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How would you like to be surrounded by people that want to enhance each others experience and truly feel like a community of brothers and sisters? How would you like a king who shows up for the sole reason to do good for the community? Ashland believes in providing the best social experience possible with people you can trust and rely upon. We want you to follow our king because you want to. We want you to be a part of us because you feel welcome, and grow to love this wonderful kingdom, because you've built strong bonds with us. Wouldn't you like to be part of a kingdom in which you have the absolute confidence that other people that you may or may not know would be willing to sacrifice themselves so that you may not only survive, but thrive? If you have wanted to be part of a community that truly feels like one, then you have just found your home.


Ashland is Located in Kingdom 2, containing the Alpine Tundra (previously known as the Rocky Mountain Steppe) and Lower Montane Forest.

Alpine Tundra

The Rocky Mountain Steppe of Elyria, more traditionally referred to as an alpine tundra on Earth, is the highest biome in Elyria. Sitting just below, and up into the snow zone at elevations between 2km and 6km, is too cold for most trees to grow. The rocky mountain tundra is home to rugged mountain terrain covered in mosses, lichen, grasses, and shrubs suitable for grazing animals that prefer the colder climate. The rocky mountain steppe has only one soil type, with a water retention rate at a low 10%, making the terrain excellent for digging, but poor for holding water.

As a result, the settlements that exist in the rocky mountain are typically near large pools of water, or deep in the mountain sides where water runs through underground rivers. Overall, the rocky mountain gets between 150cm and 400cm of rain each year. Its high elevation and ready access to secure mountain strongholds and colder climate makes it home almost entirely to the Hrothi, with a secondary population of Brudvir who roam the lands above the mountain hunting for big game.

The resources available in the Rocky Mountain Steppe makes it most suited for settlements with the following primary industries:

• Defense
• Hunting
• Education
• Bureaucracy
• Dryland Farming
• Pastoral Farming
• Subterranean Farming
• Mining
• Stone Quarry

As a largely Hrothi biome, the primary religion is Virtori. With food sources coming in the form of hunting, and various types of farming, the Rocky Mountain Steppe is one of the more populated biomes, sitting just above the Broadleaf Forest and Tropical Rainforest, about the same as the Mixed Leaf Forest and Tidal Marsh, and sitting below the Shrublands, Grasslands, and Tropical Wetlands.

Lower Montane Forest

The Lower Montane Forest, as its namesake suggests, lies between the foothills and mid-montane altitudes—from 1400m above sea level and down to around 300m at their lowest point. Well below the snowline, and often in the shadow of great peaks, annual rainfall is between 100-200cm.

Comprised largely of coniferous forests interspersed with high altitude plains, the somewhat acidic soil retains around 50% of water due to deep root systems the support underground aquifers. As a result, there are a variety of tree types, flowering or berry-producing shrubs, and grasses that attract a good amount of small and large game, and their natural predators. Settlements tend to be near mountain streams and lakes, as water access is important for both industry and mobility.

The resources available in the Lower Montane Forest makes it most suited for settlements with the following primary industries:

• Logging
• Hunting
• Fishing
• Trade
• Rainfed Farming
• Textiles
• Pottery
• Defense
• Education
• Bureaucracy

This biome is comfortable enough for the Neran that they form the majority, but there exists a significant population of Kypiq, The Waerd, and even some intrepid To’resk. Despite its diversity, the Virtori faith remains dominant in the region. With food coming from a variety of sources, but mobility limited due to dense forest and uneven terrain, the population is average, sharing similar totals as the Woodland Savanna and Swamp, but decidedly more than the nearby Alpine Forest.

Code of Honor

  1. Communicate Respectfully to friend and foe. We are all here to play games and we are all here to have fun. Perfect harmony is not expected, personalities will clash, but be mindful and maintain a level head. We earn respect by giving respect in all venues of communication.

  2. Loyalty You are free to associate with who you like, but do not forget where your loyalties lie. Dual and multi citizenship is prohibited. (Only applies to NA-W) In game, if you are, for example, a trader that has setup shop in every kingdom, this is perfectly acceptable and expected behavior. Being a mercenary for both sides is not. -Poaching from other duchies, kingdoms, etc, is prohibited.

  3. Speak Up Do not let a fight, misunderstanding, or other issue fester into drama and petty attacks, and instead strive to bring a clear and final resolution to the problem before it escalates. Try to resolve the situation on your own, but if you believe you are being bullied, harassed, or mistreated by anyone in the community, regardless of their title, you should absolutely bring it up to a Moderator, Duke, or the King and Queen.

  4. Inflammatory subjects Do not, do not, do not talk about real life politics or religion. It is the wrong platform. If you are so bound and determined to argue political issues online, then go to a political blog or news site. Same goes for religion. We are here to game, not make our lives more stressful. (Does not apply to in game politics and religion) -No insensitive racist memes. No posting something to purposefully get a rise out of someone. -NSFW - Nothing containing nudity, intense sexuality, gore and/or other potentially disturbing subject matter.

