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The Count leaned back in his padded chair, the leather and silk groaning softly like a whisper under his movement. Casually he flicked aside a lock of his long hair and sat his Kypiq-made looking glasses and To'resk made quill down on the table before him. A large ledger book bound in Dryas leather, quality imported To'Resk paper covered in ink writing in the Neran tongue sat open to it's middle before him.

"Welcome once more people of Oceanus" he looks up with a smirk on his face in the flickering candle light for a moment. " This time I bring not a compilation of fierce competition, but something much much simpler, yet perhaps infinitely more useful. Tired of trawling through messy piles of scrolls and notes on the exact composition of the realms of these lands, I have instead put together as complete a picture as I am able of the Lords and Ladies and their lands and titles. I hope that you all find some use in this work of mine. " He clicks his fingers and a Kypiq servant appears to his right. "Time for a bath I think.."

Tribe names noted in bold are the Primary tribe for that region in order of dominant to less dominant.

Free Duchies of Aequitas Hrothi, Neran, Brudvir

Kingdom of Tylsia Neran, Kypiq, Waerd

Kingdom Lor Voskara To'Resk, Waerd, Neran, Dras

Kingdom Caprakan To'Resk, Janoa, Dras

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1/12/2019 12:28:53 PM #1

Free Duchies of Aequitas

Aequitas is comprised of semi-autonomous Duchies and semi-nomadic tribes.

Duchy of LostHollow Brudvir

  • County of Kybourne Brudvir
    • Caester city Brudvir
  • County of Howling Mist Brudvir
    • City of Mistshore Brudvir
  • County of Montbark Arye Brudvir
    • Stronghold of Upper Heights Brudvir
  • County of Upper Warmount Brudvir
    • Town of Pontbone Brudvir

8 Counties remaining

Duchy of Randale Brudvir

  • County of Kalvinder Brudvir
  • County of Faemist Brudvir
    • Stronghold of Latheon Brudvir
  • County of Vaskrgard Brudvir
    • Keep of Eldarwolfe Brudvir
  • County of Ulvekysten Brudvir
    • Town of Ulvehovedstad Brudvir
  • County of Oakhope Brudvir
    • City of Darkwall Brudvir
  • County of Gartarm Rock Brudvir
    • Town of Pikeridge Brudvir

7 Counties remaining

Dawn's Throne (Hrothic Alliance Territory) Hrothi

  • County of Sauil-Attiuhan Hrothi
    • Capital of Virtue Hrothi
  • County of Lazulilapades Hrothi
    • City of Ashazure Hrothi
  • County of Montia Hrothi
    • Capital of Greenbear Rest Hrothi
  • County of Stanspear Hrothi
    • Town of Darkrill Hrothi
  • County of Winboar Arch Hrothi
    • Town of Blacktoil Hrothi

10 Counties remaining

Duchy of Titan's Throne Hrothi

  • County of Covetdell Hrothi
    • City of Coldkeeper Head Hrothi

15 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Ashmouth Hrothi

  • County of Sky End Hrothi
    • City of Lawwater Hrothi

13 Counties remaining

Duchy of Sommerlund Neran

  • County Minnesang Neran
    • Town of Singapura Neran
  • County of Doreinior Neran
  • County of Nekowonia Neran
    • Town of Browngrave Neran
  • County of Darkthistle Neran
    • Keep of Auchborough Neran
  • County of Stormsea Neran
    • City of Drapergrove Neran
  • County of Cragcross Neran
    • Town of Forestcorner Neran

6 Counties remaining

Duchy of Imperium Neran

14 Counties remaining

Duchy of The Grey Lands Neran

  • County of Blackdell Neran
    • Capital of Darkash Quay Neran
  • County of Forestmouth Neran
    • City of Traversward Neran

13 Counties remaining

1/12/2019 12:29:02 PM #2

Kingdom of Tylsia

The Kingdom of Tylsia is a Hereditary Monarchy centered in the forests of the Kypiq

Duchy of Falrenstal Kypiq

12 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Crowfall Kypiq

  • County of Crossward Kypiq
    • Town of Forestshore Kypiq
  • County of Ballysun Grave Kypiq
    • City of Brownthorn Kypiq

12 Counties remaining

Double Duchy of Astelis Kypiq, Neran

  • County of Kala Vos Mordrak Neran
    • Capital of Mordrak Neran

29 Counties remaining

Duchy of Forestnight Arch Neran

  • County of Hartelione Neran
    • Capital of Rusicade Neran
  • County of Oakwater Neran
    • Town of Oakpole Neran
  • County of Auchanchor Barrows Neran
    • City of Upper Hall Neran
  • County of Darkvine Neran
    • City of Upper Hall Neran
  • County of Tellermoor Neran
    • Town of Ballypole Bay Neran

