[Sticky] Read First! General info & FAQs

Read First! General Info & FAQ's

Over the years, we have gotten a lot of good forum posts by both community members and developers. This is the place for them to be compiled!

If you have suggestions to add to this list, please reply to this thread.

"Special thanks to Noslim who maintained this sticky for a long time prior to this. Also thank you to SirApetus and the whole mod team for assisting with the building and update of this current one."


CoE Volunteer programs

  • Community Ambassador Program By Serpentius. Information about our new Ambassador Program, a community initiative intended to recognize and elevate members who go above and beyond.
  • Subject Matter Expert Guidebook By Serpentius. What is it? Taking Part / The Process, from Start to Finish / Guidelines
  • CoE Official Moderators Don't call us, we'll call you ;)



  • -External Link- How do I find a group to join/Where do I post information about my group? (Unofficial)

Official Domain forums


-External Link- Where are the Q&A videos?

-External Link- Is there a playlist of all the Q&A videos?

-External Link- I can't watch videos. Where can I read the information from the Q&A's?

More about CoE


More Q&A:


Dev/Design Journals (Forum post links)

Production Journals & Adventure Introductions/Completions


  • -Click Here- Official Calendar of Promotions & Events
  • -Click Here- Villager Tokens! What are they and how do I use them?
  • -Click Here- Learn more about the game development process and how it relates to CoE
  • -Click Here- Here are the first Tournament of Champions winners

Lore and Role-Playing


Fastest route to support: Email [email protected] - this creates a ticket in our customer helpdesk and assigns a ticket # that you can use to stay in contact with us about your issue until it is resolved.

-Click here- to post a message in our technical support forum. Reporting a bug? Use the link and forum below.

-Click here- How do I report a bug in the "Report A Bug" forum?

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

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Nice idea ;)

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Niiice, going to bookmark this one for sure - will be easier to relay information to people looking to learn more about CoE.

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Nice idea ;)

Yes, thanks buddy!

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

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Q: my children have a strange bug-eyed expression- are they sick? I would take them to the local herbalist but I'm suddenly short on money

A: those aren't your children, those are kypiqs

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Love how organized it is, so easy to read. Arigatou gozaimasu.

The Akashic Records

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Sure beats having to bookmark individual pages and searching through forums. Great job Serp!

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Nice idea ;)

A BIG thank you to Noslim for creating this the first time, and keeping it updated, and a BIG thank you to Serp and the mod team for making this an updated official post.

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Great job Serp! Thanks!

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