  5. Advertising/Spam - No advertising your discord unless you are given permission to do so. Keep spam and overuse of the same thing to a minimum.

  6. Personal Information/Doxing No real life photos of others in the community without their consent. No posting phone numbers or other related personal info. Do not give out any personal information of anybody, whether they are a part of the Kingdom or not.

  7. Punitive Action Please don't argue with moderators. A large part of their job is to enforce the rules and keep the peace. If you have an issue with a moderator or how something was handled, please use direct messages to a Moderator, a Duke/Duchess, or Royal Family member, including the King and Queen. Ashland trusts and relies upon all its citizens, and expects its citizens to reciprocate. Any Ashland citizen who violates or dishonors the Codes, or otherwise transgresses against the Kingdom, may be punished by a sworn representative or the King at his discretion.

What you can expect

A monarchy whose purpose is to protect citizens rights to ensure that they live as free as possible. And to tax to the least extent possible, while still taxing enough to cover the basic needs, essentials.

  • Security. Whether you are a solo player looking for a group or a place for your group to call home, we provide that security and stability for you. Even more than that we provide a place where you can build trust to watch each others backs.

  • Companionship. A close knit community and a big kingdom at the same time, we provide the structure for you to have fun and rewarding relationships with other citizens of Ashland.

  • Variety. Choose a duchy to call home, each with their own unique culture and style. One duchy may be focused on military, while another on technology, or another on farming or trading.

  • Adaptability. We have one of the most dedicated and prepared communities in all of Elyria. We see the writing on the wall and adapt accordingly.

Who we are looking for

We want people that share our beliefs and goals and will always be looking for capable people.

We need and want just about any role that is out there.

And If you are seeking a leadership position, ask yourself,

  • Am I willing to put myself at risk to help others?
  • Will I take care of the people in my charge?

I will not forget that this is a game we are playing, but I do take leadership seriously, because you are like a non-profit leader and if you do not do your job then you are next to useless. You help make the players you are around have a better or worse experience, so in a way you are in charge of people’s fun. And people are here to be entertained.


Ashland Discord


Ashland Wiki

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Ashland Duchies

Duchy of Ignis

(Royal Duchy)

Duke: King Sev Kimura
Capital: Ashcrown
House Sigil: Phoenix
Motto: “What we lose in the fire, we will find in the ashes.”

Do you want to be part of a very focused and driven community? Are you attracted to a system where people earn their positions? Then the fires of Ignis await you! The Royal Duchy of Ignis wants people who can help stoke the flames. Our goal is to be the center of trade for Ashland and a focus on economic strength. What that is exactly will be determined by location and biome.

More Info

The Royal Duchy of Kathandriel

Duchess: Queen Kaloki Kimura
Capital: Kestamoor
House Sigil: Swan
Motto: "Blessed be the wise."
Biome: Alpine Tundra

The Royal Duchy of Kathandriel aims to become a central hub of religion, education, and culture. We look forward to training great warriors, teachers, priests, and a haven for those seeking knowledge, and exploration. We host the Royal Academy of Ashborn, a large college with many branches from anything from military to the bardic arts. We are a close-knit RP friendly duchy. Roleplay is always optional.


Duchy of Fioralba (Flower of Dawn)

Duke: Duchess Silvia Vitale & Duke Aeson Holf
Motto: "Integrity, Stability and Beauty."
Tribes: Hrothi (78%), Brudvir (10%), Neran, (10%)
Biome: Alpine Tundra (Rocky Mountain Steppe)

Dawn rises, the land slowly awakening in the light of the coming morn. In the absolute stillness and silence, the day holds its breath in anticipation of the coming sunrise. It alights the sky with a fire amongst the mountains of a new land of untapped potential. Fioralba aims to be a natural economic and research center for the Kingdom. The duchy will be focusing strongly on renewable resource development and technology, conservation, and striving to find a balance between menn and land.

More Info

Duchy of Sanctaphandri

(Sank ta faun dree)

Duke: Grand Duke Ambrosius I Seleücrei (Say Loo Cray) and Grand Duchess Skye MacCuillin
Capital: Archediocese
House Sigil: Wolf
Motto: “Potestas, Iustitia, Eros (Power, Justice, Love)”
Biome: Lower Montane Forest

Sanctaphandri calls and the brave answer, the Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri is a sacred land emphasizing a strong military, a close bond among the citizenry, and a commitment to good governance and rule of law.

Players of all styles find themselves welcome so long as they obey the law and respect the rights of their fellow citizens. Nearly all positions are being actively looked for at this time ranging from soliders to farmers, crafters, sailors, merchants, mayors, barons, staff of the ducal household and more!! Enquire today and with ability and time you may find your name in the annals of history!