10 Counties remaining

Duchy of Val’Aira Neran

12 Counties remaining

Duchy of Akayama 🥦Waerd

11 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Travers Valley 🥦Waerd

  • County of Redvale Waerd
    • City of Silvermoor Waerd

14 Counties remaining

1/12/2019 12:29:11 PM #3

Kingdom of Lor Voskara

The Kingdom of Lor Voskara is a Hereditary Monarchy centered on the Neran and Dras lands of it's coastline.

Note this map includes most of the South Island, not just the Kingdom of Lor Voskara

Duchy of Lorandor Neran

  • County of BrightmanceNeran
  • County of The Bright Coast Neran
    • City of Silverton Neran
  • County of Arthay Neran
    • City of Cadony Neran
  • County of Monozukuri Neran
    • Capital of The Forge Neran
  • County of The Inquehurst Neran
    • Town of Gartgale Neran

7 Counties remaining

Duchy of Ki-Nora Neran

  • Gold Meadow CountyNeran
    • Capital of Risthaven Neran
  • County of Broadfall Neran
    • City of Harbemoor Neran
  • County of Cluaín Neran
    • Town of Morling Neran

13 Counties remaining

Duchy of Akatash Waerd

  • County Ashburton Waerd
    • Capital Shareen Waerd

14 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Broadfall Rock Waerd

15 Counties remaining

Duchy of Vorhut Dras

  • County of Stärke Dras
    • City of Höhenlage Arch Dras

15 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Toadworth Dras

15 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Stormmarsh To'Resk

15 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Abermist To'Resk

15 Counties remaining

1/12/2019 12:29:20 PM #4

Kingdom of Caprakan

The Kingdom of Caprakan is a Constitutional Oligarchy, hidden in the swamps and jungles of the south.

Duchy of Chul'Terok Janoa

  • County of Rathvah Janoa
    • Keep of Acheron Janoa
  • County of Forestivory Corner Janoa
    • Town of Inner Vale Janoa
  • County of Gartharvest Janoa
    • Town of Stanmoon Janoa

13 Counties remaining

Duchy of J'tokoh Zohl Janoa

  • County Greenwright Den Janoa
    • Capital of Flintdown Janoa

14 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Freestone Janoa

  • County of Greyhook Terrace Janoa
    • Capital of Upper Black Janoa
  • County of Farmmount Janoa
    • Keep of Crag Rock Janoa
  • County of Forestgrave Janoa
    • Capital of Forestlantern Town Janoa
  • County of Bridgetravers Barrows Janoa
    • City of Stone Wharf Janoa

7 Counties remaining

Duchy of Genera To'Resk

  • County of Gartslope To'Resk
    • Capital city of Aurum To'Resk
  • County of Blackhome To'Resk
    • City of Wellhaven To'Resk
  • County of Browntoil Fair To'Resk
    • Town of Marketshore To'Resk

27 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Hexcliff Dras

  • County of Hardflat Dras
    • Capital of Stormpebble Dras

14 Counties remaining

Duchy of Valÿdra Dras

  • County of Áÿe Valthorók Dras
    • Capital of Valthorók Dras
  • County of Ballybarrow Flats Dras
    • City of Gartboar Dras
  • County of Aucharm Dras
    • Town of Duskheights Dras

10 Counties remaining

NPC Duchy of Blackwall Dras

15 Counties remaining

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Independent Domains

None as yet

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Excellent resource for all of OCE - simply thank you!

1/13/2019 4:32:14 AM #7

Awesome, this'll save a lot of time searching through forum threads! Thanks for making this!

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Updated Caprakan with a lot more info.

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Great work Friend.

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Updated the tribal information for Aequitas. I'll try and do as much of the others as I can tomorrow.

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Extremely nice. Only just got around to looking at it properly and this is so good. Such a massive amount of data collection from individuals in the community. Mad props Taymuraz.

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Updated some information. Added link to the Guilds, Schools and Societies index thread in the first post.

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Added ,more content to the Tylsia listings.

Special thanks to Galthierd for his assistance! :)

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Removed a couple of counties and towns that are no longer planned.

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Are there any kypiq groups planning to look after the schools in their lore? Tinker and alchemy schools?

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