 AM #14

Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to visiting the Free Mann. :)

4/1/2019 9:44:39 AM #15

Well looks like I have a good reason for a performing arts division XD

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