The Grand Duke intends to engage in roleplay and will be keen to build a community which is both immersive for roleplayers but open and does not force anything on non-roleplayers.

More Info

The Principality of Ardolenor

(Double Duchy)

Duke: Artorien Aramiléon & Luella Varis
Capital: Anumynost
House Sigil: A white swan on a black field, surrounded by seven stars.
Motto: "Counsel, or the sword." / "Helinír, uliad gladís."
Tribes: Neran, Brudvir, Hrothi
Biome: Lower Montane Forest

Ardolenor is a double-duchy and one of the oldest in the CoE community, as well as a founding member of the Kingdom of Ashland. Ardolenor plans to be a mixture of wilderness frontier-life inland, and cosmopolitan city-life on the coast, with both large urban centers of polished stone and cozy homesteads and farmlands in the hinterlands. The Principality is renowned for its naval industry and martial heritage. Ardolenor has a mixture of military and artistic focuses, with defining a unique and immersive culture for players to experience at the forefront, including it's own language and history backed by game lore. Ardolenor welcomes people of any profession willing to take pride in calling it their homeland.

More Info

Duchy of Le Clair

Duke: Filip Alexander
Capital: Arrabi
House Sigil: Dragon
Motto: "Same drive, different passion."
Tribes: Hrothi (70%), Neran (15%), Brudvir (12%), Unaccounted (3%)
Biome: Alpine Tundra

Resting upon the Northeastern coast of Ashland lies the hearty, industrial, academic, and commercially focused Duchy of Le Clair. Founded by the Noble house of Foehammer Alexander, the formation of Le Clair predates Ashland, having sworn fealty to the very first of the Kimura royal lineage. Residents of Le Clair are bounded by their passion for knowledge, technology, and creativity - with the shared vision of yielding the most exceptional Scholars, Artists, Musicians, and Engineers (SAME). Faithful to a proud military heritage and composed of mostly no-nonsense, rugged delving dwellers, hard work is etched on our calloused hands. Our loyalty can't be bought, but we won't stop you from trying. So I ask, are you in same?

More Info

The Duchy of Cereus

Duke: Duke Aeson Holf & Duchess Silvia Vitale
Capital: The Stronghold of Virtue's Bastion
Motto: "Through Strength, Power. Through Power, Security. Through Security, Peace."
Tribes: Hrothi (77%), Brudvir (11%), Neran, (9%)
Biome: Alpine Tundra

Centrally located in the homeland of the Hrothi, Cereus stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its people. Tradition and faith, above all else, hold firm within these lands where citizens continue the legacy of countless generations before them.

Cereus acts as the military heart of northern Ashland, with countless fortresses surrounding its borders that stand tall against the ravages of time and war. There's a strong focus on roleplay, defensive military preparation, self-sustainable economic growth, and a tight knit community within this territory. Any and all who seek purpose and unity are welcome.

Cereus and Fioralba, as married duchies, share a unified community and discord. All citizens of one are considered citizens of the other, amongst other shared bonds.

11/15/2016 1:55:54 AM #2

A great Kingdom consisting of great people. We will do amazing things with our world.

11/15/2016 1:59:04 AM #3

Huzzah! Long live the King!

Count Ramza Legados of Helinaciel, Located within the Principality of Anumciel, Ashland.

11/15/2016 2:05:15 AM #4

Nice to see another King on the rise.

Good luck, I wish you well.

11/15/2016 2:05:16 AM #5

Very glad to be a part of Ashland, thank you King Sev Kimura.

11/15/2016 2:24:01 AM #6

Welcome to Elyria, your Majesty.

May your Kingdom be immersed in prosperity, and may you be blessed in everything you do.

In Tenebris Nos,

Rowena Darkholm

"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

11/15/2016 2:39:22 AM #7

Welcome to the Dance in the West, King Sev and the Dukes of Ashland. I very much look forward to our future interactions.

11/15/2016 3:32:01 AM #8

It is an absolute pleasure to tie the fate and fortune of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri to the vision and thoughtfulness of King Sev.


Best wishes to all in this kingdom, this server, and this game. History awaits.

11/15/2016 4:44:59 AM #9

The Haverlands is proud to call Ashland home! :D

11/15/2016 4:50:37 AM #10

... just in case anyone doesn't know, Asthalon is bringing BACON! (and eggplant)

11/15/2016 5:26:08 AM #11

Yay! \o/ I'm proud to say Halvmåne is apart of Ashland!

11/15/2016 5:51:10 AM #12

I am honored to be a part of this kingdom!

11/15/2016 10:05:24 AM #13

This group looks exactly what I've always dreamed of. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully our peoples can grow together in the future. :) Sadly you have no more room for dukes....

Friend code: 2D42A1

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11/15/2016 11:11:33 AM #15

Hello, Sev. I'm Vio. I'll be setting up my Baron Tier layaway later today and will, with your permission, be settling in Ashland.