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Taymurâz leaned forward into the flickering candle light so his face could be clearly seen by the others on the shadow council, their faces carefully held back in silhouette so they each would not identify the other. Though Taymurâz himself knew who each one was and their role, as it was he who founded the shadow council.

"Gentlemen, and Lady, our goals can never be met until such time as we have a resource available to identify which guilds we need to influence and in which direction they must be steered for the benefit of the working people of the four Kingdoms. To that end I have compiled the following manuscript that details all of the known Guilds across the kingdoms and their purposes." He pauses, looking up with that strange ambiguous grin of his once more. "Those reading this might find it useful also.. though for different purposes perhaps." ending with a wink before sliding back into the shadows of the room.

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Guilds of Oceanus

APAC Blacksmithing guild A small blacksmithing guild with no current fixed location, focusing on training quality blacksmiths.

Scions of Yggdrasil Farming and Animal Husbandry focused guild run by Ithikari himself.

The Hand of Guidance A guild focused on facilitating connections between other Oceanus guilds. Helps to provide links that allow for special discounts and commercial arrangements between membership guilds.

The Wyrmberg Primarily based within Lor Voskara, yet with members across multiple Kingdoms, The Wyrmberg is dedicated to advancing crafting technology and skills while also protecting their secrets for members only, especially smithing and metallurgy.

The Elyrian Initiative A multi-server multi-guild guild focused on interlinking centers of trade, establishing postal and courier services across vast distances and interlinking the general CoE in-game community as much as possible.

APAC Forest Wardens Not limited to any specific Kingdom, the Forest Wardens are dedicated to responsible limited hunting and use of natural resources, and the protection of wild species.

Brotherhood of Assassins The Botherhood of Assassins are a dedicated Assassin's guild. They will take any job to kill anyone. Operating across multiple servers and not limited to any specific Kingdom or region.

League of Independent Adventurers Based out of Lor Voskara, but not limited to any specific Kingdom, the League are focused on cartography, and ensuring that explorers within all Kingdoms are supported and new maps and information are accurate and shared for everyone.

Mountain's Mixture An Alchemists guild dedicated to the development of Alchemy and Alchemy markets across the kingdoms with detailed long term strategy in mind.

Shipwrights of Elyria Association A guild facilitating the many shipwright guilds across multiple servers. Sharing maritime knowledge and strategy for the benefit of all shipwrights and mariners.

Vanahiem Trading and Shipping Co Based within the County of Vanaheim within the Kingdom of Aequitas. Focused on building quality ships and facilitating ocean exploration and trade.

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Schools/Universities of Oceanus

Ushïmaëlys University and Monastery A University consisting of schools in botany, medicine and Waerd theology. Located within the Kingdom of Tylsia.

Academy of Life Run by Anastasia Dramur, focused on advancing farming and animal husbandry within the Black Dire Lands of Aisling in Tylsia. Special focus on making new cross-breeds and species. May/may not be linked with the Animal Husbandry Association?

Valetudinarium Based within Roston's Rest, and funded and operated by Baroness Brighid Greer. The Goals for the Hospital of Roston’s Rest Is to offer aid, healing, and refuge to those Elyrians needing first aid, food and shelter. The Healing charter strives to improve the research and make sure the kingdom is kept competitive with the latest technological advances and vaccines to ensure that the entire kingdom is kept healthy and safe from disease and poverty.

Temple of To'ran. Located within the County of Nehmachoya in Caprakan, the Temple is focused on the spiritual wellbeing and education of the citizens of Caprakan. Also serves as a crafting centre for books, scrolls (and their maintenance), as well as Herbalist products.

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Groups and Societies

The Jungle Fists. Located generally within the Janoan kingdom of Caprakan, the Jugnle Fists are an order of Guerrilla fighters/Warrior Monks/Explorers/Academic Researchers. Aimed at preventing disasters and uncovering the many secrets of the jungles.

The Kind Wanderers Based Primarily within Tylsia and run by Sir Rhedwald, The Count of Wynn, the Kind Wanderers are dedicated to protecting the good and honest people of the land and fighting evil wherever they find it. Compassion. Honor. Bravery.

Xorison Jesters, Chaos, delivering random acts of charity, justice and mayhem across the land. Attempted to become a Kingdom with this theme during the Raiders event 2018.

The Nameless "Paladins" focused on supporting anyone in need and defending 'the weak' from those who abuse their power. They do odd jobs from helping out with the harvest, to mercenary work.

Bryndale Shadow Initiative Rangers and Scouts dedicated to the security of the Kingdom of Aequitas.

APAC Assassin/Spy Network An Oceanus specific network of Assassins and Spies, dedicated to gaining their own power only. Their membership network is kept secret.

The Dark Brotherhood Another multi-server guild of assassins. Focused on dealing out justice to evil-doers though instead of profit or power.

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